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The Reluctant Cuckold - Part VII

Billy experiences his first creampie and a threesome with wife Jerry and her boyfriend.

Billy got down on his knees and moved quickly between Jerry’s thighs. “That’s a good cuckold, Billy,” Ian quipped. “Give Jerry a good clean and enjoy your creampie.”

Billy glanced up and watched them begin to kiss and cuddle. He remembered watching a movie once where the black male had just dismounted from a white wife. He had looked up at the husband and told him to clean her up as well. Billy had watched the cuckold clean up his wife as she kissed and cuddled her lover.

It was an act of total humiliation, especially as his wife became very aroused by his tongue but Billy had imagined himself being in the same position. What happened after that was even more humiliating and Billy had shaken his head at the mental image of him doing the very same thing.

It was still warm; Ian’s cum was still warm. Billy licked his lips before pushing his tongue deep inside her. He should have felt ashamed; ashamed of even allowing another man to fuck his wife let alone clean up his cum afterwards but he just couldn’t help it. He couldn’t help humiliate himself further.

Jerry groaned loudly and reached down for his head. “That’s soooo good Billy,” she moaned softly as she pulled him closer.

Billy enjoyed his self-deprivation. He reached under her thighs and pushed them back against her belly. Jerry gripped behind her knees and held them back. “That’s it, Billy,” she sighed. “Go deeper and deeper.”

Billy went deeper forcing his tongue to go as far as it could before withdrawing it with a small scoop of cum. He took his time to savour it all before going in deep again. It was driving Jerry wild. She writhed and squirmed and she screamed in ecstasy. Ian sat back next to her and occasionally kissed her as he fondled her breasts. It took a while for him to reach that point where she was cleansed of Ian’s cum but when he did he pulled back and sat down on the floor between her legs.

Jerry recovered from her multiple orgasms and motioned him to accept her kiss. She could taste herself and Ian on Billy’s lips and she ran her tongue over them. “That tasted so good,” she said quietly. “Perhaps you’ll let me taste Ian’s cock on your lips as well.”

Billy was slow on the uptake but when he realised exactly what she meant he pulled back. “You... you mean...”

Jerry smiled

“It’s okay,” she told him, “Ian’s had lots of husbands doing that to him. There’s nothing wrong with cleaning another man’s cock as well after he’s fucked your wife.”

Billy noticed Ian’s erection twitch.

“She’s right Billy,” he told him, gripping the base of his huge erection. “I call it showing appreciation for giving your wife a good, hard fucking.”

Billy looked at it. “Other husbands have done that too?”

Ian nodded. “It also helps ensure that I am good and hard quickly to fuck again,” he pointed out, “and you do want Jerry to have another good, hard fucking, soon don’t you.”

Billy could feel his erection straining in its confined space. It was painful. He had seen other guys do it in the movies he had watched. He had seen husbands suck their wife’s lover’s cock; watched them get it as hard as possible. He had watched them place it inside their wives too. Billy had seen many things. He had even seen husbands removing the lover’s condom before having sex, knowing full well that there was a risk of pregnancy. Billy had seen many acts of deprivation committed by cuckolds. He had once told himself that he would never lower himself to do what Ian wanted but he found himself nodding at Ian and sidling along to where he sat.

His eyes were closed as his lips folded around Ian’s hard flesh. It was almost as if he didn’t want to see himself sucking another man’s cock but he couldn’t hide from the truth as he began to taste Jerry’s juices.

“That’s good Billy,” Ian groaned. “You’re almost as good as Jerry.”

His words spurred him on and he found himself cupping Ian’s testicle sac in his hand. It was also pleasing to Jerry too. She reached down and began to stroke his head.

“Get him nice and hard for me, darling,” she told him. “When he’s finished fucking me again I’m going to take your cage off for the rest of the night.”

Billy groaned at the thought of being able to relieve himself.

“You do need to masturbate don’t you?” she asked him.

