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Wife-Mother and Truck Stop Prostitute

I take a waitress job at a truck stop and end up being a whore for the drivers.
My name is Tracy, and my husband Ed and I are twenty-three years old and live in a suburb of Baton Rouge with our six month old son. We met at the petrochemical company where we both worked until I was laid off. When we were both working our combined wages were enough to afford the home we purchased, but we couldn’t afford it after I lost my job. I got that job right out of high school and worked in the office as a production clerk. With just a high school education and my only experience being specific to that company, I didn’t have the credentials to find other gainful employment. Ed has a good blue collar job, but with only a high school education himself, his earning potential is limited.

After looking for jobs in the same industry for several weeks with no success, I was getting discouraged. Then a friend of mine suggested that I try to find a waitress job, at least temporarily, since I had some experience with that in high school. So I started looking and within a week I had an interview with the manager of the diner at a truck stop in Port Allen, which is just outside of Baton Rouge. He liked my previous experience and was very complimentary of my appearance. He explained that the competition was fierce among the many truck stops in the area, and one of the ways they competed was to hire attractive waitresses. The job also required a rather skimpy uniform of tight, Lycra shorts and a tight t-shirt with the truck stop’s logo on the front.

I don’t mean to brag, but I have to admit that it was my looks and not the experience that got me that job. I am five feet five inches tall and weigh 110 pounds, having regained my shape after the birth of our son, and I have shoulder length brunette hair and sparkling blue eyes. But I think my best features are my D-cup breasts that are now DDs since I’m breast feeding our son, and my labia and pubis are prominent which gives me an obvious and sexy camel toe in those tight shorts. My ass is also tight and full, so I present a very nice package.

Ed has always been complimentary of my looks and often encouraged me to dress in a revealing way both at home and in public. He loves watching the other men drooling over my body, so I felt sure that he wouldn’t object to the skimpy uniform. When he got home from work I was standing by the front door in those tight shorts and t-shirt. He just stood there with his mouth open and I said, “Good news honey. I got that waitress job at the truck stop, and this is my uniform. Do you like it? The manager is a big black guy and he wants us to dress like this to help them attract the drivers and compete with the other truck stops. Or do you think it is a little too skimpy?”

The he said, “Tracy, I’m so proud of you for getting that job, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look better or sexier. Those customers will really be getting an eyeful. I know that if I was around you there I’d have a constant hard on. Damn baby, those clothes are so tight that I can see the imprints of the hair on your pussy lips, and your nipples are sticking out like thumbs on top of those huge tits, and I can even see the little bumps on your areolas. What will they be paying you?”

I said, “They pay the minimum wage for tipped employees which is $2.13 per hour, plus I get my tips. The employer is supposed to pay a combined minimum equivalent to $7.25 per hour if the tips aren’t high enough, but I doubt that they will actually pay that. So I’ll have to work hard, and even then it will be hard to replace the $15.00 per hour that I was making at the plant. I’ll be working the 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm dinner shift to start. I’ll take the baby to mom’s and give him his last feeding before work, and you’ll need to pick him up on the way home.”

It was clear that Ed wasn’t kidding about how I looked in my outfit. He was really turned on that night and he sucked milk from my tits and fucked me twice. He ate his own cum from my pussy as usual, but he seemed especially hungry for it. I can only guess that the thought of those other men seeing me in that outfit was driving him crazy.

I started work the next day, and I was embarrassed at first wearing that tight, revealing outfit. But since the other girls were also dressed that way, I soon got comfortable with it. I was assigned the section of booths the farthest from the kitchen and near the door since I was the new girl. My service must have been good because I was making what some of the girls considered to be very good tips, but I was still only averaging about $60 per shift, including the minimum wage.

Many of the drivers were gentlemen and treated me with respect, but others were crude and made comments to me about my tits, pussy and ass. Some even took liberties to touch my tits and ass, and I tried to ignore them. Quite a few of them also invited me to come to their trucks after my shift, saying they could show me how it was to be with a real man, but I just used humor to turn them down. It was a fine line to flirt to keep them happy so I could get good tips, but not to go too far and make them think I would really go with them to their trucks. After all, we were wearing those skimpy outfits to entice the drivers to come to our diner, encouraging them to fantasize about being able to connect with one of the waitresses. Some of the guys even convinced me to look at the large cock lumps in their jeans, and I have to admit that some of them looked very big and got my pussy wet.

