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White Lactating Wife is a Black Stag Party Slut

My wife unwittingly ends up entertaining and fucking my black coworkers at a stag party.
It is a little unusual to find a couple who was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota living in North Carolina. That was the case for my wife Cindy and me when we moved to Raleigh. My father retired from the Army and he and Mom were living near Raleigh when his health declined. Mom needed help taking care of things around the house from time to time, so I agreed to move near them and help.

My name is Greg and I went to trade school for a year to become a machinist after graduating from high school. I checked the help-wanted ads and there were quite a few jobs available that I was qualified for in the Raleigh area. Cindy and I were high school sweethearts and got married right after graduation.

Neither of us had ever dated or been with another partner. At the time of the move we were only nineteen years old and had a four months old daughter who Cindy was still breast feeding. We were also trying to get her pregnant again so our children would be close in age. We rented an apartment until we could get settled and find a home that we could afford.

I was lucky to have Cindy for my wife. She is five feet and four inches tall and weighed about one hundred and twenty pounds at the time of this story. She is very pretty with naturally-blonde, shoulder-length hair and sparkling green eyes. Her breasts were a full and firm D-cup before she began breast feeding our girl, and then became DDs.

Where we grew up in Fargo, there are very few black people, and we only had two in our high school. So we weren’t even a little prepared for the culture shock of moving to an area with an over twenty percent black population. I interviewed at three different machine shops, and ended up going to work for one that had all black employees, except for me the new token white guy, since they were paying the most.

I am a pretty normal guy at five feet and ten inches tall, and weighed about one hundred and sixty pounds at the time. There were four other machinists plus the owner of our shop, and all of them were black. They were all in their thirties and forties, except for the owner who was fifty. All of them were much taller and more muscular than me. I was fit enough to keep up with them at work though, and did a good job.

One day after I had been working there for two months the owner, Mitchell, called me into his office at lunch. He pointed for me to sit down in the chair in front of his desk and said, “I just wanted to let you know, Greg, that you have been doing a great job in the shop. All of the other guys like you a lot. That’s saying something for this group of homies who usually don’t like white folks very much.”

He paused for a few seconds to answer the phone and quickly hung up. Then he continued, “I’ve got a big favor to ask. Wendell has finally found himself a nice girl to marry and the guys and I wanted to throw him a surprise bachelor party. The newest member of the team is usually called on to host a party like this. And there’s another reason why I’d like you to do it too. Most of the guys like it when we have a white woman entertaining at these parties. I thought you might be able to find a dancer for us, being white and all.”

I replied, “I’m more than happy to help, Mitchell, but we’ve only lived here a short time. I don’t know my way around the night-life scene.”

Mitchell smiled and said, “Even so, Greg, it is easier for a white man to get a white dancer in these parts. The girls get very suspicious if a black man is trying to hire them. I guess I can’t really blame them since these black guys can get pretty raunchy. No offense, but they expect to be able to fuck the white slut. They like them blonde and big-titted. In fact, it would be perfect if you could find someone who looks like your wife Cindy. She is a beautiful woman and guys would love to have someone like her entertaining them.”

I was strangely flattered by his comment about Cindy and said, “Okay, Mitchell. I’ll visit a few night clubs and ask around to find someone. And I need to ask Cindy if it’s alright. What night are you planning on having it? “

He smiled and said, “It will be the Saturday night after next. So you’ve got about a week and a half to get it arranged. We’ll all chip in to pay her. You can let her know that we’ll pay up to fifteen hundred dollars for the night, if she’s willing to do everything the guys want her to do. That’s a lot of money for a girl working at a strip club and should help you find someone good.”

At the time I was too young and naive to be aware that there was a kind of sub-culture of white women and white couples who liked having sex with big-cocked, black men. I wasn’t even aware of the legendary disparity in cock sizes between black and white men. So I didn’t think anything of it when Mitchell talked about him and his guys fucking the white dancer.

