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Work Brought Home

Please read part one, Bringing Your Work Home, first.
Kathryn pulled into her drive way tingling with excitement. She had just had a sexual affair with her coworker and had done so guilt free because she had done it at her husband’s request. She was still nervous though. Wanting something and the reality were two different things. Now she had to tell her husband she had not only been fucked, but that her lover wanted to thoroughly cuckold him by making him lick her cum-filled pussy. 

She got out of the car and felt the cool autumn air reach under her skirt and tease the damp panties that held her lover's juices inside. Her nipples of course stood erect with the cool air, helped of course by the fact that Kathryn had pinched them mercilessly on the way home trying to recreate the feeling of John’s wicked little paperclip nipple clamps.

Kathryn walked into the house and called out to Dennis, “Honey, I’m home!”

Dennis’s voice came out of the den, “In here!”

Of course he was, thought Kathryn. He spent hours each day working on his wooden ship hobby.

She poked her head in and said, “Honey, I asked John about that little fantasy you have been wanting. If you want to know what he said then meet me in the bedroom naked in two minutes. And, honey, please think of something else, I don’t need you shooting off prematurely before we are finished.”

With that she turned for the bedroom and began to strip of her blouse and bra, leaving a trail of clothes behind her that she knew Dennis would pick up later, the little bitch. She left only her panties on as she didn’t want to spoil the surprise. She could hear the mad scramble as he jumped out of his chair and began to franticly do as she asked.

Sure enough, within two minutes he was standing before her stark naked. Dennis wasn’t a bad looking man. His penis always looked a bit comical until it started to harden as it looked like a round ballsack with a head about an inch long. Sure that inch would grow to about five but it never seemed to stay there long before it would erupt and Dennis would be done. However he was in okay shape for middle age and he was eager to please.

“On the bed, honey. I think you need to be restrained for this one,“ she said.

Dennis sat on the bed and lay back, and Kathryn reached into the night stand to pull out a small belt of leather with snaps on it. She carefully slipped it under Dennis’s balls and slid the smaller opening over the little cock head, then snapped the main band as tightly as it would go. This band helped keep Dennis from cumming too quickly as it basically squeezed off the cock. The added bonus was it trapped all the blood in his member and allowed it to get as big as possible, and Kathryn was going to use that to her advantage.

Kathryn knelt on the floor and slowly ran her tongue across Dennis’s balls. He moaned and his cock began to grow just a bit.

She looked up at him and Dennis folded a pillow so he could see down to her. “I asked John about the threesome you have wanted, and his answer is a little unexpected.”

Dennis’s face drooped a little and his cock began to shrink as he assumed the answer was no.

“He liked the idea, baby, it is just that how it progresses is probably a little beyond what you anticipated,” Kathryn said before using her tongue to tease the tip of his cock, knowing he would begin to grow again.

And grow he did, quickly gaining what had been lost and more.

Kathryn sucked the head in just briefly and pulled the cock out with suction, coaxing it on before continuing.

“He will join us, baby, but I am certain it is just so that he can have me,“ she purred.

At that statement, Dennis’s shaft pulsed, quickly gaining a third inch.

Kathryn stood up and kneeled on the bed. “As a matter of fact, baby, he insisted on taking me immediately.” With that she swung her leg over Dennis’s head, forcing him to look at her soaking wet panties. She reached back and pulled them to the side so he could see the cum deep inside her.

“He also insisted that you help clean me up, baby, so stick out your tongue and help get John’s baby juice out of your wife’s pussy.”

Looking back she saw her little cuckold’s tongue come out to receive her lover's cum. She looked down and saw that his little cock was bigger than it had ever been and was actually a little purple with his excitement. She sat back and buried Dennis’s face in her sloppy pussy. Dennis licked and sucked like a man possessed. Kathryn could actually see his cock pulsing with excitement and knew he must be in agony to release.

Kathryn rolled off and quickly shucked her panties. She straddled her husband and slid his cock into her well fucked pussy. The possibilities of what their sex life would be from here forward flashed through her head and she knew she needed to cum. The tight band that prevented her husband from doing so was straining and Dennis himself was gasping in a mix of pain and pleasure.

Kathryn rode his shaft and rubbed her own clit trying to hurry so he wouldn’t suffer long. She exploded in pleasure and quickly after slid off and knelt again on the floor. She paused a second knowing he would wait for her and she suddenly realized she loved the control.

Kathryn bent forward and licked her lover's cum from the sides of her husband’s cock.

Dennis groaned in misery and Kathryn knew she had to let him cum. She teased his balls with her tongue and reached up and popped the snap on the restraint.

Dennis’s shaft erupted with a long ropey strand of cum that shot up landing on Dennis’s face. Another followed hitting him in the chin and then a few more coating his chest.

Kathryn had never seen him cum so strongly. She turned around and lay back on the bed, and told Dennis he wasn’t finished.

Kathryn growled as he dove deep into her pussy and began to lick every crevice clean. Kathryn thought of John and had two more small orgasms as she imagined the future.

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