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The Gardener II

As autumn draws in, Harry's visits become less frequent
In the weeks that followed that hot summer's day, Harry would continue to fuck Angela now and again but only when I was there and always in front of me.

It became a bit of a ritual that Angela would be sucking my cock as Harry filled her pussy with his prick in the doggy position and when she was near to coming, he would insert a finger or two into her arsehole.

I would come in her mouth and she would show me my sperm on her tongue before swallowing it and Harry would fill her cunt with his spunk.

Once her cunt was full of his seed she would place her pussy over my mouth and I would then be instructed to lick out the creampie, tasting and swallowing Harry's cum and Angela's juices combined.

Autumn was now turning into winter and Harry had less maintenance work to do in the garden and so his visits, and Angela's extra marital fucking, became less frequent.

Then, one Saturday morning she woke up and said "Robert, come and shave my pussy for me please."

Who was I to turn such a request down? This little duty of mine nearly always resulted in me fingering her freshly shaved and bald pussy before putting my cock right up her for a long, hard fuck.

As I was shaving her and gently parting her cunt lips, she unexpectedly announced "Did you know that Harry has never, ever had a blow job?"

This stopped me in my tracks a little and then she continued "Margaret refused to do it for him; the poor thing"

Margaret had been married to Harry for 35 years before she died and obviously she didn't do that sort of thing.

As soon as she'd made this statement, Angela put on her dressing gown and walked out of the bathroom leaving me slightly bemused and sporting a massive erection. I showered in order to cool my hard-on and after my cock had calmed down, I dried myself and went downstairs just as Angela was finishing a telephone conversation and putting down the telephone.

"See you soon." I heard her say to the person on the other end of the line.

"Would you like a cup of coffee?" She asked me, turning round and heading off into the kitchen.

"Might as well," I replied "I'm not going to get much else from you today by the look of it."

Whilst Angela was making the coffee, the doorbell rang. "I'll get that." Said Angela.

"Glad you could come," I heard her say to whoever was at the door, "come on in." She continued.

Angela walked back into the kitchen and to my surprise Harry was following her. She proceeded to pour three mugs of coffee and we all went into the lounge. As we sat and drank our coffee, we talked about getting the garden ready for the winter and then discussed our preparations for Christmas.

Suddenly Angela stood up and said "Wait there you two." And off she went upstairs.

Harry and I continued to talk about this and that until we could hear Angela coming back downstairs. When she came back into the room, she had changed out of her dressing gown and was wearing a loose, see-through blouse with no bra underneath clearly showing her very erect nipples and dark aureole and she was wearing a skirt that made me open my mouth open wide in surprise.

She was wearing her very short, black leather skirt that was normally only ever worn when she was in 'total whore' mode. It had certainly seen plenty of action in the past and I had cum on and over it many times as we fucked all over the house with her wearing it. At no time had I seen her in it without ending up fucking her stupid or having my cock sucked all day. It was covered in cum stains. My cum stains.

"I have a special treat for you both." She announced.

With that she went back into the kitchen and returned with a glass containing a large measure of my favourite single malt whisky.

"Sit down Robert and take your treat with you." She said.

I sat down and looked up as she then took Harry by the hand and made him stand up in the in front of me, sideways on.

"And this is your treat Harry." she announced

She then knelt down in front of him and slowly undid the belt on his trousers and then let them fall to the floor. She then put her hand over his cock, stroking it through the material of his boxer shorts before eventually lowering them to release his semi-hard cock.

As I looked on, drink in hand, she looked me in the eye before turning back and concentrating on playing with Harry's now hardening prick. Slowly she took it into her mouth and started to work her head back and forth before taking his cock out of her mouth occasionally so that she could lick up and down the sides of his shaft, flicking her tongue over the tip of his cock before she planted an exaggerated kiss on the tip for me to see before taking it all back in her mouth again.

The angle she had positioned Harry and the way she knelt down ensured I had the perfect view.

As she sucked his cock, she played with his balls, occasionally kissing and sucking them right in front of me. She was definitely putting on a real show for the pair of us.

