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The Taking Of My Wife, Part 5: A trap is set

How my Thai wife became my boss's property

After that fateful night in Bangkok, where my wife cheated on me for the first time with a French model, we returned to our small town in Northern Thailand. Our life returned to normal, although my feelings about that night tormented me. I would get extremely aroused thinking about Viki being seduced by him in the nightclub and then being tricked into going to his villa where she was fucked all night. I could remember every detail and often masturbated to the memory.

But at other times I would be overcome with jealousy and anger at my wife for cheating on me and lying about it. She had no idea that I not only knew about her cheating, but had helped set it up and watched the whole thing. Sometimes I did feel sorry for her and the humiliation she had to go through in front of two other Thai men who took advantage of her vulnerable situation to molest her. But I still longed to see her get fucked by a stranger again but did my best to suppress those urges.

A year passed and our sex life returned to the same boring state. The first few months after she cheated Viki was extra nice to me in bed as I suspected she felt terribly guilty. I would come home from work and sometimes be horny after fantasizing about how she had been fucked by the guy in the club. Previously, she usually turned down my advances or just lay on her stomach looking at her phone or just lying still with her eyes close while I quickly came in her. But for a few weeks after the event, she tried her best to be a real sexual partner. She didn’t reject my advances and when I asked for something unusual like oral, she quickly went down and sucked dutifully. This didn’t last for long and a few months later sex returned to once a month, usually if we came home from a party and she was drunk.

On these rare occasions she would submit to my advances and usually lie naked and let me use her body for a little while. I would suck her tits and then turn her onto her stomach and grope her round ass until she got annoyed and asked me to finish. This meant a few strokes and shooting my load in her pussy after which she promptly washed and went to bed.

This was our life for the next couple of years. From secretly listening to her conversations with her best friend, I know that Viki often masturbated at night to the memory of the French model. I satisfied myself by using my wife’s beautiful body when I could. Sex aside, our life was very pleasant but boring, spent at work and rest of the time with our families. Viki was an incredibly loving wife, a great cook and a home maker. She was the perfect Thai wife. We loved each other a lot, spent most of our free time together and prayed for a baby soon.

Then one day, two years after the event with the French model, something happened that changed everything.  I got a new job with a large German company in their logistics division. I worked in their Chiang mai office as a coordinator. Viki and I were overjoyed as the job meant more money and perks. As well, there was a chance for a promotion and potential to live and work overseas which was Viki’s dream. We also hoped to save enough to buy our own house in a few years and move out from the small apartment we lived in at the time. The day I came home with the good news, Viki exploded with happiness. We went for a nice dinner, got drunk and had actually amazing sex after a long time.

After a few months in the job, things were going well for us. Our bank account grew, our marriage was fantastic (sex was still lacking but we didn’t care) and Viki was happy. We had identified the house we wanted to buy and paid the deposit on it. I was often asked to travel to Bangkok and Viki traveled with me sometimes. She loved the life as we got to stay in nice hotels and go for nice dinners on my travel allowance. The new job changed our life. Viki’s biggest fear was that I would lose my job as she just couldn’t go back to the old life. Plus, we had to now pay the mortgage on the new house we were going to buy. On one of these trips however, we met the man who would end up becoming my wife’s sexual master for many years.

Our company’s CEO was an older German man who was based in Hong Kong. He was in his 50s and divorced. While I had never met him before, we all knew him by reputation. He was very rich and powerful and known to be a womanizer with a taste for younger Asian women. Rumors were that the wives of several of his younger employees had been seduced by him. I didn’t pay much attention to these as it seemed so far removed from our lives.

That changed however when we were invited to attend a company event in Bangkok. We were excited as we would be staying at a nice hotel, all expenses paid, and meeting my colleagues from all over the world.  Viki and I checked into the hotel where the event was being hosted in the afternoon. She got an appointment at the spa for a massage and some salon time for the big event. When she came back to the room she looked stunning. She wore a short black cocktail dress that left her shoulders bare and showed plenty of cleavage. The dress was form fitting, hugged her lovely ass, and showed off her creamy muscular thighs. Her long hair fell in soft waves to her shoulder and her face glowed with health. I was so turned on I immediately tried to grope her. She pushed me away and laughed and told me to save it for later as she didn’t want to ruin her look.