When I got home that night I asked Cindy if she would mind if I hosted the party for Wendell. I even told her that I needed to find a slutty dancer to help entertain the men. She surprised me when she agreed so quickly and said, “Sure, Greg, I’m glad that you are getting along so well with your friends at work. I’ll just make plans to be out of the apartment until late that night. I think your mother can keep the baby all night, and I’ll see if I can go out with a couple of the women I met here in the complex. I’ll pump some milk ahead of time and that will allow me to have a few drinks with the girls for a change.”

I visited night clubs after work for the next several days and was able to get in with a fake ID that I had from high school. I finally found one who had girls that worked bachelor parties on their nights off. The girl that agreed to work the party is very pretty girl and has blonde hair and green eyes just like Cindy. Her working name is Bambi and I’m guessing that she was twenty-two years old. Her tits looked huge on her petite body, just like Cindy’s do. I let her know as clearly as I could, without actually saying it, that she would be expected to fuck the guys at the party.

The week leading up to the party the guys at work all teased me about finding a white girl to entertain them. They thought it was funny that a married white guy with a beautiful wife like Cindy would be finding white pussy for black men to fuck, especially when I described her to them.

Some even implied that I was secretly getting my own wife to do the party because she wanted a taste of their big, black cocks. There comments weren’t offensive to me at all. Subconsciously, I think it even excited me a little hearing them talk so candidly about having sex with white women.

On Saturday night the guys were scheduled to arrive at 8:00 pm. Cindy was getting ready to go out with her girlfriends and I was aroused just looking at her. She was wearing a very tight, sleeveless, camisole top with no bra. It was made out of semi-transparent cotton, which I liked much more than those frilly, lace tops. Her big breasts were bulging out all over, and her light brown areolas and nipples were plainly visible. She was also wearing a miniskirt that just barely covered her ass, with only a plain cotton thong underneath.

Cindy was still young and firm, even after having our daughter, and we both liked it when she dressed sexy like that. I trusted her not to be on the prowl for cock. I was the first and only boy or man she had fucked, so she really didn’t know that my four and a half inch long and thin dick was a little on the small side. She was just taking advantage of a rare opportunity for a night out without having to worry about breast feeding and caring for the baby.

Right after Cindy left, Mitchell arrived with the groom Wendell. Shortly after that Terrell, Lamont, and Isaiah arrived and we all started drinking. Bambi showed up right on time at 8:30 pm. She was gorgeous and surprisingly enough was wearing an outfit very similar to what Cindy was wearing, except with no underwear on at all.

She took one look at my coworkers and came over to me and whispered, “Greg, you didn’t tell me that the other men would be black. I guess it’s no problem, but they can get a lot more boisterous than a mixed or all-white party. You need to help keep things under control.”

Bambi began serving drinks and dancing to the beat of the music we were playing. She always leaned over in her skimpy top to give the men a view of her big tits. As the evening progressed and everyone was half or mostly drunk; they began to rub and squeeze her tits and slip their hands under her skirt onto her bare ass and pussy. I saw a couple of the guys bring their wet fingers to their noses to smell the aroma of her pussy.

At about 11:00 pm things heated up. The men started pulling Bambi to their laps and dry humping her, as they chanted for her to fuck Wendell. Then, one by one, they pulled off their shirts, pants and underwear. Soon all of the men except me were sitting around totally naked. Since I was from Fargo, I had never seen black cocks before.

Mitchell’s and Wendell’s cocks were still soft and looked to be uncircumcised and maybe eight inches long. The thing that really got my attention was how meaty and thick they were. I would have thought they were dildos, black pythons or something if I hadn’t seen them close-up with my own eyes. Their balls were also egg-sized and hung down very low in their hairy, black scrotums. My hard dick was nowhere near the length and thickness of their soft cocks.

Terrell and Isaiah have cocks about the same size as Mitchell’s. Lamont was a little different. His soft cock was slightly shorter than the others, but it was as thick as a beer can and still soft. I couldn’t imagine how any woman could take a cock that thick. I then understood why the other men sometimes called him Stump of Donk.

