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I Know What You Want

You want me...
This poem only available on Lush Stories.

I don’t need to look into your eyes to see your soul, boy.
I close my own.
I hear your words oozing into me,
The hot, sticky pre-cum-laden juices
Overflowing from me with hot passions.
Deep words thrust deeper
Into my aching pussy
And make me moan and scream
With the pleasure you plunge into me,
Your hands sliding over me,
Kneading my breasts and
Your hot, panting mouth
Sucking my rock-hard nipples.
Our sweat mingles and trickles between us,
Streams and rivulets of pure lust soaking the sheets.
I know you want me,
To stare at my hot, naked form
Writhing on the bed, the floor, the table,
Everywhere you want me;
Any way you want me;
Every hole I have is gaping for you to fuck me.
I hear you scatter starry words of intimate splendour
Like the beads of my sweat that you lust to see me shine with
And I know what you want.
You want to fuck me hard and deep and fast.
You want me on my knees before you,
With your cock pumping deep in my throat,
Your hands pulling my hair and forcing yourself in
So that I can barely breathe with the joy
Of choking on your hard, pulsing dick.
You want me flipped over with my ass in your face,
Tonguing my holes and grabbing
Handfuls of my sweaty, juice-slick flesh.
You want your face pushed into my cunt and
All your words of beauty and depth and spiralling whispers
That melt my soul and spin it up into the velvet stars
Tell me that you want this.
You want me and I will pursue you until you give me
What I know you want to pump me full of.
Fuck me, boy, because I know it’s what you want,
And I want it badly.
I know it’s what you want because I read it in your words.

And then I open my eyes,
And I look into your soul,
And suddenly..




And all you wanted was to touch my heart,
And maybe hold hands for a while,
And keep your distance.

I missed seeing the heart of a man
Because I dreamed of the lust-ridden boy that doesn’t exist.

This poem only available on Lush Stories.
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