I begged her to give me a hand job as I was so horny but she declined. A few minutes later however she offered to strip down so I could look at her and jerk myself off. I quickly accepted and she bent down, pulled off her panties and sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs so I could stare at her neatly trimmed bush and parted pussy lips. After a little pleading she allowed me to bury my face in her pussy while I jerked off (but warned me not to mess her dress).

I mashed my face into her pussy and stuck my tongue in and started to jerk off. A few seconds later it started to have an effect on her and I felt her push against my face and start to moan as her pussy started to moisten and eventual start get soaked. However, I came in a few seconds and got up.

Viki looked a little shocked that I was done and then I saw a looks of disgust just for a moment. She pulled up her panties and straightened her dress and said “Let’s go, the party must have started”. I felt bad and just nodded and we left the room for the ballroom.

As soon as we entered, we were the center of attention thanks to Viki. All the guys looked at her with pure lust in their eyes. Their wives of course were jealous and were cold to her. I overheard a few of them making comments about her looking like a slut which worried me as I wondered if the dress I bought her was too revealing for a company party.

After a while things settled down and I got busy drinking and talking with my colleagues. Viki however was left alone as most of the guys were with their wives who refused to let them talk to her.  She ended up standing alone at the bar talking to the Thai waiters and bartender who kept pouring her drinks. After a little while I could see she was a little drunk and her face looked flushed. I went up to her and she looked lonely and miserable and wanted to go home. I pleaded with her to stay longer as it was important for my job and she reluctantly agreed. At that moment everyone at the bar seemed to suddenly come to attention. Just as I started to wonder what was going on someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and found myself face to face with Mr EK (I use his initials to keep his name secret) the CEO of the company.

I was taken aback by his size and power. He was about 6 feet 5 inches tall and 120 kg at least. With a massive chest, bulging arms and a shaved bald head, he looked like a professional wrestler. He wore a tight v-neck t-shirt and jeans (in contrast to all the other men who wore suits) that showed his massive arms and chest. He was also hairy, not just by Thai standards, and his arms and chest were covered with thick fur. Everything about him was huge including his stomach which looked like he could eat an entire pig.

He introduced himself and shook hands with me and his large hands engulfed mine. Then his gaze turned to Viki and he asked who this lovely creature was. I quickly introduced her as my wife and he smiled and bent down, took her hand and kissed it. Viki was blushed and was overwhelmed, barely managing a meek hello before looking down in submission as was her nature.

EK now turned his full attention to Viki. He snapped his fingers and a waiter appeared with Champagne which he offered to us. I took a glass but Viki started to refuse as she was both intimidated and feeling drunk already. But EK simply smiled and insisted, and my wife submitted without further argument. The next hour went by with EK talking to us about the company and how bright my prospects were, all the while looking hungrily at my wife while the waiters made sure her glass was always topped up with Champagne.

Viki was completely trapped in his gaze like a rabbit in front of lion. She was however impressed by him, and I sensed her eyes light up when he talked about a big promotion for me and a possible transfer to the office in Hong Kong. The alcohol also reduced her anxiety and she slowly relaxed and returned his smiles, laughed at his jokes and didn’t shy away when he touched her arm or put his hand on her back.

Then EK pulled out a cigar and asked Viki and me join him in the private lounge. We had no choice and followed him to the lounge. We entered a plush room with soft lights and deep leather couches and a small discreet bar in a dark corner. There was large black man at the bar and he bowed deeply to EK when he entered. EK sat on the curved sofa and patted the seat next to him for Viki. She looked at me uncertainly and I nodded quickly. She sat next to him and I sat opposite them on the chair. That’s when I noticed his size even more. Viki looked like a little toy next to him and even seated her head barely reached his shoulder and she looked barely as thick as arm. She sat with her legs crossed demurely and struggled to keep her short skirt from revealing too much of her thighs.

EK turned his full attention to her. His arm slowly dropped from the sofa back to her bare shoulder while his other hand rested lightly on her knee, so that she looked like a little girl engulfed in the arms of a massive gorilla. I could see my wife was extremely uncomfortable with EK this close to her but neither of us dared to move or object. A few minutes later, EK’s hand dropped gently from her shoulder to her breast and lightly rested on it. Viki was startled by this bold move by him. She stood up and said she had to go home as she was feeling sick. EK looked irritated but stood up nodded and said he would walk her to the elevator. I got up to follow but he asked me to wait there for him as he wanted to discuss work with me. I sat down but as soon as they left the room I followed them as I feared for Viki.