Each night when I got home, I always told Ed about the men who propositioned me and how they touched me. He liked hearing how I turned those men on with my body, and he got very excited when I told him how some of their cocks looked huge running down their legs, and how that got me wet. On those nights when I had especially good stories to tell about those men, we would fuck for hours, always ending with him sucking his own cum from my cunt. I was surprised that Ed was so supportive of those men propositioning me, but for some reason it really turned him on. It was almost like he was encouraging me to go with them.

He would typically say, “Holy fuck Tracy, it is so hot that those men have hard cocks from talking with you and seeing you in that outfit, and even touching your tits and ass. Just imagine how badly they want to fuck you, and what it would be like to be with them and those big cocks in those sleeper cabs.”

There was a girl who looked to be my age and who looked familiar and came in to use the bathroom and sit in my section for coffee for a few minutes about every two hours or so. I could see through the windows that when she wasn’t in the diner, she was out walking among the trucks. I even saw her get into a couple of truck cabs, but I was so naïve at the time that I didn’t know what she was doing. After working there for three weeks and seeing her every day, I finally had the courage to ask her about it.

So I asked, “Pardon me miss, you look very familiar to me. Do you mind if I ask why you are here every day and walking out by the trucks?”

She studied my face and then said, “Oh shit, hi Tracy, I can’t believe that I didn’t recognize you before. I’m Kelsey, and I was a grade behind you in high school, and we never really hung out together. And as far as what I’m doing, I can’t believe you don’t know.”

I looked at her closely as said, “Damn Kelsey, that is you. I’m sorry that I didn’t recognize you before. And I’m sorry for maybe being a little dense, but what are you doing here all of the time?”

Kelsey motioned for me come closer so she could whisper in my ear and said, “Well, this is very embarrassing for me to admit to you, but I walk among the trucks looking for drivers who want sex. I sometimes use this hand-held CB radio to make connections with them. A lot of people call girls like me lot lizards because of the way we hop from truck to truck, the way lizards hop from rock to rock in a stream. I don’t like doing this, but I lost my job and I need to help support my family.”

I was shocked hearing that someone I knew in high school was a prostitute. Since I was curious I asked, “Damn Kelsey, I’m sorry that you find yourself in this situation, but I can understand it since I lost my job too. And I have to admit that waitressing has not come close to replacing my previous wages. If you don’t mind me asking, what do you do for those men and what do you charge? And does your husband know that you are doing this?”

She was a little more relaxed now since I didn’t criticize her for being a prostitute, and she said, “Well, since you asked, I give the men blowjobs for anywhere between $10 and $40, depending on how well I can negotiate and how horny they are, and between $50 and $100 for fucking them. On a bad night I’ll make maybe $100, but on a good night I can make $500 or even a lot more. Some of the men like to use condoms, and I give them a discount for that since that causes me less clean up, but most like their sex bareback. They just like the feeling of shooting their cum into a pretty young lady’s bare mouth or pussy. And yes, my husband does know and he is very supportive. It’s all about the money for our family, and he has turned into my little cuckold husband. He enjoys knowing that other men are fucking me, and he even cleans my pussy with his mouth when I get home each night. ”

Then I said, “Damn Kelsey, that’s a lot of money, and it’s also interesting that Danny supports you that way. In fact, it’s arousing to me hearing about him sucking the cum from other men from your pussy. But I have to ask, aren’t there a lot of other girls out there competing with you?”

She said, “There are always other girls, but some of them are overweight and don’t take care of themselves, and they end up with the trashy guys who pay a lot less than I get. Some of those girls will suck cock and swallow for $5 and fuck bareback for $20. I try to keep it classy to keep my prices up. And I also see some gay guys hanging out by the restrooms, who take care of some of the drivers. Most of the gay guys will suck those cocks for free. If you don’t mind me saying so, you could do very well at this, since you are so beautiful and dressed so sexily and you see a lot of the drivers in here during dinner. If I remember correctly, and excuse me for saying this, but you had quite a reputation for being a slut and fucking many different guys in high school, so why not do it now for money? We’d be working a slightly different group of guys, since you would make your connections here in the diner and then meet them in their trucks after your shift. I’d enjoy having someone I know to talk to about it all, and you’d make a good partner for those situations where two or more men want two girls.”