Billy groaned again. He was desperate for release. He found himself exciting Ian too. He hadn’t realised that his licking and sucking of his cock was arousing Ian in such a way. But it wasn’t just him who was arousing Ian, Jerry was exciting him too. It wasn’t just her kisses that were adding to his arousal but also what she was whispering in his ear. Billy couldn’t hear what she was saying but he could tell from Ian’s response it was something highly arousing.

It was so arousing that he curtailed Billy’s enjoyment of his cock in readiness for fucking her again. “Come on let’s go upstairs,” he snapped.

The three of them hurried to the bedroom. “Get up on the bed Billy,” Ian barked.

He scrambled onto the bed and then followed Ian’s orders on how to position himself. It took him a few moments to understand that Ian wanted him lying on his back while Jerry straddled him with her mound over his face. It gave him further opportunity to taste her as he pushed his tongue deep inside her opening but it was only when he felt Ian’s presence behind him that he realised the full extent of what was about to happen.

He had seen movies with this position being done; a wife on top of her husband while her lover fucks her from behind. He had seen the husband’s enthusiasm in administering his tongue to the Bull’s cock and testicles and now he was in the same position. Ian began to fuck her; hard, deep penetrating thrusts that quickly gathered pace. Billy could feel Ian’s testicles banging against his chin and he could hear his ever-increasing grunts and groans. Sometimes his cock slipped out of her and slapped into his face in the process but Billy took it all in his stride as Ian drew near to his climax.

When it came it took him by surprise. Billy pulled out of Jerry as he came. His first string of cum splashed against his forehead but by the time his second string of cum left him, his cock was already inside Billy’s mouth. He gagged and instinctively tried to pull away but Ian was too strong for him and sat back holding his cock in Billy’s mouth. Jerry managed to turn round in time to see her lover draining the last drops of his cum inside her husband’s mouth. She smiled.

A while later Billy scrambled off the bed and stood patiently as Jerry took the keychain from Ian’s neck and unlocked his cock cage.

“You’ve been a good cuck, darling,” she smiled. “I expect you would like to masturbate now, wouldn’t you?”

He looked down at her and nodded.

She stroked him bringing him quickly to full erection. Her fingers were wet with his pre-cum. “Have you had an exciting day Billy?”

“Yes,” he sighed as her stroking began to overwhelm him.

“I am so glad that it has been a nice birthday for you,” she responded looking into his eyes. “It’s been a nice day for me too; Ian has given me so much pleasure. I’m so glad that we have all had a nice time today.”

Billy groaned as Ian sat up and pulled himself alongside Jerry. “The birthday celebrations aren’t over yet Billy,” he told him as he put his arm around Jerry’s naked waist. “There’s still a lot more fucking to come this weekend for Jerry and me.”

Billy groaned again as he looked down and saw Ian’s erection starting to stir again. “I think your husband needs to go and masturbate now darling,”

Jerry smiled and released him. Billy gave her a perfunctory kiss on the cheek and left the room. A few minutes later he was settled in his bed between the cool sheets. With hands behind his head and resting on pillows he quietly reflected on all that had taken place. He found it hard to take it all in. 

This morning they had left the marital home as husband and wife and over the course of the day, Jerry had acquired a boyfriend. They had spent most of the day fucking; sometimes in his presence and other times outside of his presence. He had also participated, not only that, he had done things that he had never even considered doing before.

Billy found himself stiffening as he thought about Jerry lying in bed next door with Ian. There was only silence coming from the room at the moment but it didn’t mean that they had finished for the night; it didn’t mean that they were sleeping. Ian had a big one; bigger and thicker than his, Jerry had enjoyed it. He could imagine her holding him now, stroking him, teasing him and talking dirty to him. It wouldn’t be long before Ian would roll her onto her back and mount her. Or maybe she would roll him onto his back and mount him. Billy was fully erect now.

He slipped his hands under the covers and took hold of his erection with his right hand. He suddenly remembered Audrey; someone else who had come into the equation of making his birthday such a memorable one. She had masturbated him; taken him in hand and pleasured him as she teased him. Another cuckoldress who had shared her marital bed with another man; his world suddenly seemed to be filled with cuckoldresses. Suddenly he heard a moan coming from the other bedroom. It was Jerry’s voice. He could hear the bed creaking. Ian was fucking her. He heard a much louder cry from her lips; he heard her calling Ian’s name.

