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The Cuckold's Reward - Simon's Story

Another story in the series of the rewards a husband can expect when being cuckolded
His hands shook slightly as he ran the white bath towel down her back, mopping up the droplets of water from her shower. Simon was naked too and his erection was prominent.

“Careful,” Terry told him as his cock touched her body, “I don’t want to be covered with your semen do I?” She said with a smile as she turned and touched him.

Simon was not only hard but also very wet from leaking cum.

“Sorry,” he apologised.

Terry reached for a wipe from her dressing table and began to clean the sticky foreskin, “This excites you doesn’t it?” She asked him.

He put a hand on her shoulder, “It does but it hurts as well.”

“What, me going out on a date?”

He nodded, “You don’t have to do this you know?” he told her.

She kissed him on the lips gently but quickly, “I think we both know that I have to do this, don’t we?” she replied, “all these years of talking about it. It’s inevitable that it is going to happen sooner or later.”

“Are you going to........?” he asked.

Terry continued her cleaning, “Maybe?”

“You seem to be so calm about it,” Simon told her.

“What, going out on my first date in over twelve years?” she responded, “I’m a bundle of nerves.” She added motioning for him to continue drying her.

“It’s usually the guy that’s the nervous one,” Simon told her, “wondering will she or won’t she.”

“What, let him fuck her you mean?”

Simon nodded.

“Well I think that when a married woman agrees to go out on date with another man then it’s a foregone conclusion isn’t it!” Terry replied.

“And is it, as far as you’re concerned that is?” he asked her.

“It depends on how we get on,” she told him, “just because we have a good laugh at work doesn’t mean that we will automatically gel in a sexual way.”

He ran the towel over her breasts, her firm and not overly large breasts. The breasts that had been his domain for the last twelve years, “Will you.......will you let him touch you?” He asked softly.

“Maybe,” she told him. “It all depends if I like him in that way.”

“And if you do?” he asked as he sank down on his knees to dry her from the waist down.

Terry said nothing.

“What if he wants to touch you through your knickers, will you let him?” he asked.

“When a woman lets a man’s hand get that close she has already made her mind up that she is going to let him go all the way.” she told him.

Simon groaned softly as he began to rub the towel over her mound.

“You can’t feel any bristles can you?” she asked him.

His hand trembled as he ran his fingers over her cunt lips and then stroked inside them. It was the first time that he had seen her without pubic hair. He had often asked her to let him do it to her; begged her even, to allow him to see her shorn and naked but she had always said “no”. No request was made tonight though, in fact, she had more or less ordered him to do it. Now he was getting his request granted but it wasn’t for his benefit; another man would probably be getting the benefit; another man would be enjoying the pleasure; another man would be gaining from the fruits of his labours.

“Do you think that he will like seeing my cunt?”

Simon wobbled slightly. She was not just teasing him now she was taunting him as well, “It will drive him wild, but you know that don’t that!” He told her.

Terry ran her hand through his hair, “He will give my cunt lots of attention then?”

He could feel his cock dribbling on his thighs.

“Will you give his cock lots of attention?”

She ran her hand through his hair again, “You can rest assured that if I like him in that way his cock will be getting the very best of attention from me.”

Simon groaned, “Will you let him cum in your mouth?” he asked.

“It depends on how excited he is,” she replied softly. “I can still remember how excited guys get the first time and if I think that he will cum too soon inside me than I will take him in my mouth at first.”

Simon said nothing as he completed the drying of her legs and thighs.

“Do you think that he has a big one?” he asked her.

“I am hoping so!” she replied.

As Simon stood up she reached for the towel in his hand and started to dry some parts that he had missed. He stood back and watched her towelling down her beautiful, slim body. The pangs of jealousy were getting stronger now, even starting to overtake his sexually charged feelings.

Terry glanced at him and noticed that his cock was starting to drip cum, “I think we need to get you sorted don’t you?” she said as she reached for him with the towel.

Simon sighed as her towel covered hand wrapped itself around him, “Sorted?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied, “time to get your cock caged.”

Simon sighed again as she went to one of her dressing table drawers and took out a small box. He had already seen the CB3000 that she had bought for him; the cage that she would place his cock in while she went out on a date. While her lover had unfettered freedom with his cock, Simon’s would be restrained. No freedom for him to relieve himself; no freedom for him to let his sexual excitement go unhindered; no freedom for him to have his manhood fully erect. Her lover would but not her husband.

Terry guided him back to the bed and as he lay down she sat on the edge and, with the device lying at her side, wrapped her towel covered hand around his cock, “I am going to be wearing stockings and suspenders for him, you don’t mind do you?” She asked him as she started to masturbate him.

Simon just groaned.

“I bought some today with your credit card,” she told him.

“As well as some panties and a bra.” She added as her hand moved faster.

He was helpless to stop her taunting and teasing. She was bringing him closer and closer to a climax and she could be doing and saying anything she wanted to for all he cared. When she started to tell him that if things went well, and they did start fucking regularly, that she would eventually bring him home so that he could fuck her in their bed his control was gone. The towel took all his cum as it flowed profusely from him.

Drained and tired he lay back while Terry cleaned him up and then attached the cage to him. First the heavy duty plastic ring that fitted tightly around his scrotum, then the small sheath that encased his penis and was attached to the ring and finally the padlock that locked the sheath in place. The opening in the front of the sheath would allow him to go to the toilet of course but the smallness of the device would not allow him a full erection. Erect. Simon was normally just over six inches, but this device was just three inches long. This device would certainly curtail his erection freedom.

He stood in front of the mirror for a few minutes admiring his new state. Terry stood with him for a few moments before reaching down to touch him, “How will you feel about this later when I am bed with my lover and you are all here alone and unable to do anything to yourself?” She asked him.

Simon started to get hard again and found himself experiencing his first taste of restraint. It got worse when Terry handed him a black suspender belt. As she turned her back to him and allowed him to fit it around her waist he suddenly woke up to the fact that he was dressing her for another man. The stockings came next followed by the bra and panties. As she stood admiring herself in the mirror and making adjustments to the suspender straps she told him to get her toothbrush from the bathroom and a pair of knickers from her drawer.

Simon looked puzzled.

“Just in case I decide to stay over,” she told him.

It was at that moment that he realised that he was on the verge of becoming a cuckold. Terry must have seen the look of sadness in his eyes and reached for him. Cupping his testicles in her hand she smiled as she held his complete and yet enclosed package in her hand. Simon glanced down before looking at their reflection in the mirror. He knew that in a short while she would be holding another package in her hand; one probably much larger and heavier than his; one that would have no constrictions on its sexual arousal; one that would be taking his place in her pleasuring.

There was more than a look of sadness on his face; there was sadness deep inside as well while she had a look of excitement on her face and an even larger feeling of excitement inside her. Terry cupped him one more time reminding him that it was time to finish getting ready and reminding him too of his cuckold’s reward.
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