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Do To Me

Do To Me

To my lover...
This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen.

Strike a match.

Kindle the little lantern. Banish the ugly hum of humanity’s obnoxious glare, and leave the little watchlight of flame flickering.

Leave only the soft burning heat that seeps over and around us both, caressing the outer limits of our nakedness and searching the hidden valleys and shadowed curves that promise secret beloved dreams made manifest.

Stretch out for me from behind me; breathe upon my shoulders, below you but reaching for you. Blow your cool breath across me, raising my hair on end in ticklish fright and happy delight.

Run your fingers through it; tresses of rich dark gold in the copper flickering of the room.

I feel your heated fingers soaking through my scalp, the burn sending out thrills of icy feathers trickling down me, trilling whispers of white hot shivers down me, entwining streams of desire down me, down, and down through to touch my earthly inner self, my sacred self, my central self; my self belongs to you.

Ease me sideways down, love, slide me down to comfort. Stroke me, languid and soft, love, kiss me down to peace. Hold me close and seek, love, I turn my mouth for yours. Enter me deep and velvet, love, beckon my heart to waken. Call my soul to float gentle, love, melt me and shape me. I’m yours.

Wrap your arms like liquid around my naked form; touch me lengthways, touch me subtle; touch me gently or hard, no rebuttal. Press your front to my back, leg to leg, sex to roundness, roundness to arch, chest to blades, lips to curve of neck and bite me, pain me, stab me, needle me, cut me with fiery passion and blow me better with gentle rains of soft lips that now sheath the teeth which hunger for more.

Pull my shoulder towards you, raising a finial-tipped temple to the flicker licks of light and the flicker licks of your mouth. Worship with your hands, your mouth, your being. Suckle at my haloed tip and make me cry for relief and rest but more, now less, now more.

Fingers on my hip now, feathering softly with a teasing touch turning; bring me to sway sideways, irresponsibly I need you, desperately yearning. Take your mouth from my breast now and breathe down my ribs; kiss gently, bite violent, suck softly, lick silent. Turn me flat with arm stretched across; lean in and kiss to angel-touched dip, and down to where you want to drink deep.

Stare passion, stare hunger, stare longing and need, stare lust and desires and increasing greed. Rise up and slide your hands either side, as I moan for you softly, and groaning, I cry.

Forearms pinning curving hips to the spot as your knees part my legs and your mouth breathes molten. Bring your lips down to mine, rejoicing in the star-shadowed dew on the close-cropped lawn that is soaked with need of you. Breathe in the honeyed scent of liquid candlelight and smile. Smile at me with pain of wanting, pain of need and hopes and fears, pain of sadness the moments can’t last and love me through those tears.

Now rise, my love, already risen, already risen tall and strong. Rise and greet me, mouth on mouth, we’ll call the sun to dawn. As you rise to meet me, mouth trails its way, shoulder past belly, past ribs, past breast, now shoulder to shoulder and mouth on mine; it’s time, love, it’s time, love, to make me wholly yours.

Slide yourself between me, so gently, soft, so true, so tender. Rain on me your kisses so my senses overflow and I lose myself in your joy of me, and in me, and …. I sigh… almost within me…

Slide up to kiss my hidden secret… slide down to tease my hidden core… slide up… slide round… slide down… and…

Mine. You become mine as you claim me, as you slide into me, as you fill me slowly, softly, slickly, darkly, warmly, hotly, burning desires that push up to meet the underneath of my heart, that pull away teasing and making me arch myself towards you for more as you fuck me so tender and fuck me much more than I dreamed could be possible, than I dreamed could be right; make this madness, desire, this chaotic night last forever and pull me to hell’s edge and tease me with flame of molten desires like a framework of pain that can’t hurt me but brings me release as you move and increase and get bigger and huge and then slam inside deeply whilst seeking relief and our heads are thrown back in agonised joy as you fuck me and fill me with infinite treasure which spills from me sliding like ropes of hot pearls mixed with opals of moonlight adorning short curls and now easing their way down to soak in the sheets as your weight pushes on me in spasmodic beats…

And you sigh…

I cry for joy and for fear and desires sated and for love of you in me and on me and with me.

And now sleep, my love. Sleep.


And when you wake, you will tell me.

What shall I do to you?


Author’s Note: I love to play with words and sounds and rhythms that mix my emotions (and sometimes others’). I purposely haven’t structured this poem although some parts of it seem to be. It echoes my overriding need to be ordered and passionately correct, but is coloured with awkwardness and things that just don’t quite fit right. You may not like how I have written this, but it truly does reflect the person that I am and how I come across in person as well as in the written word.

Sometimes, our fantastical desires never fit what the world’s realities and rules demand of us. Therefore, it could be wrong of us to expect them to.

This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © Copyright ©2015 Daisy Shylass. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed without prior permission. Please be respectful of my intellectual property.

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