Mitchell got up and brought Bambi over to sit on Wendell’s lap. It looked like it was time for the groom to get his white pussy. She sat with her back to him as his cock hardened in front of her and against her vulva. I could hardly believe it when his meat lengthened and expanded to at least eleven inches long and so thick that Bambi’s fingers could not touch as she gripped him.

She slowly stroked his cock as the foreskin and cock head became wet and shiny with his precum. She just kept looking down at his thick meat and finally said, “I don’t know where you’re going to find a condom for a cock this fucking big. But you damn sure aren’t putting that thing in me bareback. You black men would just love to impregnate a cute, young blonde girl like me.”

Wendell was lifting her up and trying to get her to slide down onto his cock as he replied, “Come on, Bambi, I’ll pull out before I cum. Just let me feel my bare cock in your tight, little, white pussy for a few minutes.”

Bambi was struggling even more against him as she said, “Fuck you, Wendell, you’re oozing enough precum to get me pregnant without an ejaculation. There’s no fucking way you’re putting that thing in me bare.”

Wendell and the other black guys finally got frustrated with her resistance. Mitchell got right down in her face and said, “Okay, you fucking, little white whore. If you’re not going to play our way, you can just get the fuck out. We’ll give you five hundred dollars just to be fair for the time you’ve been here, but there’s no fucking way you’re getting the other thousand. You must think your little white cunt is too good for our black sausage.”

By the time Bambi got her stuff together and left it is was almost 11:30 pm. The guys were still drinking, getting more shit-faced, and sitting around naked giving me grief about not finding them a girl who would fuck them bareback. I thought that Cindy wouldn’t be home until around 1:00 am, so I didn’t want to piss them off even more by asking everyone to leave.

They were casually playing with and stroking their own cocks and balls and I finally gave up trying not to watch them. The raw sexuality of their oversized genitals was starting to get me aroused, and I kept drinking to try to calm down a little.

I heard Cindy’s key in the door, and through the fog of my drunkenness, saw that it was 12:30 am and she was home early. She walked in and saw me and five naked black men sitting in her living room. I watched for her reaction, and then realized that she had also been drinking way more than she can handle. She was still by the door when she looked around the room and slurred her words asking, “What the hell’s going on? What happened to that slut that Greg hired for you guys? I thought I might catch you men riding the little whore.”

Wendell saw that I was stunned that Cindy had walked in on the naked black men like that. I wasn’t saying anything so he took charge of the situation. He said, “Sorry, Cindy, I guess we should have been out of here by now. But we’re all a little pissed off that Bambi wouldn’t take care of us the way we wanted her to. That’s too bad too. She’s a beautiful girl with a great body, and we were all hungry for a taste of her, if you know what I mean.”

Cindy walked farther into the room and was then close enough to see their soft cocks. She just stared at those big cocks for a few moments before saying, “Holy fucking shit! You probably scared her away with those big things. I had no idea that cocks could be that big.”

The men laughed at her comment about their big cocks and were happy that she wasn’t pissed off about them being naked. Wendell saw that as his chance to push a little further saying, “Cindy, you are prettier, better built, and even younger than Bambi. Maybe you’d like to help make up for Greg choosing her in the first place. I don’t think Greg will mind if you dance with me for a few minutes.”

As I look back on it now, I must have deep-down wanted to see Cindy with those men. I sat there silent as Wendell took her hand and started dancing with her. It was a slow-dance and she showed no resistance as he held her close and swayed back and forth to the music. Wendell is about six feet and three inches tall, so his soft cock was pressing right into her belly.

After only a few minutes dancing, Wendell tilted Cindy’s head back and leaned down to kiss her. I could hardly believe it when she didn’t resist him at all. His thick, black lips were hungrily and wetly kissing her mouth, and I saw that they were both pushing their tongues into the other’s mouths. The other men cheered and clapped as Wendell continued kissing my wife and at the same time reached down with both hands to grab her ass. His black hands looked huge on her lily-white ass cheeks as they continued dancing and swaying to the music with him rubbing and squeezing her ass.