I watched as EK just walked her to the elevator and on the way there put his hand lightly on her waist as if to steady her. As they waited for the elevator, his hand dropped to her ass and lightly rubbed it. My wife stood still as he moved from light rubbing to caressing it, and then groping and aggressively squeezing her round ass cheeks. At that moment the elevator doors opened and thankfully for her there were several people inside. If not for the crowd, I think EK would have also entered on the pretext of dropping her to her room.

Viki quickly turned to say bye and rush into the elevator, but he held her and bent down to kiss her good bye innocently on the cheek. But as he kissed her cheek I saw his hand reach under her skirt and give her round ass another long squeeze. She finally pulled away and got into the elevator. I saw relief on her face as she waved goodbye to him and the doors closed.

I quickly made my way back to the lounge and waited for EK to return. As he entered he sat on the couch and looked at me for a full minute. I was intimidated and looked down and he sensed my defeat. He said without preamble “Your wife is very sexy”.

I blushed with embarrassment at his directness and just nodded speechless. He asked how long we had been married and a few other questions about her. After a while, his questions were all about my wife and got very personal and almost humiliating. He sensed my discomfort but laughed it off. He asked how she was in bed, if she sucked cock and if she had many lovers before we were married. I told him she was a virgin when we met. He then asked me something that stunned me. He asked if she had ever slept with another man after we were married. I quickly said she hadn’t and she was a good traditional Thai wife but he just smiled and shook his head. He nodded to the bartender who bought a bottle of whisky and poured out two glasses for us. EK picked up his glass asked me pick mine.

He laughed and said “Let’s drink to your sexy, delicious wife”. I felt uncomfortable but had no choice and drank back the whisky. Over the next hour he kept pouring drinks and talking about my wife. The whisky seemed to have no effect on him (I guess a result of his massive bulk) but I got extremely drunk and started to reveal all our secrets to him. He seemed both intimidating on one hand, but comforting on the other hand and I so I eventually confessed to that event many years ago in the night club before Viki and I were married. I told him how a powerful white man had managed to get my young, virgin fiancé drunk and into a dark corner in a night club. How he had had his way with her, kissing and groping her and eventually fingering her virgin cunt and ass. Under pressure I also confessed that it had turned me on. Thankfully I didn’t tell him about the night after we were married, when the French guy had fucked her all night. If I had, I suspect he would have taken my keys and gone to our room and fucked her there and then.

EK then closed the trap. He told me that he was considering me for a promotion that would double my salary. It would also give us many perks like a car, a house mortgage allowance and a fully paid annual vacation with my wife. I was overjoyed and thanked him profusely as this was a dream come true for Viki and me. It would change our lives forever.

He then grasped my hands and looked at me hard and asked me “Now, are you willing to do something for me in return for this opportunity”. I immediately nodded, even though I suddenly sensed the price would be high.

He looked at me and told me what I had to do. Very firmly he explained that he thought my wife was very beautiful and he wanted to get to know her better. He told me, in the next few weeks, he would invite both of us to a company event in Macau. I was to bring Viki there and stay there for two days. He would make all the arrangements. Even in my drunk state I realized what he had asked me to do. I hesitantly asked him he planned to do.  He said he would arrange things so that at some point my wife would be alone with him. He promised that nothing would happen that she didn’t want or that would affect our marriage. As he said “it would just be a small return favor, from us to him, in exchange for changing our lives”. And after the weekend, we could go back to our normal lives and enjoy our new found financial status.

When he saw me hesitate he grasped my hand and said to me that I needed to commit to this now and the promotion documents would be drawn up the next day. I nodded my head and he clapped my back and said “Good man! Now go to your sexy wife and fuck her….and wait for my invitation to bring her to me in a few weeks”

With that he walked out and I slowly made my way back to the room wondering if I had made a bargain with the devil. I also wondered what to tell Viki about our trip to Macau.



(To be continued… )

Author's Note:

This story is written in several chapters the fifth of which is above. It describes the long, multiyear road of how a pretty, innocent traditional Thai girl became my girlfriend, fiancée, and wife, and eventually a reluctant sex toy for a powerful white man. Please read the first three to fully understand her journey.

This is a true story and while I admittedly was guilty in how things turned out and often depressed by it, it also sexually aroused me to an extent I didn't think was possible. My wife became trapped in it because I was too weak to control my urges and she became a reluctant submissive sex toy for a powerful man who lusted after her young body. It is also a long story, so I have written it in several parts. I have changed the names of my wife, boss, and company, and a few other people to protect my wife and my family from my boss's anger.


This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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