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The Reluctant Cuckold - Part VIII

Jerry and Ian grow closer as they continue their weekend break to celebrate Billy's birthday

They arrived at Bowness just in time to catch their boat for the trip to Ambleside. Ian and Jerry looked very much a couple. Ian took her hand almost immediately and rarely let go of it. Billy was very much a tag-along. Not that he minded; walking behind them had its advantages. Ian liked to touch Jerry’s bottom, nothing too showy or off-putting, just an overt touch every now and again. A slight brush of the hand against the silk material of her skirt to let her know that he was aroused by her and to let Billy know that his wife belonged to him. Ian knew how to play the alpha male; how to humiliate and taunt the cuckold and how to feed his fetish.

In Ambleside, they went to a hotel and had a leisurely lunch while they chatted amongst themselves. Ian talked about his life in the army and how, after just over twenty year’s service, he was now contemplating leaving and taking up his pension to start a new life. Jerry had glanced across at Billy with slightly raised eyebrows indicating that perhaps his idea of a new life involved her. As the area around them started to be vacated Jerry began to press him his cuckolding experiences. He was only too pleased to start talking about ‘squaddies wives’ as he called them.

“They are always on demand,” he told them. “All those horny single guys around soon turns their heads. I used to feel sorry for the newly married guys joining the regiment; it was only going to be a matter of time before their wives succumbed to temptation. It sounds cruel, I know, but there was a lot of self satisfaction to be had in having a pint with a married squaddie after work knowing that only hours earlier you had been in his quarters fucking his wife.”

“Yes it is cruel,” Jerry quipped. “Did you not feel any guilt?”

Ian shook his head. “Not really, we all need sex,” he responded. “It made me quite horny really, reliving what I had been doing to his wife while he chatted away to me in all ignorance. I can remember one occasion having a drink with a Lance Corporal and I still had his wife’s warm knickers in my pocket, damp from all my fingering.”

“You’re bad.”

He smiled back at her and gave a shrug of his shoulder. “The best one, as I recall, was a young squaddie called Tim. He was in my platoon and he introduced me to his wife, Anna, when she came over to Germany where we were stationed. She had only been over for a week when I started shagging her. Poor sod couldn’t keep up with her,” he told. “I used to sneak away for a couple of hours. She would be waiting for me wearing just a smile and the briefest of sexy lingerie. We used to fuck as soon as the door closed behind us then we would have coffee and go up to her bed and start all over again. She was some goer!”

“And he never suspected?” Billy chipped in.

Ian shook his head. “He had no idea at all. In fact, he invited me to stay with them over the Christmas period. We got him pissed regularly and fucked as soon as he was out of it.”

“Maybe he was a willing cuckold?” Jerry said.

Ian shook his head. “He was a cuckold alright but not in the sense that he knew about it and acquiesced.”

“And which do you prefer,” Jerry asked, “a husband knowing or not knowing?”

“They can both be exciting but on balance I prefer it all being out in the open. It takes the pressure off the wife for one thing and then there’s the humiliation aspect.”

“And you like the humiliation part,” Jerry said as she gave his thigh a squeeze.

Ian smiled.

“So from the sound of it infidelity is rife in the army then?” Jerry asked.

Ian nodded. “It affects all branches of the forces,” he started to say. “Well put yourself in their place. A young bride getting all that attention; hubby on duty or away on exercise, the temptation is very strong.”

“Yes, I suppose I can see that.”

“And you had your fair share?” Billy cut in.

Ian smiled. “More than my fair share,” he responded. “Not wishing to brag but... well when you are gifted like I am you are in high demand.”

“How would they know?” Jerry asked. “I mean you don’t go around flashing it all about, do you?”

Ian laughed. “No, no,” he smiled. “Wives talk amongst themselves though. Wives cover for one another so they can have their trysts. They also see squaddies coming and going in the married quarters; it’s like a secret society in some respects all cuckoldresses together.”

“And you came recommended?”

Ian turned to her and gave her thigh a gentle squeeze. “Highly recommended,” he corrected.

Jerry laughed.

“And what else have you done?”

He shrugged his shoulders. “Threesomes, foursomes, gangbangs... done practically everything there is to do.”

“Gangbangs?” she asked him.

He nodded. “Quite a few,” he revealed. “Some wives liked a good gangbang. I remember one wife who was shared by eight squaddies over the course of a weekend. Her hubby had gone away on adventure training and someone picked her up in the NAAFI and took her back the barracks. She spent the weekend there; fed, watered and very well fucked the whole weekend.”

“Bloody hell,” Jerry responded. “Eight guys, that’s some going. I mean, I could imagine four or five but eight? That’s a hell of a lot of shagging.”

Ian laughed. “I could always arrange one,” he told her giving her thigh another squeeze.

She laughed and glanced at Billy. “No, not my scene,” she said looking away.

Ian looked at Billy. “You wouldn’t mind would you Billy if Jerry wanted to do one?”

Billy stammered from being put on the spot.

“Hell of a lot of creampie there Billy,” Ian told him. “Say, five guys ,three... four times each... some cum there Billy.”

He felt himself getting aroused and looked up a Jerry then looked quickly away again. “Sorry guys but it’s not my scene,” Jerry responded.