Knowing how the men treated Bambi, I thought I knew where this was all heading. I wanted to intervene and protect my wife, but she was enjoying being with Wendell and seemed to get more turned on the longer they were together. The contrast of that big, naked black man with my petite, white wife was so appealing to me that my little dick was getting hard.

The other men cheered even more when Wendell pulled up Cindy’s thin top, and her big breasts swung free. He stepped back for a moment and saw her breast milk leaking down her chest. Cindy should have gone to pump as soon as she came home, and her big tits must have been painfully full of milk. He looked at her milky tits and said, “I can’t believe this shit guys. This bitch is leaking milk. Damn, I just love to drink breast milk from big, white titties like these.”

Isaiah moved over to make room on our couch when Wendell pushed her over there to sit down. Then Wendell got on his knees in front of her and began sucking milk from her huge breasts. I had never sucked milk from Cindy’s tits and was surprised when she gasped and moaned saying, “Oh fuck, Wendell, I love having my tits sucked like that. I can feel my milk squirting into your mouth and it makes my pussy tingle.”

Cindy was writhing and twisting beneath him as she reached down to grab his big cock. Her white hand looked tiny on his thick, black fuck-meat as he hardened to his full eleven inches. She stroked his big cock and scooted her ass to the edge of the couch. She held the oozing head and foreskin against her fat, hairy vulva as she pulled her thong to the side. Then she looked over at me and said, “I’m so sorry, honey, but I’ve got to feel this big cock inside of me.”

I was panicked because she was no longer on birth control and I said, “No, Cindy, you can’t do that. You’re not on birth control right now and these guys don’t like to use condoms. And besides, you shouldn’t be fucking my coworker like this.”

She just looked at me with lustful, half-closed eyes and said, “It’ll be okay, honey, Wendell will pull out before he cums in my pussy. Won’t you Wendell?”

I knew in my heart that he wouldn’t pull out of her, and she wouldn’t even want him too after feeling that big cock in her cunt. Just the precum could get her pregnant anyway. I started to get up to protest further, and Mitchell put his hand on my arm to hold me there and said, “It’ll be okay, Greg. It looks like your pretty, young wife wants some big, dark meat from a mature black man. Just relax and enjoy watching her being fucked.”

Wendell kept sucking milk from her breasts and he pressed his big cock into her pussy and she squirmed and winced at the pressure of his thick meat. He kept pressing until about six inches of his cock was in her and he stopped for a moment to let her get accustomed to the size. From where I was sitting I saw her labia stretching obscenely around his thick shaft. The contrast in color made it even more arousing as he then began to stroke gently back and forth in her cunt.

At one point I saw Cindy wince a little as his big cock head must have been pressing against her cervix. He had about eight inches of his cock in her and just kept pressing. It suddenly seemed like her womb shifted inside of her and he was buried all the way in her pussy. He started stroking again and his big, black balls were slapping against the couch on each stroke.

Cindy was swiveling her hips to meet his rapid fucking as she said, “Fuck me harder Wendell. Your big cock feels so good filling my pussy that way. I had no idea my body could even take anything that fucking big.”

I continued watching my wife being impaled on his huge cock as Terrell got on his knees on the couch, and next to Cindy. He pulled her head to the side and pressed his hard, ten inch cock against her mouth. She had never sucked my cock before, but she was sure hungry for his. Cindy opened her mouth and took in the huge cock head and foreskin that was oozing with precum. She struggled to take more and more of him as he kept pressing and fucking into her face.

From where I was sitting across from them, I saw that Terrell’s big balls were hanging down half way to his knees and were slapping against the side of her face and shoulder as her aggressively fucked her mouth.

The whole thing was surreal as I watched my teenaged wife, who had previously only been with me sexually, being fucked at both ends by these big and aggressive, older black men.

