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he wants you

"I want you now," he whispered

as his hot breath brushed away the hair

on your neck and his lips kissed your skin.


"I want you now," he whispered

as his fingers pulled aside your hair

and he nibbled his way up and into

your ear.


"I want you now," he whispered

as his teeth took your earlobe and

gently bit down and again his hot breath

brushed lightly against your skin.


"I want you now," he whispered

as his body pressed against yours

and his hard cock pushed urgently

against your ass in the tight black dress.


"I want you now," he whispered

in your ear as his hands fell down

to your hips and he grabbed the edges

of your dress.


"I want you now," he growled

as he slid the dress upward, sawing it

side-to-side to above your hips

to your waist where it stayed,

exposing you to him.


"I want you now," he said huskily

between his gritted teeth as he reached

down and released his cock and you felt the

hot slap of it against your bare ass.


"I want you now," he commanded as you

braced on the sofa and rose up on your toes

and his throbbing cock slid inside

of your hot, wet, pussy.


"I want you now," he yelled out as

he reached up and pulled the top of your

dress so hard that the straps ripped and

your breasts bounced free.


"I want you now," he said confidently

as his hands roughly grabbed your

swinging breasts and gently pinched and twisted

each nipple at exactly the same time.


"I've got you now, " he grunted as seconds

turned to minutes and minutes grew longer

with each thrust of his thick cock into

your pussy with you feeling your wetness increase

allowing him to put more effort into his actions

until the build-up was evident.


"I've got you, now!" he growled and you could

feel his cock swell as his hot juices

spurted deep inside of you

with each powerful thrust

and you felt your body lose control.


"I've got you now, " he whispered

protectively as you collapsed and

your body shook repeatedly with

the tremors racing through you.


"I've got you now," he whispered

again and again, as he brushed away

the wet hair from your neck and blew

cool air across your skin.


"I've got you now," he said with a rush

of his breath as he picked you up and took

you to the bed, gently laying you down

with your breasts bare and damp with

moisture,  your dress still hiked

above your waist, your pussy still trembling

and leaking his cream down the soft, smooth skin

of your inner thighs.


"I've got you now," you giggle as he falls into the bed,

rolling on top of you as you spread your legs as

once again he enters your body.




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