Ian laughed but Billy knew that she was interested. “I remember one squaddie, Billy, his wife would take four or five guys on a fairly regular basis and he would clean her up after each one had her. He was kept well fed.” Ian told him with another bout of loud laughter.

Billy made no comment.

“I have a couple of Nigerian buddies,” Ian revealed turning to Jerry. “They are always well up for it. They just love white married girls, especially blonde’s.”

She blushed as he brushed her hair aside. “Just say the word.”

The presence of a waitress curtailed their conversation. They left soon after and walked around the shops buying a few tourist items before heading back to the boat. On the boat, Jerry and Billy managed to get a few precious moments together while Ian went to the toilets.

“So it’s a gangbang next?” Billy enquired.

She smiled and shook her head. “No. Too much for me.”

“I’m glad.”

Jerry smiled again. “I thought that would be just up your street,” she spoke quietly, “me with a group of guys.”

“Too much too soon,” he responded noticing the far-away look in her eyes.

Billy wondered if she was building up mental pictures of being with a group of guys. “You know what they say about black guys, don’t you?” he said quietly.

Jerry returned a smile just as Ian came back discontinuing their conversation.


A short time later they found themselves back on dry land and heading back to the cottage. Billy sat in the back and watched his wife and Ian together in front. From time to time they would hit patches along the journey when there was no traffic and they would reach across and touch other. It was both painful and exciting watching them; exciting because they were freely touching other. His hand would draw Jerry’s skirt back and touch her through her panties and she would reciprocate by squeezing his hard bulge through his trousers. It was also painful because his cock was restrained.

Back at the cottage a short while later they unpacked their bags of souvenirs and shopping and then opened a bottle of rose wine. “Ian and I are going to have a lie down for a while before dinner.”

Billy gave a faint smile. It was only to be expected. “I feel a bit tired myself,” he replied as Ian headed upstairs.

Jerry hugged and kissed him and his hand automatically slipped under her skirt. She was very warm and damp between her thighs. “Would you like me to remove your cage?” she asked him.

“Please,” he told her.

“I would let you,” she started, “but Ian has insisted that I’m solely his this weekend.”

“I suppose that you have to be faithful to your boyfriend, don’t you?” Billy sighed with irony.

“Yes I do,” Jerry responded as she kissed him.

“Tell me; do you really see Ian as your boyfriend this weekend or just as part of our fantasy?”

Jerry was slow to respond. “It started out as just fantasy,” she answered, “but I’ve grown to like the idea of being his girlfriend. It seems quite real at times. It’s a bit like when I was single and experiencing the excitement of someone new, only this time with more sexual freedom. Someone on the boat actually thought that you were my brother.”

Pain etched Billy’s face.

“Sorry,” Jerry responded.

Billy kissed her. “No, it’s okay. I suppose that I brought all this on myself, haven’t I?”

Jerry smiled.

“It’s only until Monday though isn’t it?” Billy asked.

Jerry was hesitant. “Yes,” she responded eventually.

Billy watched her walk away after they kissed again; walk away to join her boyfriend in bed. He suddenly realised that she hadn’t removed his cage but he just shrugged his shoulders. Jerry was eager to get into bed with Ian, he thought.

A few minutes later he climbed the stairs to have a nap before dinner. His ears strained as he lay there trying to pick up the sounds of their fucking but there as just silence. Then suddenly he heard their bedroom door open and he turned to see Jerry coming into his room. She was naked and in one hand she clutched a chain and in the other, she clutched a pair of knickers.”Ian says it’s okay to take care of you for a few minutes.”

Billy pushed back the duvet and lay back as she unlocked his restraint. “Is it really uncomfortable?” she asked as she began to wipe the surplus pre-cum with her panties.

He groaned as she took hold of him. She squatted on her haunches at his feet with knees apart; he could see right into her opening. Her lips were swollen and moist, she was ready for sex. Jerry smiled as she saw him looking. “My boyfriend likes to look at me too down there,” she said as she began to stroke him. “He says that I have a beautiful cunt, lovely and tight, always ready for him. He says it’s the best he’s ever seen.”

“He... he would say that,” Billy gasped.

“No, he means it,” she responded quickly. “He worships it.”

Billy groaned and her hand strokes increased.

“He’s lying there waiting for it now; waiting to taste it, waiting to fuck it. Waiting to fill it.”

Billy cried out and Jerry managed to gather up her panties in time to catch the first spurt of his cum. Some minutes later he was flaccid and clean. Jerry picked up the cage from the bedside locker and was about to reassemble it when she changed her mind. “You may need to relieve yourself again in a little while,” she said as she kissed him. “After listening to my boyfriend fucking me, that is.”

Billy felt his cock twitch again and she climbed off the bed. He watched her walk across the room and out of the door as he pulled the duvet around him. He cursed under his breath as he felt himself getting hard again. He wasn’t sure how much more he could take of this. His wife was in another bedroom with another man and she was about to get fucked by him again.

He cursed again but this time loudly. He could hear her now; he could hear her cries. She was getting fucked and all he could do was just lie there and listen with excitement and enjoyment as he masturbated. When they had finished he reached for the pair of soiled panties that lay on top of his bedside locker to clean himself up once more. Afterwards, he closed his eyes in an attempt to drown out the thoughts and visions that tormented him but all he could see was Ian lying between Jerry spread thighs, humping furiously away at her.


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