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The Reluctant Cuckold - Part IX

The cuckolding weekend break continues with Jerry and Ian growing closer and Billy supporting.

They all got up two hours later. Jerry and Ian were awake first and she came to his room to wake him. She was naked and her inner thighs were glistening from their sexual intercourse.

“Do you fancy going into town for a curry?”

He smiled and accepted her kiss. “Sounds ideal,” he responded.

She glanced at her panties lying on the locker and smiled. “Good was it?” she smiled.

He nodded shyly.

“I’m glad we made it enjoyable for you,” she said as she stood up. “Come on, join us in the shower and bring those with you. They need a good wash.”

Ian was already showering with Jerry when he joined them. It seemed surreal two men and a woman showering together, even more so when Ian took the sponge from her hand and began to wash her body. He smiled at Billy and glanced down at his groin showing the effects of the attention being paid to his wife.

Jerry noticed too and smiled as she reached down and held his erection for a moment. “Better get the beast back into its cage, hey?”

Ian laughed and continued to soap her body. Billy had to admit that it was highly erotic watching another man wash his wife’s body. Watching her get fucked by him was one thing but this seemed something higher to him. Washing one’s body was a very intimate thing, it was very personal too and letting someone else do it for you made it even more erotic. Billy looked at her breasts and noticed her fully erect nipples. It told him that she was quite enjoying it.

The intimacy just didn’t stop there either. Ian dried her down afterwards before tending to his own body. Billy looked on as he slowly dried himself, slightly bemused by the whole thing. Both men stopped shortly afterwards when Jerry lifted a suspender belt and a pair of stockings from her drawer. The room fell very silent as Jerry fastened her suspender belt. She hadn’t noticed the quiet stir she was creating until she picked up her stockings.

“What?” she asked looking at the two of them standing there drooling with erections.

“You don’t know just how erotic it is watching a woman putting on stockings,” Ian said. “Don’t you agree Billy?”

Billy nodded.

Jerry shook her head, “Men!” she sighed with a smile.

Ian stepped closer and gave her a playful slap on her bottom. “Admit it, Jerry,” he told her. “You’re enjoying every moment of the attention.”

She laughed. “Yes, I am as a matter a fact,” she agreed, stopping to look at them both. “It’s nice having two men standing so firm to attention for me.”

He slapped her bottom playfully again and stepped back. “Has anyone ever told you that you have the perfect ass?”

She stood to attention and looked at her reflection in mirror arching her back at the same time. “You reckon?” she asked. “I always feel it could do with a couple of inches off.”

“Nonsense,” he snapped. “It’s just right isn’t it Billy?”

“It is,” Billy responded joining in with Ian to look closely at Jerry’s bottom.

Ian stepped closer again and kissed her. “Do we really have to go out?” he asked. “We could get a takeaway in.”

Jerry thought about for a moment and then looked at Billy. “No, I think we should go out,” she answered. “It’s a nice evening and anyway it’s nice going out with a boyfriend again. It has been a good few years since I did it.”

Billy’s heart sank but Ian smiled. He kissed her again. “Yes, you’re right,” he told her. “We’ve plenty of time for fucking later.”


They decided on having a drink at the pub first and ordering a taxi from there. Audrey was on duty behind the bar again with a couple of barmaids. It was quite busy but it was a Saturday night. Ian and Jenny found a table for them all and Billy went to get the drinks.

She smiled at him. “Enjoyable day?”

Billy explained that they had been out to Windermere for the day and were now off into town for an Indian. “The Taj Mahal is the best one,” she offered as she placed his pint down. “And... have the boyfriend and girlfriend been busy?”

Billy grinned. “Very,” he told her.

“Your wife’s a very lucky lady,” she told him. “He looks quite capable, as they say.”

He grinned again.

“I bet they keep you awake at night, don’t they?” she asked very quietly as she placed Ian’s glass down.

“Yes,” he responded.

Audrey smiled. “I hope she’s looking after you as well.”

He smiled. “I’m not being left out,” he responded quietly.

She placed Jerry’s drink down and gave him a wink. “Well, that’s good.”

Billy paid her for the drinks and joined them at the table. He told her what Audrey had said and she laughed before raising her glass in Audrey’s direction. A short while later as they waited for the taxi to arrive Jerry went to the ladies cloakroom and Audrey joined her.

“Holiday going well then?” she asked her with a beaming smile.

“Very well.”

“Billy tells me that you are keeping him awake at night,” she said with another beaming smile. “It’s been a long time since a man kept me awake at night in that way.”