That conversation with Kelsey was very arousing to me, and I told Ed all about it when I got home that night, even the part of her thinking I could be good at it. The more I talked about it the more excited Ed got, and he finally said, “Oh fuck Tracy, I remember Kelsey from high school, and she was so hot. I can just imagine her in those sleeper cabs giving blowjobs and fucking those drivers. I can also remember your reputation in high school, although I never took you out back then since I was going steady with someone else. Don’t get mad at me for saying so, but I can imagine you doing the same thing as Kelsey, and even making extra money by allowing those horny bastards to suck milk from your huge, lactating tits.”

I couldn’t believe what Ed was saying about being supportive of me being a prostitute to those drivers. So I asked, “What are you saying Ed? Would you want me to be a whore to those drivers that approach me in the diner? Do you really want me to be sucking and fucking a bunch of different men each night?”

Ed responded, “I know this sounds a little crazy, but you aren’t making enough money waiting tables to help us much with our finances, and with your face and body you would be able to make a lot of money with those men. I’ve been reading some cuckold stories on the internet, and I can see how Kelsey’s husband can get turned on by it. I’ve never had any desires to have sex with a man, but I think I would enjoy sucking the cum from other men from your pussy, knowing that you are a whore and they paid you to take their big cocks and cum. I can’t explain why I feel this way, but I’d sure like for you to give it a try.”

Then I said, “You better be sure how you feel about this. I have been happy with your dick since we first dated, especially since you usually finish me off with your mouth, but this could change everything. If some of those men have big cocks and yours seems small by comparison, I might not be too happy with yours anymore, and it will be hard to stop. So be careful what you wish for.”

Ed was happy with me at least trying to fuck those truckers, and we worked together that night to come up with the following ground rules for me:

1. The driver has to proposition me first, to avoid the problem of police charging me with solicitation.

2. He has to look clean and not smell from the sweat of his day, or be willing to shower before I meet with him.

3. I will carry mace with me in case any of men try to get violent. In addition, I will let the driver know that I am texting his truck tag number to my husband, just in case there is any foul play.

4. I will carry little bottles of douche to clean myself between customers, unless the customer doesn’t care. And I will allow either the current or next customer to clean me with their mouth. But I will always keep at least the last pussy full of cum for the night in me for Ed to eat.

5. I will carry mouthwash with me to cleanse my mouth after giving an unprotected blowjob, especially for those men who want to kiss me, unless they don’t care.

6. I have established a firm pricing scheme to avoid being negotiated down. With my looks and body, I should be able to hold out for top dollar, and not give away my milk, mouth or pussy too cheaply. Blowjobs will be $40 or $30 with a condom. Fucking will be $100 or $80 with a condom. Sucking milk from my breasts will be $30 for five minutes. That will avoid having all of my milk drained by one guy, and allow me to save some for more customers. And I will suck cock for free to get it hard for those paying to fuck me. The reduced price for condoms allows me a lower price point to avoid arguing over price, but I much prefer to take the cum into my mouth and pussy. But I will carry my own condoms just in case.

7. The rule that should probably be first, always get paid before having sex. The motivation to pay is higher when the cock is hard and desire for sex is at its peak.

I stopped at the store on the way to work the next day to get the items mentioned above. Even though Ed and I agreed that I would suck and fuck the drivers if they propositioned me, it was still nerve wracking waiting for the first guy to ask me for it. I knew that I was no better than a whore for doing this, and it was hard admitting that to myself and the men who would ask me for sex. I saw Kelsey for the first time that day at about 5:00 pm, and she was happy that I was going to give it a try.

