By Lilly

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Tags: love, sex, orgasm, need

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My body is aching
with lust for yours,
the feel, the touch,
the heat of you.

Our naked selves
pressing together,
one body beginning
where the other ends.

Desire radiating and pulsing,
making my heart race.
Every nerve burning raw
with a lust never before felt.

Your hungry mouth
pressing against mine.
Our tongues dancing
to music only we hear.

I willfully lose myself
to this lovely melody,
an animal craving
the taste of your skin.

Kissing every inch
of your inviting body,
desire now weeping
from my very core.

Overcome with desire,
in the swell of this hunger
I feel your manliness,
the hard shaft of your cock.

My lower lips wet and swollen
full of anticipation of you.
Finally, you penetrate me as I inhale,
our breathing ragged and insatiable.

Your cock fills all of me,
finally completing me.
Our bodies become one body,
nothing separating the two of us.

Every thrust claiming me,
my body no longer my own.
Thrusting, groaning, begging
as your passion erupts inside me.

My body contorting in ecstasy,
primal sounds of climax as
our consummation ripples through me,
my self no longer mine alone.

Spent, you rock yourself
so gently inside me.
My hunger slowly quieted,
the animals inside of us finally sleep.