Mitchell saw that I was docile and not trying to stop those men from fucking my wife. He looked down and noticed that my dick was hard and poking against my pants. That’s when he took my hand and placed it on his hardening cock saying, “That’s a good boy, Greg. I can see that you like watching you sweet, little cunt of a white wife being fucked by black men. You can stroke my cock for me until I get my turn in her tight little cunt. I might even let you suck it for me if you ask nicely.”

That was the first time in my life I had touched another boy or man’s cock. It was so thick and felt like I was holding a big snake. I felt the wetness of his precum on his long foreskin. He knew when I started stroking him that he and the other black men would be able to do anything they wanted to Cindy and me. I was so excited by the moans and gurgling coming from Cindy as she was being fucked in the mouth and cunt that I was suddenly overwhelmed with a desire to suck his cock. I leaned down towards his thick meat as I asked, “Mitchell, may I suck your cock?”

He didn’t respond but just put his hands on my head as I opened my mouth and he pushed me onto his meat. It wasn’t just the taste and feeling of his cock in my mouth that excited me. It was also the idea that I was doing something so nasty at the same time my wife was being fucked by two black men. I struggled to take more of his cock into my mouth as he laughed and said, “That’s it, Greg. You will make a fine cock sucker for the boys and me. And we’ll just love fucking your little wife anytime we want as well.

I was just getting into a good rhythm sucking Mitchell when I heard Wendell say, “Cindy, I’m just about ready to cum into you fertile, white cunt. You better tell me if you want me to pull out.”

I turned my head a little, with Mitchell’s cock still in my mouth, to look over at Cindy. I was afraid for both of us when she wrapped her legs around Wendell’s back to hold him in place. Then he held himself deep in her pussy as his ass flexed, and I saw the base of his cock and perineum pulsing as he filled my wife with his virile, black seed. He moaned and gasped, “Oh fuck, your tight pussy is sucking the cum right out of my cock. You must really want to have my black baby the way you are holding me inside of your cunt.”

Right after Wendell ejaculated, I heard Terrell say, “Open wide and keep swallowing, bitch. Here comes another load of black cum for you to eat.”

Wendell held himself inside Cindy for about five minutes, while I continued to suck Mitchell’s cock. He must have been trying to get her pregnant. Then Mitchell pulled his cock out of my mouth and said, “I don’t want to waste my first load of the night in your cunt mouth. I want you to learn something else that’s for cuckold husbands like you. Get over there between Cindy’s legs and clean her pussy up for us. We don’t like shoving out cocks in other men’s goo.”

Mitchell stood up and pulled me over to Cindy as Wendell moved out of the way. Her fat, hairy labia were swollen and red from the fucking that Wendell just gave her and his big load of cum was leaking out of her pussy. I had never sucked her pussy before, but I got on my knees, covered her pussy with my mouth, and started sucking her. The taste of his cum mixed with her juices was delicious to me. And just the idea that I was sucking another man’s cum, and a black man at that, from her pussy was arousing to me.

I was able to glance up at Cindy’s face while I was cleaning her pussy, and her look told me everything. I knew that I was no longer the only or even the best man in her life. She smiled down at me with the strangest look on her face as she said, “Thank you, honey, for cleaning all of that nasty, black cum out of me. Get ready for more, because I know that Wendell and his friends will be pumping plenty more of their thick cream into me tonight.”

After I finished cleaning Cindy’s pussy, Wendell pulled me up and had me clean his cum and her juices from his now-deflated cock. Then Mitchell said, “Let’s take this to the bedroom where we’ll be more comfortable.”

Cindy pulled off her skirt and cum-soaked thong as we went to our bedroom. She lay back on the bed as Mitchell moved between her legs to take his first turn in her pussy. Mitchell leaned down to kiss her with his fat lips and tongue. Her breasts were hanging over slightly to her sides, and Isaiah and Lamont each took a side to suck milk from them.

