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My Toy

My Toy

a little bit of fun
Playing with my toy once a day,

Brings happiness and laughter in many ways.

Stripping down to my glorious skin, 

Clothes just thrown around in the Motor Inn.

Smoothing my body with my trembling hands,

These glorious curves are no ones lands.

Finger to lips to shush the moaning sound,

As I glance in the mirror without a frown.

Enjoying the sensation of my touch,

Breasts swelling, hardening, darkening a smudge.

Gently twisting, turning nipples with play,

Wishing for lips to come, bite, suck and stay.

Glancing at the bottle of lube, fallen from my bag,

Smiling, who needs it? Oops, I don't mean to brag.

Music drifting through the air,

Swaying hips dancing without a care.

A tug, the nipple speared with a sharp little pain,

Sensations shiver throughout my body, pleasuring the brain.

Slick, creamy, wetness with ease between the thighs,

Anticipation does the deed, for the body wants to feel its high.

Breathless and anxious, my toy appears in my hand,

Button on, slight vibration, steely hardness as I plan.

Moving over and kneeling on the bed, 

Dipping my fingers deep instead.

One finger deep in and one finger out,

Oh how my tight little pussy wants to shout.

Two fingers in, stretching, scissoring, giving pleasure,

Moaning in delight, for this is my one leisure.

Moving my toy over my breasts,

Nipples harder at my body's request.

Wet fills my hand below,

Waiting is over, let's give it a go.

Trailing down those generous curves, 

Vibrating ripples, anticipation along my nerves.

Slowly holding my toy to my clit,

Joyous sounds I do admit.

Fingers in deep, shivers abound,

Orgasm hits as pleasures astound.

Breathing in deep, I slowly insert,

Oh my, was that a little squirt?

Pulsating within brings a tightness and throbbing need,

Climax building, heat rises, lips open, breathless indeed.

Twisting, turning the handle with care,

Clit stimulator turned towards the rear.

Fingers nipping, rubbing my clit with a little force,

Panting harder as my toy moves in and out, as the main course.

Muscles tense, body becoming fully alert, 

Breath held while hands continue to exert.

A loud shout, groan and moans fill the room,

As the flood comes from my very aroused womb.

Body relaxing, breathing of contentment can be heard, 

The toy to my lips, tasting myself, sensations are stirred.

Playing with my toy, I am always thinking of you,

Maybe next time you will cum and play with me too.

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