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The Neighbor - Part 3

When I finished with the gate and put all my tools away, I went into the house to take a shower. Cathy came in as I was getting out of the shower and said, "Hold on you're not done yet."

"What do you mean?'' I answered.

As she handed me a razor and shaving lotion she said, ''Get back in there and shave your legs, balls, if, that's what you can call them, your clit too, and your chest. I bought you something to wear tonight at Thomas's party, so get busy shaving, we don't have a lot of time.

While I'm shaving my legs I notice it's starting to turn me on. My little pecker was getting really hard and as I got closer to it with the razor it was really starting to drip pre-cum. After I was done shaving and rinsing off, I ran my hands over my body and realized how good it felt without the hair. When I was done drying off I walked into the bedroom and found Cathy waiting for me with the items she bought for me.

On the bed were fishnet stockings, a pair of black thong panties, a wig, a skimpy waitress outfit and a cock cage.

I thought about protesting, but then I remembered the photos she took, and thought better of it. Thomas and Cathy pretty much owned me now.

"Come over here so I put this cock cage on you. I've decided that you don't get to touch yourself unless Thomas or I say you do. He has a key to the lock, as do I," Cathy told me. "Now, put on the stockings and thong, then go in the bathroom so I can put some make-up on you."

When she finished with the make up, she put the wig on me and stepped back and said, "Oh my God, Jim, you are gorgeous. Thomas's friends will be lining up for blow jobs from you. Who knows, by the time the party is over you might get pretty good at deep-throating those big cocks."

After putting on the waitress outfit I walked out to the living room to wait for Cathy. About a half an hour later Cathy walked out wearing nothing but a pair of her sexiest spiked heels, and said, "Let's go."

"Are you going like that?" I said.

"Why not? What I'm going to be doing, I won't need clothes," Cathy answered with an evil grin.

When we got to the gate I had just built, I opened it for Cathy and she walked through it. Thomas’s friends were already in the back yard and all of them were naked.

"We've been waiting for you," I heard Thomas say, as the guests all voiced their approval. "Where the hell is the wimp?" Thomas added. Cathy moved aside as I walked through the gate to numerous cat calls and laughter.

There were three of his friends there in the back yard. “Shorty” stood 6’3” and had the biggest dick of them all, I’d say about 12”, Leon was about 5’6” and his cock was a bit shorter than Thomas’s by a couple of inches, and Michael was about the same length as Thomas, but he had more girth to his.

As Cathy and I approached the group, Shorty looked at me menacingly and said, "Get on yo' knees bitch and use that mouth of yours to make my dick hard so's I can fuck that hot wife of yours."

I just stood there looking at the size of his dick and thinking, how is my mouth going to fit around that, let alone Cathy's pussy?

"I said get on yo' knees, it ain't going to suck itself," Shorty yelled.

Everyone laughed. Startled, I dropped to my knees and lifted up the huge cock and started licking it like it was candy. I was mesmerized by the sheer size of it. While I was licking his cock, I looked over to where Cathy was standing. She was watching me with an approving gaze while Thomas, Leon & Michael were running their hands all over Cathy's naked body. Leon had some fat fingers and one of them slipped into Cathy's dripping snatch.

Cathy moaned rather loudly, obviously enjoying her fingering. Thomas turned her head and started madly kissing her and Cathy responded in kind, shoving her tongue into Thomas's mouth. Michael was squeezing one of her tits and sucking on the other one.

My tiny dick was so hard I thought it would explode.

"Now lick my balls!" shorty ordered me.

"Yes sir," I answered. His balls were the largest I had ever seen. As I started licking his nut sack, I started stroking his hardening cock.

"Mmmm!" Shorty moaned. ''Damn wimp you're good. I think I'll let you have the first load."

I was in such awe, I said, "Thank you sir."

After about fifteen minutes Shorty came in my mouth. It had such force behind it, it was coming out my nose and the sides of my mouth.

Cathy started applauding and said, "Excellent job wimp. Now get him hard again so I have his cock inside me."

"Yes dear," Michael chimed in, "and after you get him hard, you can get me and Leon hard."

After a few minutes Shorty was rock hard and ready to fuck my wife. Cathy bent over the redwood table that was in Thomas's back yard and said to Shorty, "Please go easy, I've never had a cock that big in my pussy before."

"Don't worry babe, I'll go slow until you get used to it."

Next thing I knew Michael and Leon were slapping me in the face with their cocks. My mouth alternated back and forth between their stiffening dicks while stroking them with both hands, Michael was on my left, and Leon was on my right. My back was to Cathy and Shorty, so I could only listen while my wife was plowed with Shorty's huge dick. She was moaning like I never heard before. Not even Thomas made her moan like that.

Thomas walked over to where I was sucking Michael and Leon.

"So wimp, before you and your slut came over, we all drew straws to see who would take your ass cherry and guess who won?" I was hoping it was Leon because his cock was the smallest of the bunch.

"I don't know," I said.

"Go ahead and guess, wimp."

"Um, Leon?"

"Good guess," Thomas said. Then Thomas said to Leon, "How do you want him, bro?''

"Get on your back wimp, that way you can keep sucking Michael while I pop your ass cherry," Leon said.

Right then Cathy let out a scream and we all turned to look. Shorty's cock was balls deep in her and cum was leaking out from around his cock and Cathy was shaking violently from her orgasm.

After Cathy had somewhat recovered, she asked Shorty to help her up. While covering her pussy with her hand she shakily walked over to where I was and had Michael move out of the way. She slowly lowered her pussy down to my face and removed her hand. Talk about opening a flood gate. Her pussy was gaped open and Shorty’s cum literally poured out and into my mouth. It was running out so fast it was hard to keep from choking. While she was draining, she grabbed Michael's cock and started sucking.

Thomas walked over to Cathy and she started sucking him too, alternating from one cock to the other. Leon started rubbing her tits and was pulling on her nipples while he continued ramming my ass. Cathy started to cum again from the tonguing I was giving her and her nipples being tugged on.

I was in a state of lust I never felt before. After awhile, the pain in my ass subsided and, I have to admit, it was starting to feel good. I could understand how Cathy felt with a sizable dick inside her. All of a sudden Leon started to cum. God, it felt like nothing I have ever felt before. Then the biggest surprise of all happened. Without even being touched, I started to cum. A lot. I was shaking like Cathy just did with Shorty.

“Oh shit!” Thomas exclaimed, "Look at the wimp. He’s cumming like a bitch.”

“Leon made you cum, you’re his bitch now,” said Cathy. They all laughed. After I was done cleaning Cathy out, she said to the guys, ''Someone help me up, I have to go pee."

Thomas said, "Why get up, just pee right where you are?" Cathy shrugged and started peeing in my mouth. I was in such a state of arousal, I didn't object and started swallowing until she finished. Actually, it helped wash Shorty's cum down my throat.

After a couple of hours, the party wound down, but not before everyone had a turn with Cathy and Thomas had a turn with me doggy style. Afterwards Cathy informed me she was spending the night at Thomas's house and for me to go home and go to bed, which I did after I wanked myself replaying the evenings events in my head.

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