My day was pretty much as usual, with numerous men making comments and touching me, and then a driver sat down in my section who I knew from the previous weeks. His name is Dave, and he is a rugged guy who looks to be 45 years old. He makes transcontinental trips each week, always taking his required rest at our truck stop. I was standing in front of his booth and he was sitting on the outside next to me. No one could see what he was doing from that angle and he reached out and cupped my breasts in his hands and said, “You really look delicious tonight Tracy. I would like for you to meet me in my sleeper cab when you get off work. I’ll suck those gorgeous big tits for you, and give you some of my prime trouser sausage, which is just full of egg whites for you.”

His analogies to his cock and cum were unmistakable, and although he had made similar comments in the past, I always ignored him. I looked down at the growing bulge in his jeans, and reached down to rub it as he continued cupping my breasts. His cock was much longer and thicker than Ed’s five inches and he wasn’t even hard yet.

He was surprised when I continued rubbing his cock and quietly said, “Well this is your lucky day Dave. You don’t know this, but I am breast feeding my baby and still lactating, and you can suck milk from my breasts for five minutes for just $30. And for another $100, you can fill my pussy with this thick sausage of yours and pump all of your egg whites right into my womb.”

He wasn’t expecting that response and just looked at me and stammered a little as he replied, “Damn Tracy, that’s a dream come true for me. I’d love to feel my bare cock in your sweet, young, blonde pussy and know that you are taking my semen and sperm. But are your sure that I can fuck you without a condom?”

I smiled and said, “It’s up to you Dave. If you do want to use a condom then it’s only $80 to fuck me. Just think about it and let me know when I get there. I get off work at 8:00 pm and should be at your truck by 8:15 pm. So just give me the description of your truck and I’ll be there. And for my safety, I will text your tag number to my husband before I get into your truck.”

Dave was now rubbing my tits and I was still rubbing his now-fully-hard cock as he said, “Are you telling me that your husband knows that you are whoring yourself to us truckers? He must be some sick son of a bitch to share you this way, but I’m happy if he’s happy. So hell yes, please come to my truck at 8:15 pm, and I definitely will not be wearing a condom when I fuck you.”

I continued on my shift and a little later two more guys that I knew from my first week showed up. They are Jimmy and Dexter, a driver team who stopped for dinner each week. They started their normal sexual teasing, saying how much they wanted to have sex with me, and I let them know that I was available and gave them my prices. They went nuts when I told them about sucking milk from my lactating breasts. Dexter wanted to fuck me and Jimmy wanted a blowjob, both without condoms, and they also wanted a turn drinking my breast milk. I guessed that I would need about one half hour with Dave, so I agreed to be at their truck at about 8:45 pm. I asked Dexter if he wanted me to clean my pussy before I got there, and he said that he liked having sloppy seconds, and he might even it suck it clean for me.

This was a pretty slow night, and I only had arrangements made with those two trucks by the time my shift was over. I was very nervous as I walked out into the truck parking area, and could see quite a few lot lizards, including Kelsey, walking among the trucks. I was much happier with my situation of already meeting the men and having an appointment. This gave me a chance to know the men a little before I fucked them, and it saved a lot of trolling time.

I arrived at Dave’s truck right on time, and he helped me up into the cab. He was already completely nude, and his big, thick cock was still soft and about seven inches long, with big low-hanging balls. He paid me the $130 for sucking my tits and fucking me, and we went into the sleeper. I pulled off my tight t-shirt and shorts, and Dave gave a gasp of approval when he saw my nude body. I lay back on his bed and he moved in beside me and started sucking my breasts and humping my leg as his cock hardened to its full nine inches. I stroked his cock while he continued sucking my tits and massaging them with his hands and I liked the feeling of having such a big cock in my hand. I knew that he was turned on because his cock was wet with precum.

After five minutes of drinking my milk he said, “Damn baby, you are beautiful and the sweetest piece of ass I’ve had in a long time. Now it’s time to shove my big cock into your cunt.”