Harry started to moan as she worked her mouth on his cock he placed a hand on the back of her head to make sure she kept it in there. She was so in 'total whore mode' that she wasn't going to stop now and as he moaned more, she sucked harder and deeper.

It was then that I noticed, and heard for the first time, how Harry was reacting to my wife's behaviour.

"Bitch; you dirty bitch; you dirty little cock sucking bitch. Suck me; suck it you little whore" He kept murmuring to her over and over.

I had never realised before how much of a turn on watching my wife playing with another man's cock would be. My own cock was now aching and was bigger than I had known before but it was still constrained under my clothing.

"Fuck, I'm going to come." He then announced loudly.

At this point I couldn't help myself. "Come in the bitch's mouth," I ordered him, "come in my slutty wife's mouth. Make her swallow it, make her taste your spunk. She's your cock sucking little bitch now, put your hand behind her head and make her suck you." I continued.

With this encouragement, Harry let out a long moan as he thrust his hips forward to fill her mouth totally with his cock and I could see Angela was taking his cum into her mouth. I could see his cock twitching as stream after stream of cum poured into her mouth. She carried on sucking making sure she had completely emptied him of his last drops of spunk, she even reached down and started to squeeze his balls. She was almost making it her mission to ensure that every single drop of spunk, every individual sperm was transferred from him into her mouth.

Once she was satisfied there was no more spunk available, she slowly stood up. I expected her to show Harry his spunk in her mouth before swallowing it but she didn't. She walked over to me, tilted my head back and put two fingers into my mouth. Using her fingers, she prised my mouth open and then leaned forward and very slowly let his spunk pour out of her mouth into mine. The dirty bitch was involving me in some cum swapping. Slowly and purposefully she let his spunk fall from her mouth into mine.

It tasted so differently this time as normally I had only ever tasted his spunk when it was mixed with her cunt juices. It tasted like salt had been mixed with egg white and it was all now in my mouth.

Angela looked down and said "Whatever you do, keep it there; Don't swallow it and don't spit it out."

She then removed her lacy pants and went and got a cushion off the sofa and laid down on our sheepskin rug with her bum on the cushion so that her her pussy was up in the air. She placed her pants by her side, undid her blouse to expose her breasts, spread her legs wide open and said to me "Come and pour it into my pussy. Come and fill my cunt with another man's spunk. Stir it right up me using your fingers so that you fill your slutty wife's womb with another man's sperm."

Christ, that was such a turn on. I immediately laid down in front of her with her pussy staring right at me. She placed her legs over my shoulders so that her pussy was wide open and ready for me to pour Harry's spunk into it.

As slowly as Angela had poured it into my mouth, I poured it from my mouth into her open pussy.

Using my fingers I spread the lips of her pussy apart and slowly started to stir his spunk up her cunt. Firstly using one finger before eventually using three inside her.

Once all of his spunk had left my mouth and my fingers were working it into her pussy my mouth went to work on her clit. The more I sucked on her clit and the more I fingered her, the more she moaned.

"Fuck, I'm coming." She cried.

With that she came all over my mouth shooting squirts of her juice into it for me to swallow. She was writhing and bucking under my tongue and her pussy was soaking wet through.

"Come and fuck me." She pleaded, "Fuck me please"

As I stood up to release my cock, she looked at me and said "No, not you. Harry. I want Harry to fuck me in front of you. I want you to guide his cock into me though and then I want you to sit back and watch his cock fucking my bald cunt."

Harry knelt down in front of her raised pussy so that his cock was just nudging her cunt. I took hold of it and guided it go up and down her pussy, stroking her pussy up and down, stroking her clit with his cock. She was going wild and pleaded for his cock to be allowed into her.

After teasing her a bit longer, I guided Harry's cock into her pussy.

"Fuck her good and proper" I said as I sat back down to watch. Taking a large swig of my whisky.

Harry, slowly started to fuck Angela, slowly enough for me to see his prick slide in and out of her cunt. Slowly enough for me to see her cunt juices all over his prick.

