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Twisted Fate

A birthday present I don't think I will ever forget.
My birthday was on the Wednesday that week so it would mean that any celebrations would have to wait for the weekend. I got the usual cards and a few presents from my family and friends but the present I always looked forward to the most was the one that Julia my wife always gave me in private before bed and away from prying eyes.

That night as we got into bed Julia gave me a neatly wrapped present with pink ribbons tied into a bow. My excitement was clear to be seen as my cock started to rapidly stiffen in anticipation of what it might be. My hands were shaking as I carefully undid the bow and unwrapped the paper to see what was inside. It was a pair of four inch black patent pumps in a size eight which was my size.

“You better practice walking in them, Kylie, as you will be wearing them on Saturday.”

With the sound of Julia not calling me by my normal name and using the one I much prefer, plus the excitement of knowing I would be wearing those gorgeous shoes on the Saturday and no doubt some other items from my girly wardrobe, I kissed her with such passion, finally breaking of the kiss to thank her.

“So what have you got planned sweetheart?” I asked hoping she would tell me.

“You will just have to wait and see, but you will be dressed all night that’s all I will tell you.”

As we both settled down into our bed I tried to nibble on her neck as it would always put her in the mood for lovemaking. I stroked her side, another big turn on for her, only to feel her hand slap mine so hard that it stung. I knew it was no use trying to try again. When she said no then it was no good to argue.

Julia was soon fast asleep but my hard on was preventing me from sleeping, I needed some release and I needed it now.

I stroked my cock, building up a steady rhythm, the pre cum oozing from my throbbing cock. I knew I was close as my body was starting to stiffen in readiness to shoot my hot cum all over the sheets.

Just as I was about to lose control, Julia reached between my legs, grabbing and twisting my balls tight.

“Ahhhhhhh,” I yelled out at the top of my voice.

“How dare you and behind my back, too.” Julia was really mad with me.

She reached into her bedside drawer and brought out her favourite toy to stop me misbehaving. I heard the padlock click on my already soft cock; she had put on my chastity cage in that few fleeting moments.

“Now go to sleep.” She knew I hated having to wear that cage.

Thursday and Friday nights I wandered around the house in my heels making sure that my new shoes were comfy and practicing my hip wiggle. Every now and then Julia would shout out some advice helping me to achieve that all important way of walking that always turned a guy's head.

Saturday was upon us; Julia finally unlocked my chastity, telling me to bath in the scented water she had run for me. She helped me get smooth all over but I honestly think she was just making sure I didn’t cum.

All the things I was to wear were put out on the bed for me. I clasped the suspender belt around my waist and carefully pulled on the ten denier stockings attaching the clasps to the tops. Next came the black silk briefs along with a matching bra that helped to lift my 34B breasts and push them closer together. I then buttoned up the white silk blouse leaving the top three buttons undone to show off my cleavage, as much as I could without me looking too slutty.

I pulled up the above knee length pencil skirt with a split right up the left side but also with buttons holding it in place. I made sure that enough buttons on the skirt were undone so I could at least walk easily, but not too many to make me look like a lady of the night.

Finally I put on my makeup going for two different shades of brown on my eye shadow, tipped with a hint of white fading out the corners high onto my brow. I decided on a ruby red lipstick and just a little blusher to bring out my cheek bones a little. I added some perfume and then tackled my hair, deciding to brush my long biker type hair forward and over my shoulder for that sexy look.

Julia had also got herself ready in an almost identical type outfit; the only difference was that she had painted her long fingernails a matching red to her lipstick.

“Are you ready Kylie,” Julia asked.

I slipped on my shoes and grabbed a fur coat as being February there had been a slight sprinkling of snow and I still had no idea where we were going.

Julia drove the car and after about twenty odd miles we arrived outside a detached house not so dissimilar to our own. Julia locked the car and she ushered me to the front door making me stand in front of her as she rang the bell. Within a few seconds the door was answered by a very stunning blonde woman, a few years younger than us I would of guessed.

She ushered us both inside and after taking our coats introduced herself as Sally. She then explained that Matt, her hubby, would be down to join us, too. She already knew both our names and she complimented me on how I looked.

She poured us both drinks and told us to sit. The strange thing was she had poured my favourite spiced rum and coke and Julia seemed to have been given a white wine which was also her favourite drink. Finally Matt joined us apologising for being late, explaining that he had been getting some cocaine for us all to use.

All I could think was if Matt was bisexual I was just about to be fucked by one really hunky looking guy and there was no way if the opportunity arose that I would turn down the chance of sex with Sally either. 