Dave slowly shoved his cock into me, and it took me a few minutes to get used to his size. It had been many years since I was fucked with a cock that big, and I just loved the way it stretched me and rubbed my clit and bottomed out on my cervix. I was surprised that he was able to fuck me for so long, and after 10 minutes of aggressive stroking and feeling his big, hairy balls slapping against my ass, he tensed up and started cumming. Because of his thickness I could feel every pulse and throb of that big cock as he filled me with his semen. I had two orgasms just during the time his cock was throbbing, and I just loved the idea and feeling of being filled with so much cum. After he pulled out of me I leaned down and sucked his softening cock clean of our juices. It was so nice sucking and fucking such a big cock after all those years. Dave was a very happy and tired guy, and I pulled on my clothes and headed to the other truck.

Jimmy and Dexter were both nude when I climbed up into their cab, and it only took a minute for us to get into the sleeper and for me to strip. Then I asked for my payment of $200 (two tit suckings, one fuck, and one blowjob). It really turned me on feeling Dave’s cum running down my inner thighs, and the smell of sex was strong in that tight space. I lay back on the lower bunk bed and those men each took a side and started sucking and draining my breasts. I was stroking their now-hard cocks and they sucked my breasts, and just like Dave, they were producing a lot of precum. Jimmy’s slick cock felt like it was about eight inches long and average thickness, and Dexter’s cock was also eight inches, but it was the thickest cock I had ever seen or felt. He was almost as thick as a beer can, and I knew that he would be stretching my pussy to its limits.

After they used up their time sucking my tits and drinking my milk, I moved off of the bed and got on my knees, and Jimmy moved to sit in front of me. I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking as Dexter moved behind me. He shoved his very thick cock into my pussy that was already wet and lubricated from Dave’s big cum load, and I could hardly believe how tight he was in me. The friction was amazing as he buried his cock in my sloppy, wet pussy, and I knew he was all the way in when I felt his big balls swing against my ass. Jimmy lasted a long time with me sucking him, but after 15 minutes he finally held my head firmly in place as he pumped a huge load of bitter cum into my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his semen, and continued sucking him as his cock softened. Then, only a couple of minutes later, I could feel Dexter flooding my pussy with his cream. Both of them were happy with the sex I provided them, and I was soon on my way home.

I walked in the front door at home at about 10:00 pm, and Ed was sitting in his chair watching TV. I walked up to him with a big smile on my face and he said, “Holy fuck Tracy, I can smell your pussy and cum from those men from here, and I can see that your shorts are soaked with cum. Tell me all about it baby.”

It was fun slowly stripping off my t-shirt and shorts in front of Ed. He could see the cum from Dave and Dexter running down my inner thighs, and I lifted one leg up on the chair to give him and even better look. Then I said, “Okay Ed, now is your chance to see if you were serious about sucking my pussy clean of other men’s cum. I had a busy night with three men sucking milk from my breasts, giving a blowjob, and two men with very big cocks fucking me bareback and filling me with cum. Hell, I made $330 tax free tonight, just for a little over an hour’s work. So come on baby, bury your face in my sloppy cunt and taste what those men pumped into me.”

He just sat there staring at my cum-wet pussy as I got up on the chair with my knees on the arms, which put my cunt right in front of his mouth. He hesitated for a moment and then leaned in to lick the cum from my thighs. Then he covered my thick, swollen labia with his mouth and started sucking. The feeling of him sucking me and his tongue scooping out that thick cum was amazing, and knowing how nasty it was for him to be eating the cum from other men for the first time, was overwhelming. I had a huge orgasm while he was sucking me, and for the first time ever I ejaculated my own juices into his mouth.

When I was clean and he had his fill of sucking me, he sat back in his chair and said, “Oh fuck baby that was amazing. I can tell from the way your pussy was swollen and stretched how big those cocks must have been, and your sweet pussy must have felt very good to them. We can talk about this more if you want, but as far as I’m concerned; you can keep sucking and fucking those men from the truck stop. It’s hard to believe that you can make that much money that quickly, and I’ll bet that you will make a lot more on some nights. I just love knowing that those men enjoyed your tits, pussy and mouth like that.”