Jerry saw the smile but she also saw the sadness on Audrey’s face and she realised just how lucky she was. “I’m sure there’s someone out there for you,” Jerry consoled.

“There may be, but those that pass through here are already taken.”

Jerry thought for a few moments. “Ian is in the army,” she told her. “I’m sure he has a few friends who would like a weekend away.”

Audrey smiled. “A soldier, hey? They’re randy buggers. No wonder you have such a smile on your face,” she responded. “It would be nice.”

Jerry rubbed Audrey’s arm. “I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thank you so much.”

Jerry turned to leave. “What are you guys planning to do for Sunday lunch?”Audrey asked.

She shrugged her shoulders. “I’m not sure yet.”

“Come here,” Audrey told her. “Lunch is on me.”

“We couldn’t do that,” Jerry responded. “But we will have lunch here and I’ll get on to Ian to find a randy bugger for you.”

They laughed and then hugged and Jerry left to join the others.


Jerry talked about her discussion with Audrey as they waited for their meal. “I think I know a couple of likely contenders,” Ian told her. “In fact... “

He took out his mobile and headed out of the door to talk in private. A few minutes later he stepped back inside and joined him. “I’ve just been speaking to my mate Robbo. He’s well up for a visit up here,” he smiled.

“Thanks,” Jerry responded. “I’ll tell her.”

Moments later she too had stepped outside to make a call. The waiter looked a little bemused when she came back inside.

“She’s over the moon,” Jerry laughed. “She can offer bed, board and an eager body.”

The men laughed. Ian took out his phone again. “Do you have her number?” he asked. “I’ll text Robbo and he can speak to her and sort things out.”

Jerry opened her mobile and showed him Audrey’s number. Moments later he put his phone away. “That’s that sorted then,” he said. “Anyone else need sorting?”

Jerry slipped her arm through his. “I’ll need sorting in a little while,” she giggled.

Ian dropped his hand to her thigh and gave her a gentle squeeze. “You’ll be getting a good seeing too soon, don’t worry.”

Billy looked on with sadness. He was both happy for her and excited at the same time but he also felt sad. He could feel her slowly drawing away from him and yet he felt both powerless and reluctant to stop it.

Their meal came, wheeled in on a large trolley and served to them by a waiter and a waitress. Ian commented afterwards about a difference between Indian and Chinese restaurants. “In Chinese restaurants, you nearly always see Chinese national waitresses and not male waiters serving, and in Indian ones, it is nearly always Indian male waiters with a token British female waitress,” he told them.

It began a conversation continued by Jerry about the time she was a student and worked in an Indian restaurant. “They’re randy buggers,” she said.

“Did you?” Ian asked

“Of course not,” she giggled. “But I did work in an Italian restaurant for a couple of months.”


“No comment,” she responded.

Billy already knew all this but it was interesting seeing Jerry talk about her past with Ian. It was clear that she truly saw him as her boyfriend. From time to time over dinner he looked at her left hand with her engagement and wedding rings missing and it almost seemed as if there was no trace of their existence; almost as if there had never been any rings of commitment and covenant.

Jerry noticed him looking. “What are you thinking about?”

He shook his head but she pressed him again. “Does it feel different being without them?” he asked.

She lifted her hand slightly and looked closely at her third finger. “It does actually,” she replied. “I don’t think I could do all this if I was still wearing them.”

Billy looked puzzled.

“It’s true, actually,” Ian joined in. “I’ve noticed with Army wives that when they’re out on the pull they take them off. You can tell by the marks that they are married but for some reason it makes them feel better without them.”

“I agree,” Jerry responded. “”I don’t know what it is but you do feel different, you feel freer.”

“Actually, I noticed that when we met up those few times in the cafe and I was trying to chat you up that you used to rub your rings with your thumb. It was almost as if you needed to remind yourself that you were a married woman and belonged to someone else,” Ian told her.

Jerry smiled. “It’s all psychological then?”

“That’s why I asked you not to wear them this weekend,” Ian said. “I knew that you would feel more at ease and freer without them and it’s turned out true hasn’t it?”

Jerry looked her hand again deep in thought for a few moments. “I guess I no longer feel conscious of being a wife.”

“How does it feel for you, Billy?” Ian asked. “Seeing Jerry without your rings on her finger.”

“I... I don’t know,” Billy responded. “A bit strange in a way.”

“What if she left them off altogether from now on? How would you feel about that?”

“Well it would be awkward, wouldn’t it?” he told him. “I mean, family, friends, work colleagues and all that suddenly seeing her without them. They would ask questions, especially family.”

Jerry looked at her hand again and then at Billy. “Yes, it would be very awkward. I don’t think I could do that.”