I couldn’t even imagine what else these men would do to her. But after Mitchell pulled away from kissing her, Terrell straddled her face so she could suck his balls. I couldn’t believe how agreeable Cindy was to all of these new things. I was sitting near the end of the bed watching my wife being fucked by Mitchell, while two other guys were sucking milk from her tits and another was feeding her his balls.

The moans and groans that Cindy was making due to Mitchell fucking her so aggressively caught my attention. I moved between their legs to watch as his very long and thick, black cock stroked into and out of her white pussy. It was amazing watching his long shaft disappear completely into her pussy, and then reappear with her shiny juices and the remnants of Wendell’s cum that had been buried too deeply inside of her for me to suck out with my mouth. His big balls were also slapping against her ass and I liked watching how is egg-sized testicles moved around in his black and hairy scrotum.

Cindy fucked and I sucked those men for hours as they all took turns in her pussy and our mouths. It was especially amazing watching Lamont pushing his beer-can-sized cock into her tight pussy. He finally got it all the way in and she was squirming and humping with joy as she fucked that massive cock.

In between all of the fucking and sucking, when the black men were resting their cocks, we learned about other things they liked. At one point Cindy and I were both on the bed, on our backs, as Mitchell straddled my face and Lamont straddled hers. They loved to have their balls sucked as they called us names, enjoying their dominant positions. That’s when Mitchell said, “You two might be the best white whore and cock sucking husband we’ve ever used like this. But there is something else you need to do for us.”

I assumed that Lamont was doing the same thing to Cindy as Mitchell pressed down a little harder on my face and shifted their weight until I was sucking his perineum. He slid back and forth the on my face and mouth, almost like he was fucking me. Then he shifted a little more and my face was buried in his muscular ass. Mitchell then sat fully on my face as he said, “I just love it when white men and women lick, suck and rim my sweaty asshole for me. That’s about the nastiest thing we could have you do. So go on, Greg, let me feel your tongue in my hole.”

It’s hard for me to describe how turned on I was being pressed under him like that and sucking his asshole while being almost smothered by his sweaty ass cheeks. I did not only taste his ass, but all of the sweat and fuck slop that had run down there from an evening of fucking. Those men were nasty and loved to have their way with white people, and I loved be used like that.

The men stayed at our apartment all night. I guess their wives were used to them staying out like that when they had parties. I can’t even count the number of times that Cindy was fucked by their bare cocks and the number of times both of us sucked their cocks, balls and asses. I could hardly believe the stamina of those men and what aggressive lovers they are. Since that night I have read a lot of websites that discuss how much black men like to be sexually satisfied by whites. I know that Cindy and I loved being used that way.

They finally left our apartment at about noon on Sunday, after fucking Cindy three more times each after we got up at around 8:00 am. After that they dropped by to fuck Cindy after work and on weekends, whenever they felt like it. I was also sucking their cocks at work, and all they had to do was walk up to me with their cocks hanging out and I’d drop to my knees and suck them off, swallowing their big loads of semen and sperm. We were both whores for their pleasure.

Two weeks after that first night fucking those men, Cindy missed her period. I had not been allowed to fuck her since that time since she didn’t like my little dick anymore. When I told Mitchell and the other men that Cindy was pregnant, they were even more anxious to keep fucking her and sucking milk from her big tits.

Mitchell and the others kept fucking Cindy right up until the baby was born. Of course they had to be careful not to pound her cervix, and I was sucking the men a lot more than usual during that time. The baby was black and each of the men bragged that they were the father. We didn’t want to spend the money getting it tested since it didn’t matter to Cindy and me who the father was. We were happy to raise him as our own.

We kept fucking those men for several years and ended up with three black children before Cindy finally decided to have her tubes tied. We continue to fuck and suck those men and enjoy being cum-buckets to satisfy their lust. No matter how many times those men have fucked her, I still enjoy watching their big, black cocks sliding into Cindy’s white cunt.

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