The remainder of the week was a very active time for me after work. I was being propositioned at least eight times on every shift, and I made arrangements to meet with an average of four of them each night, sometimes with two men at once. As I anticipated, most of the men wanted to suck milk from my tits, and almost everyone wanted me to suck them and fuck them with no condom. I even had a chance to team-fuck four men with Kelsey in a motel room next to the truck stop, and we made a good team. Those drivers really liked being with young and pretty girls like us, instead of some of the other whores working the trucks. As the days and weeks passed, it seemed like more and more drivers were coming to the diner and asking to be seated in my section.

During the third week of me being active fucking those truckers, Kelsey came to me with some interesting information. She said, “Tracy I’ve got to tell you something. I think you know that I listen to certain CB channels all of the time, and that’s how I make a lot of my connections with the drivers. Well, lately I have heard a lot of chatter on the CB about this truck stop, this diner, and specifically your name. Many of the drivers are talking about you and how pretty you are and how good the sex is with you, and especially sucking milk from your huge breasts. Of course they have to choose their words carefully on the air, but that is what they are really saying. It’s almost like you are famous now. This helps explain the increase in customers wanting to sit in your area. But while it’s good to have that kind of popularity, I think you still need to be careful. It’s not really good for everyone to know what you are doing here after work, since it is prostitution.”

After Kelsey’s comments I started to pay more attention to the number of diner customers sitting in my area, and it was actually embarrassing. Some of the other waitresses were just standing around and watching me work my ass off with all of those customers. And as you might expect, the diner manager, Lamont, noticed this as well. One evening he asked me to stop by his office after my shift, so I had to reschedule some of my appointments with the truckers. Lamont is a handsome, tall black guy about 50 years old and he had always been fair with me, so I didn’t think I was in trouble with him.

I knocked on his door and went into his private office, and he was sitting behind his desk shuffling some papers. Then he smiled and looked up at me and said, “Please have a seat Tracy. You have been doing a great job for us here, and we can’t help but notice how much in demand you are with our customers. Since you’ve been here our volume has increased twenty-five percent, and most of it is due to you. I recently talked to a few of the customers to try to find out what was going on, and their responses were very interesting. They even let me listen to some of the CB chatter, and it seems that you are very much in demand for your activities with the drivers at night after your shift.”

I was getting nervous and worried that I was in trouble so I said, “Lamont, I’m so sorry if you are unhappy with me, but I was just trying to make a little extra money. Please let me know what I can do to make this right.”

He smiled at me and said, “I think you misunderstand me Tracy, you aren’t in trouble at all. In fact, I like what you’ve been doing, and want to share in it. You have given us a lot more business which benefits you and me, and you having this job has allowed you to make a good second income. Now I’m a married man, but my wife hasn’t been receptive to sex for years, so you might say that I have needs. So what I would like is for you to take care of my needs whenever I ask, and I will ensure that you keep this lucrative and safe working environment. What do you say Tracy, can we work together on this? I’m a big man in many ways, and I think you’ll enjoy it. You can easily make this right by providing me your services free.”

Lamont’s proposal seemed fair to me, and I had not yet had the opportunity to suck and fuck a black cock. It wasn’t like fucking him would be against my morals or anything. So without saying a word, I got out of my chair, locked his office door, pushed his chair back from the desk, and got on my knees in front of him. He looked down at me smiling as I rubbed his hardening cock in his pants and then unbuckled his belt and unzipped him. I then helped him lower his pants to his ankles, and I was rewarded with the sight of his huge, uncircumcised, black cock, and his strong musky scent. He has to be 11 inches long and as thick as a coke can, and his huge egg-sized balls were hanging over the edge of the chair in his hairy black scrotum. I leaned in and sucked the foreskin and head into my mouth, but I couldn’t fit much of him in due to his size. So I moved down to suck his balls and scrotum, and then moved up and down his shaft sucking and licking he rubbery skin.

After a few minutes sucking and licking him this way, he said, “Fuck Tracy, you are doing a great job on my cock and balls just like those drivers said, but I need to suck those big tits and fuck you now. So come on up on my lap baby.”