“But for dating, it would be different then?” Ian asked.

Jerry nodded. “Of course,” she answered. “I would be dating not as a wife but as a single woman. Why do you ask anyway?”

Ian glanced at Billy and then looked back at Jerry. “Because I would like you to be my girlfriend on a long-term basis,” he told her. “Still married, of course, but also having me as your boyfriend.”

Jerry looked at her hand once more and then up at Billy. “I think it’s a bit too soon to go thinking that far ahead,” she answered before reaching to touch Billy’s hand that rested on the table. “I’m happy with the way things are at the moment.”

Jerry suddenly noticed the waitress in the corner staring at them. She had no idea how long she had been watching them but it must have looked very odd to her watching her getting touched by one man and then touching another. There was a look of shock on her face and Jerry couldn’t help but smile.

The conversation changed after that and a little while later they decided to have a walk through the town before taking a taxi back to the Inn. It was when Ian went to pay the bill and Billy went to the toilet that the waitress came over to clear away the table.

“It all must look a bit confusing,” she said quietly to her. “The blond haired man is my boyfriend and the other one is my husband. We’re having a dirty weekend away together.”

The girl almost let a plate slip from her hand in shock but Jerry caught it. “So sorry to have shocked you like that.”

The girl managed to pull herself together. “No, it’s okay,” she responded. “We see all sorts of things here.”

Jerry smiled. “Maybe wives out with another man or a husband out with another woman but I don’t think you’ll see many wives out with their husband and boyfriend at the same time.”

The girl smiled. “I think that you’re winding me up,” she responded.

“Am I?” Jerry replied as Ian and Billy returned.

The girl began to look flustered once more, but nothing more was said as they gathered their things and left.

They walked through the town together looking in shop windows. Jerry and Ian were hand in hand, of course, and from time to time Ian would also let it go to give her bottom and quick feel. At one point they came across a lingerie shop and stood for quite a while looking at the items in the window.

“I’d like to bring you down here tomorrow,” he turned and said to Jerry. “That red nightwear set looks very sexy.”

Jerry kissed him. “That would be very nice,” she told him. “I would enjoy wearing it for you.”

Billy looked on, his cock straining in its cage.

They moved on and found themselves at an archway at the entrance to a mini indoor mall. They stepped inside to see half a dozen shops facing each other. The shops were all closed and their doorways were dark and sheltered. Ian pulled her into an end one and started to kiss her. Billy couldn’t see much of them but he knew that they were enjoying themselves. Suddenly Ian poked his head out and spoke to Billy.

“Is there anyone about Billy?” he asked quietly.

Billy stepped back to the entrance and looked around. The streets were very quiet. “Not at the moment,” he responded.

“Good. Keep a lookout and warn us if anyone comes.”

Billy stood in the mall archway and looked from side to side. For a moment, he wondered why he had asked him to keep a lookout and then he heard Jerry’s moans and turned around. He could see Ian’s trousers gathered around his ankles and Jerry’s legs wrapped around his waist. They were fucking.

Billy looked on in disbelief. They were fucking in a doorway; sheltered from onlookers but still fucking out in the open. He heard a sound of laughter from the street and turned around. It was a couple of lads staggering down the road quite a few yards away but they turned down a side street.

Behind him he could hear Jerry’s cries getting louder and louder and Ian’s grunts and groans from his efforts in fucking her getting stronger. They were hurrying and yet lost in passion in their fucking.

Suddenly Jerry cried out. “Oh Ian, I’m cumming.” A few minutes later all sounds subsided and silence returned.

Ian came out first zipping up his trousers. “Go and take care of Jerry, Billy,” he said hurriedly.

He looked puzzled. “Creampie, Billy,” Ian snapped. “Go and clean her up.”

Jerry was standing in the doorway with her legs apart clutching her panties in one hand and holding her skirt up with the other. There were no words spoken, no looks of explanation required, Billy sank down on his knees and began to gather up the streams of cum that were running down the inside of her thighs. Five minutes later they emerged from the doorway to join Ian at the mall archway before stepping into the empty street.

Jerry was now fully composed and wearing her panties once more and Ian was at her side holding her hand once again. Billy was once more following on from behind but with the taste of their juices still fresh in his mouth and his musky scented cheeks stirring his nostrils. He was also feeling very uncomfortable from his restricted erection and his briefs sticky and wet from precum.

Just before reaching the taxi rank they passed the lingerie shop again and all three glanced in the window. Billy had no idea what was going through their minds but he knew that in his own mind he wondered how much more excitement he could take.

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