We all sat on the sofa, Matt on my left, Sally on my right, and Julia next to her. Matt soon chopped a few lines of coke and we all took turns to take some. The girls were chatting away like old friends and Matt and myself were also getting on well.

Matt switched on a porn video but by now the girls didn’t seem bothered and it wasn’t long until they were snogging each others faces off and their hands were wandering all over each others bodies.

Matt’s hands were stroking the inside of my thigh as he asked me if I liked the BDSM film that was playing. Of course I soon told him that I was submissive and it was a huge turn on. Matt stroked higher and was now teasing my cock. The girls were now both naked and were on the floor right in front of us. It wasn’t long before we were watching them both pleasuring each other with both fingers and tongues. Every now and then Sally would tell me how tasty my wife was and how she was going to give her the best night of her life.

Matt knew he also had me on the edge even though my rock hard cock was still held tightly behind the silky panty prison. He gently turned my head before kissing me his tongue exploring the depths of my mouth still teasing me. Julia yelled out as she had her first orgasm sending me over the edge with my muffled cry as my cock shot stream after stream of warm cum into my panties.

Matt laughed as he told the girls what he had done to me before he ordered me onto my knees, unzipping his cock from his trousers.

I knew what was expected as I took his already hot throbbing cock in my mouth. The veins on his cock were rubbing the sides of my lips as he pulled my head deeper onto his cock.

Sally let out a moan as she too seemed to have reached orgasm while Matt reached further forward raising my arms up my back. It was then I felt something cold around my wrists and I heard an inevitable two clicks. How stupid I felt at not realizing until too late that my arms were now secure.

Matt pulled me off his stiff cock pushing me aside as he stood. “I’m going to fuck Julia stupid,” he announced. He didn’t even ask he just slipped straight into Julia’s soaking wet pussy. “Don’t worry, Kylie, Sal’s got something for you.” He smirked.

Sally turned me around and pushed me over the sofa. “Count, Bitch.”

Swish! Crack!

Fuck she was hurting me already as I now knew she was using a riding crop on my ass. I tried to count out each stroke but soon I was in tears as each stroke got harder and harder across my still pantied ass. She must have given me at least thirty lashes with that crop; my backside was on fire, I could feel the welts rising. I was now openly crying like a baby.

I heard Julia and Matt both orgasm within seconds of each other.

“If it hurts that bad lay on your stomach on the sofa,” Sally suggested.

I lay down and could now see Matt pulling his spent cock from my wife’s dripping pussy which was now glistening back at me. I so wanted to just get down and lick the juices from her pussy but Sally had other plans. She tied my legs with rope and did the same with my wrists before undoing the metal handcuffs. A few moments later she had pulled my legs up to meet my wrists leaving me hogtied on the sofa.

Matt licked his finger and rubbed it with coke before opening Julia’s pussy, rubbing his finger over her clit.

Sally now joined them back on the floor and rubbed some KY jelly over her hand. I was now starting to worry as that gel seemed to cover her whole hand and I had never been fisted before.

But it wasn’t me she wanted; Matt was playing with Julia’s clit, holding her open as he did. Sally pushed in two fingers, then three, then four. I watched as my wife’s pussy now stretched open to accommodate Sally’s whole hand. I could tell she had made a fist as I watched her almost quite brutally seem to lose her arm right into Julia’s pussy, right down to her wrist.

My wife was now in ecstasy as the two of them gave her multiple orgasms. In one way I was shocked but in another so turned on seeing these two strangers bringing my wife off right in front of me. I then shot another load of my cum, filling my panties as I watched all three of them kissing and fondling each other. I had to endure seeing Matt not only fill my wife’s pussy but fucking her ass too; this had always been a total no-no to me.

I must have heard Julia orgasm at least eight times and witnessed the look on her face six times. I could see the cum and juices running from her pussy and ass.

Finally I could see that Julia was exhausted from so much attention. Sally now untied me before making me lay down on my back on the floor.

Between them both they lifted Julia over my face, lowering her down onto my eager mouth. I licked for all I was worth, sucking out Matt’s cum and drinking her juices. Next Julia was leaned over the sofa and I was made to lick Matt’s remaining cum from her ass.

Once both were happy that I had suitably cleaned my wife thoroughly, we again sat down to another drink. Eventually we headed up to the bedrooms, Julia and myself soon falling asleep. Her very last words to me that Saturday night were Happy Birthday and with a wry smile telling me it was the best birthday present she had ever had.

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