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Erotic Wenches

The wenches have fun as Captain watches.

Our tongues glide across each other's mouths.

Hungry for each other, we taste.

Our mighty Captain watches in lust.

As we kiss deeply, holding tight.

Pushing your head back, I lick your neck.

You moan and pinch my nipples.

Nibbling your ear, as I hear the Captain grunt.

“On with it wenches!” We hear him bellow.

The clothing we have on, falls to the floor.

I take your hand, we climb in bed.

You on bottom, me on top.

We kiss deeply, as we moan.

I slide down your body.

Opening up your luscious legs.

Kissing, licking, and sucking.

You moan, twitch and pull my hair.

Your juices taste like sweet peaches.

My tongue darting in and out.

Faster, harder, sucking deeper.

You moan, wiggle and giggle.

The Captain watching as we play.

Flicking my tongue back and forth.

Tasting your pussy, clit, and ass.

Your legs twitch, I know you're close.

I stop as I hear the Captain moan.

“Aye, Captain what say ye to seeing a 69?”

“Aye, wench get on with it then!”

Straddling your face, lowering my pussy.

Your tongue wastes no time.

Licking, biting my clit.

Leaning over you, I suck your clit hard.

You moan in my pussy.

Plunging two fingers, deep into you.

I feel your fingers, plunge deep into me.

Faster, slower, harder, and deeper.

Both of us moaning and wriggling.

My body shakes, your tongue darts.

Lifting my head, crying out.

My orgasm rolls over, like a wave.

You hear me cum, you shake underneath me.

My thumb rubbing your clit.

You squirt in my mouth.

My tongue laps up your juices.

As your tongue does the same.

We each pull our fingers out of each other's pussies.

Shoving them into one another's mouths.

Moaning, licking, slurping, until our fingers clean.

The Captain grunts his aproval.

We get up from the bed.

Walk up to the Captain.

Bending as we kiss him.

He smacks us both hard on the ass.

“ Good, sassy, wenches ye be!”

“Aye, Captain that we be!”

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