I quickly stripped off my t-shirt and shorts and straddled his lap. He immediately started sucking my breasts and the milk started flowing, as I lowered my wet cunt down on his massive cock. This was definitely the biggest cock I had ever fucked, and I slowly worked my way down until he was all the way in me and I was sitting on his balls. If I hadn’t been fucking those other big-cocked men for the last few weeks, I would never have been able to take him all the way like that. Then I started moving up and down on him as he swiveled his hips into me, and I knew that it would be a great picture seeing me impaled on his fuck meat. Lamont only lasted for a few minutes since he was already aroused from me sucking him and the thought of fucking my blonde cunt, and he soon held me all the way down on his cock, and I could feel his cum spraying into my cervix.

As Lamont’s cock softened and I lifted myself off of him, he said, “Fuck Tracy, that was the best fuck I’ve ever had, and I’m looking forward to doing this with you pretty much every day. Maybe you can come to work a little early every day to take care of me, and that way I won’t interrupt your after-shift schedule. And that way you can enjoy having my cum in your pussy for your whole shift. Some of the customers might even smell it and get turned on. All of those guys were right about what a hot piece of ass you are. Now you better clean up my cum dripping out of you before you go out to the trucks.”

I was pulling my shorts on and said, “I will enjoy fucking your huge cock everyday Lamont. I guess what they say about black men and their cocks is true. You are the first black man I’ve fucked; I’ve never before had a cock that huge in me. And don’t worry about the mess you left in me. My first customer usually likes sloppy seconds when he can get it, and he’ll probably even suck your cum out of me before he fucks me. If I tell him that it came from my black boss, he’ll want it even more. Some of the other girls have told me that even some of the biggest, racist rednecks, just love black cocks for some reason.”

Since the drivers were passing the word about me, I was getting more and more cock. When I first started I might only suck and fuck for an hour or so, but now I was with those men until 11:00 pm or later on some nights. I was making at least $400 per night, and sometimes much more, and was averaging maybe $600 per night. This is about five times what I was making at the plant, and it is all tax free.

It was interesting watching Ed as he became more and more submissive to me and all of that cum I was feeding him. He seemed to be addicted to it, and I even started bringing home any used condoms full of cum for him to eat after he cleaned my pussy. It was amazing watching him untie the knots in the condoms, and watching that pearly white goo ooze into his mouth. It got to the point that he would rather suck the cum of other men from my pussy than fuck me. One night I was in a truck just finishing fucking a driver with a condom on, and he wondered why I was tying a knot in it and putting it in my purse.

I answered him saying, “It might sound a little sick to you, but my husband loves to clean my pussy with his mouth when I get home, and he even likes for me to bring him the used condoms to drain into his mouth.”

The driver said, “Damn, that is one sick fucker. And if he’ll eat all of that cum, I’d bet that he’ll suck cocks for you too. Maybe you should invite him to join you on nights when you are fucking guys who aren’t too homophobic.”

I talked to Ed about what that driver said, and I was surprised when he said, “It’s funny that you should bring that up. I’ve been thinking about asking you to let me join you some nights. I’d like to see what it’s like to eat the cum from your pussy when it’s fresh, and it wouldn’t be that big of a leap to suck cock too.”

Ed did start to join me on some nights. I would call him when I had a customer who wanted him there, and it was fun watching him suck cocks and swallow cum, when the other men were there to tease him about it and calling him a cock sucker. But he didn’t care, and he became more enthusiastic at sucking cock than I am.

The amount of sucking and fucking that I was doing was pretty extreme, and it was only a matter of time before I attracted the attention of law enforcement. This was especially true due to all of the CB chatter about me. One evening I was working my tables and two sheriff’s deputies sat in my section. After I served them, one of the deputies said, “You really provide good service Tracy, and from what we hear on the CB radio and from talking to some of the drivers, it seems that you also provide good service after your shift. Now don’t get scared, we aren’t here to bust you. We just wanted to see if you would provide a little good will sex for the officers who keep you safe at night. You can just consider it a cost of doing business.”

To make a long story short, I was happy to suck and fuck the deputies for free whenever they wanted it, and in return they maintained a more visible presence at the truck stop, which made it safer for me and the other girls. So I have been able to continue my waitress job and prostitution to this day, and Ed and I are more than financially secure. I have to admit that I have lost some of my respect for Ed, but I guess it could be worse than having a husband who loves me without question, and is happy to serve me in any way I desire.

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