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The Gardener

One summer's day
The Gardner.

My name is Robert and my wife of five years is called Angela and earlier this year we signed up to a bigger mortgage than we could comfortably afford to pay but we simply had to buy the cottage we now lived in as soon as the estate agent showed us around it.

We had often dreamed of owning a spacious cottage in the country and to find one so secluded and possessing the period features we craved, as well as having a large garden, meant that we had to break the bank to make sure it became ours.

Angela is 40 years old, slim with blond hair, brown eyes, 36c breasts and an arse to die for. Me? I'm 42, average height and average build and with brown hair.

The cottage we purchased had belonged to an old couple, Harry and Margaret, but she died the previous year and it was too much for Harry to maintain. He was in his mid to late sixties but only looked liked he was in his mid fifties however he just wasn't used to doing housework on his own and so it all started to get too much for him.

The one thing he did really care for was his beloved garden. It was stunning, with perfectly manicured lawns and well tended flower beds. It's a fact he was more dedicated to gardening than either Angela and I were.

During the sale, Harry asked if he could return a couple of times a week to keep the garden looking something like as it was his pride and joy, and we were more than happy to let him for the price of a bit of petrol and a few cups of tea.

I needed to work hard as a sales rep to keep the commission coming in to help with the mortgage and Angela found a job at the nearby school doing secretarial work which helped with the household bills.

It was during our first summer in the cottage as she was on holiday from her job at the school that I found myself dealing with a difficult client who happened to be based just so few miles from our home. The client was very difficult to negotiate with and I needed to work long hours so I guess that I'd started to neglect Angela a bit. I'd come home late and she'd already be asleep or I'd be too exhausted when I got home to pay her much attention. We'd gone weeks without sex.

One really hot day however I found myself with the afternoon free as the client was out of town so I decided to surprise Angela and call home without telling her.

When I arrived home, I looked out of the window into the garden and I could see that Harry was out there wearing some old baggy trousers and an open shirt pruning the shrubs and Angela was laying on her stomach on a sun lounger. I strolled over to her with a long, cool drink in hand and she was really pleased to see me. She sat up and it was then that I noticed she was topless.

"What a lovely surprise." she said as I passed her the drink.

"Angela, you're topless. For Christ cover yourself up in front of Harry. You'll embarrass him." I replied.

"Nonsense," she retorted, "He likes to see me; don't you Harry?" She stated as she looked directly at him. "In fact you like to rub my sun cream in don't you?" She continued.

Harry turned a bit red in the face but Angela carried on. "Come and show Robert how you rub the sun cream on my back."

Harry nervously walked over to where we both were and Angela passed him the sun cream bottle.

"Don't be shy." she said.

Harry looked at me and then proceeded to pour the cream into his open hand and gently started to rub it onto her back and shoulders. Angela started to purr like a cat and I knew what that meant! It meant she was starting to get turned on by the gentle rubbing. She often got me to massage her after she showered and it always led to her sucking my cock to get it nice and hard so that it could be shoved up her pussy for a good long fucking. The very act of massaging her got her tits hard and her pussy wet.

Harry kept on gently rubbing the sun cream into her shoulders and just as he poured some more into his hand, she turned over and asked for her tits to have sun cream on as well.

"Angela, I really must protest," I stammered, "You are really getting Harry overly embarrassed now."

"This I'll the bit you like best, isn't it Harry?" said Angela.

Again Harry looked at me nervously.

"You mean he's done this before?" I asked.

Harry started to gently rub the cream into Angela's breasts and the more he rubbed, the more she purred. I could see that her nipples were growing harder and harder and Harry knew this as well and deliberately lingered over them taking a crafty nip of them between his thumb and finger.

My cock started to stir as I watched this old man playing with my wife's tits, making her nipples get hard and no doubt making her pussy soaking wet.

Angela instructed him to rub some cream into her thighs and then she leaned forward and started to unbuckle my trousers. Very slowly she unzipped me and eased my growing cock out of my boxer shorts and then started to kiss it. Christ, she was hot. She took my cock into her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down by shaft as Harry kept on massaging her inner thighs.

Angela maneuvered herself so that she was now on her hands and knees whilst always keeping my cock inside her mouth.

As she sucked and wanked my prick, I looked up at Harry and saw he was rubbing her arse over her thin, skimpy bikini bottoms and then I saw him pull them to one side and the dirty bastard started to rub her bald pussy with his fingers. The sudden gasp from Angela as she continued sucking my cock told me that he had slid a finger into her wet pussy and was finger fucking her.

This just made my prick get harder and I put my hand over the back of Angela's head and forced my prick deeper down her throat whilst she gently squeezed my balls. I started to fuck my wife's mouth holding her head in place so that she had no choice but to take all I had down her throat.

Harry's fingers started to gather pace up her pussy and my dirty little slut of a wife was forcing her hips backwards to meet the thrust of his fingers.

I relaxed my hand from the back of her head and she took my prick out of her mouth and looked me in the eye and said "Let him, please let him."

Harry looked at me and I looked at Harry. No words were said as I just nodded to him.

He undid the ties at the side of her bikini and then unbuttoned his baggy trousers releasing a cock that was rock hard.

As Angela put my prick back into her mouth, Harry slowly eased his cock into her soaking wet pussy.

Slowly at first he thrust in and out of her as she sucked and wanked my prick but then he started to gather pace and started to fuck her with long hard strokes. The randy bastard knew how to fuck and kept thrusting in and out of my wife's pussy getting faster and faster whilst at the same time smacking her arse.

By now Angela was moaning like a whore and took my cock out of her mouth and ordered him to finger her arse at the same time. I knew this meant that she was close to coming and when he did put his finger up her arse, her body started to shake as her orgasm overcame her.

"Come up her cunt." I commanded as Harry continued his thrusting, "Come up the little bitch's cunt and flood her womb with spunk."

With this, Harry started to groan and pumped all his sperm into my wife's waiting cunt just as I grabbed her head and forced my prick back into her mouth and emptied myself into her.

As I withdrew my prick, Angela showed me my cum on her tongue before swallowing it and then showing me her clean tongue.

She then moved across me and placed her pussy over my face and told me to lick. I'd never thought about licking another mans spunk out of my wife's pussy before but really enjoyed it. The taste wasn't as salty as I was led to believe and there was fucking loads of it. The poor bastard must have gone months without a fuck.

That all changed that day as Harry, Angela and I enjoyed as much free time together as possible that summer. Angela never saw him when I wasn't around as she's a good wife even if she is a slut. But when we were together, he filled her womb most times and I licked his spunk back out.

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Copyright © Look, I make these stories up based upon a mixture of real life experiences I've had and the kinky fantasies I have inside my head.

What that means is that the stories are mine, and mine alone. By all means use them as an inspiration to do some role play but keep the words and settings mine will you?

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