Gradually he quickened the pace and settled in for a good, long fuck. His stamina levels were incredible and as he relentlessly fucked her long and hard, she put her legs behind his backside to pull him further into her.

My cock was straining as I sat there watching a man, 20 odd years older than me, fuck my wife in front of me whilst I sipped whisky.

Angela looked me in the eye and I could see she was full of pure lust. Her breasts were totally exposed now and her spunk stained leather skirt was up around her waist and she was urging him on more and more.

"Fuck me hard Harry, fuck me with that wonderful cock of yours." She urged.

I joined in. "Fuck her, fuck her bald cunt and cum inside her. Fill her unprotected womb with your spunk." I shouted.

Harry started to go faster and faster and fucked her harder and harder before announcing he was ready to fill her with his seed.

"Go on Harry, fuck my wife for me; fill her with your cock and fill her with your spunk." I continued.

Angela started to come just as Harry grunted and filled her pussy and flooded her womb with his spunk.

They were both sweating and out of breath as Harry slowly pulled his cock out of her now well fucked cunt. This was my cue. My role previously was to lick my wife's pussy clean. Lick Harry's spunk out of my wife's freshly fucked cunt. His fertile spunk that had flooded her unprotected womb.

Angela though picked up her pants that were still by her side and put them back on whilst still keeping the cushion underneath her bum. This meant that his spunk was still up her pussy, not able to pour back out.

Angela then completely surprised us both. "Look at Harry's cock, Robert." she said, "look at the spunk and all my juices on it."

So I did. And Harry seemed happy for me to look at his half erect cock covered in both of their juices.

"Lick him clean Robert." She said. "Lick his cock nice and clean." She continued.

I'd never considered touching another man's cock before today, but now I had earlier when I moved it up and down Angela's pussy and somehow being instructed what to do was incredibly exciting. Harry never moved from where he was and didn't think of covering his cock from me, in fact he seemed to be quite excited by the though. His cock immediately stopped shrinking and stayed in its semi-hard state.

I positioned myself so that I was on my knees in front of his cock in the same way that Angela had positioned herself earlier. I took a deep breath, held it in, closed my eyes and put it into my mouth. Straight away I could taste the familiar taste of Angela's cunt juices and Harry's spunk combined. Straight away I instinctively started to lick and suck his cock.

Although I had licked his cock clean, I carried on. I was actually enjoying myself and Harry appeared to be enjoying it as he maintained a semi the whole time.

Just then Angela called out to Harry, "He's your cock sucking little bitch now, put your hand behind his head and make him suck you."

Ouch! The little bitch was getting her own back on me. She was humiliating me and it was turning me on so much I thought I might actually cum in my boxers.

After I had totally sucked him clean, Angela called me over and instructed me to remove her pants and lick her cunt clean of Harry's spunk. I gently pulled them down and she relaxed her cunt muscles and his spunk started to seep out for me to lap up.

"Get some of his cum on my skirt." Instructed Angela, "smear it in with yours." She added.

Her 'total whore mode' black leather skirt, that previously only had my cum on it now had his on it as well as I smeared some on with my tongue. It would stay that way as she never cleaned it, it was her 'spunk trophy'.

I sucked and licked her pussy dry of his spunk, swallowing and tasting them both yet again. Angela came again as I licked her. That must have been her fifth or sixth orgasm.

That night we cuddled, I had a huge hard-on but she was too exhausted to help and I too fell fast asleep eventually. I contemplated relieving myself as my cock was still hard but I'd not had a wank on my own since before we got married, and I wasn't going to start now.

The following morning, I woke up to Angela slowly wanking my prick bless her. It felt really good as she worked up a nice rhythm and she started to kiss my lips.

"Thanks for being so understanding about Harry," she whispered, "his cock is so nice and the poor bastard has no-one else to fuck and pour his spunk into." she continued.

As she continued wanking my cock and my spunk started getting ready to shoot all over her, she looked at me and asked "Did you know that Harry has never, ever had anal sex?"

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