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Deviant Diva ( A Divine Medley )

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I know you're checking me out
From behind
And I don't mind
No, I don't mind

You're mentally trying me
On for size
To see if I'm your type
If I am your kind

It's your lucky day
Because I'm quite the catch
If I say so myself
A lucky find

I know what you're thinking
Like an open book
Skip to the ending
I can read your mind

And you just can't seem to quit it

You're losing all self control
With every passing minute

Wondering what it would be like
To take me back to your hood

Back to your crib to


I may be no diva like Beyonce
But I can sure make it bounce
Pound for pound in the bedroom
Honey, I'm worth every ounce

Unlike that Shania Twain
She only says she feels like a woman
Sugar, get under the sheets with me
And there won't be any question

I ain't no Latin amazon like Shakira
But I can surely make it shake
With the rhythm and motion of the ocean
I got what it would take

Like Queen Latifah
I'm more woman than
You could ever possibly handle

And that Lil Kim's
Got nothin' on me
These are way more than a handful

I'm a pleaser
I ain't no teaser
Like that exhibitionist, Janet Jackson

You just keep ckeckin
Your rear view mirror
For all this backseat cushion action

If you want it
Come and get it
Don't be shy
Make your move
In order to bump
And grind this rump
You've got to
Get into my groove

Workin it forward and backward
Workin it up and down
Workin it to the left and right
My titties swirling around and around

Com'on Baby
Ounce for ounce
Pound for pound
Bounce for bounce

Com'on Honey
Bump and grind and
Hump this rump
I don't mind

No, I don't mind
You checking me out
From behind

I hope you're enjoying
Those scenarios
Playing out in your mind

No, I don't mind
You thinkin of doin' it with me
Making me whimper and squeal
Like I was Mariah Carey

No, I don't mind
You imagining we're doin' it
Doggie style
And I'm J-Lo paddling away from you
During an olympic quarter mile

No, I don't mind you imagining
That I am Hillary Duff
As you dive like a submarine
Into my dark chocolate muff
Or that I am Britney Spears
As we do it standing up
While I cling to your ears
Or how bout that freaky chick Pink
As you're tapping my pipes
On the kitchen sink?

No, I don't mind being
Your deviant diva

I'll be anyone you want, do anything to please

Just as long as you let me be
Your deviant diva

I'll do whatever it takes, get down on my knees

Just as long as you make me
Your deviant diva

Deviant Diva
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