Billy gripped himself harder and began to masturbate furiously. Another cry came from Jerry.

“That’s it, Ian,” he found himself saying to no one. “Fuck her harder.”

A louder cry came from the room again and suddenly he found himself crying out loudly. His cum began to spill out over his belly as he climaxed. He heard Ian groaning loudly too; he too was cumming but he was having the luxury of cumming inside a woman; not just any woman but his wife.



Billy had slept fitfully, he wasn’t used to sleeping alone. He wasn’t used to sleeping without Jerry next to him. The house was in silence when he finally awoke and the only sounds were those coming from songbirds in the garden. He rose and showered before dressing and going down to the kitchen. He had just begun pouring his coffee when he heard the sounds of Jerry and Ian stirring, they were fucking again. He felt himself stiffen as he found himself imagining how they were fucking.

He took his coffee out into the front garden that overlooked the village. He could hear the sounds of Jerry’s and Ian’s lovemaking coming from the open bedroom window. Fortunately, they were a good distance from any other houses but he still wondered what their neighbours would think if they knew the situation.

In the distance, he spotted Audrey crossing the road from her Inn to the Newsagents and Post Office. She looked up and gave him a wave. He couldn’t see her face clearly enough to gain any expression from her but he could imagine what she was thinking. ‘There was a good cuckoldress in the making there,’ he smiled to himself.

The cries from their final climaxes took him back into the cottage and he poured himself another coffee and sat down to wait for the lovers to emerge. Ian came down first.

“Good morning,” he smiled before telling him that Jerry wanted to see him.

Jerry was fully dressed when he went into the bedroom but she was adjusting her stockings. He watched for a few moments while she adjusted the clasps of the suspender belt that held them in place. Billy knew that she teasing him, letting him know that she was wearing stockings for Ian. She smiled and sat down on the edge of the bed, pushing the cock cage fittings to one side.

“Time to put you back in your cage,” she giggled.

Billy moved from the doorway to where she sat. “Sleep well?” she asked as she reached for his belt buckle.

Billy nodded.

“Did you... masturbate?”

Billy nodded in silence again.

“A lot?”

He nodded again as his trousers began to slide down his legs. His boxers quickly followed and she reached out and held his erection. “You are okay about me and Ian, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” he responded quietly. “Are you?”

She looked him in the eye. “Very,” she quickly answered.

“He... he must be good then.”

Jerry nodded. “He’s... he’s a very good lover,” she responded as she began to stroke him. “You’re not jealous then?”

“I am but... “

“It excites you that I’m getting fucked by him.”

Billy nodded.

“I’m glad,” she told him as she began to slowly masturbate him.”I wouldn’t want to hurt you, Billy.”

“Will you... will you be seeing him again after this weekend?”

“I’m not sure,” she responded with honesty. “Ian wants something long-term but I’m not sure.”

“You prefer to have short relationships with other men then?”

Jerry nodded. “Would you mind if I did?”

Billy was getting more excited by her hand movements. “I... I don’t mind either way,” he sighed, “but if Ian is satisfying you so much maybe just stick with one lover.”

Jerry smiled. “Well there is that,” she responded. “He is a good lover. He has me cumming as soon as he gets inside me.”

Billy groaned.

“He’s so big and has such a thick one,” she sighed, “And he fucks me so hard.”

Billy cried out and Jerry quickly covered the tip of his cock with her hand catching the flow of his cum.

Ten minutes later Jerry had cleaned him up and had fitted his cage again. Billy was finishing fastening his belt buckle up when Ian came into the bedroom. “There’s a trip at eleven,” he announced.

Jerry looked at Billy. “Fancy a boat trip on Windermere?” she asked him. “We can get some lunch on the other side and get the boat back late afternoon.”

Billy smiled, welcoming a day out in her presence.

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