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Private Dancer

She worked
Her way

Crawling slowly towards him on hands and knees
Lowly body illuminated in the neon cage

Tantalized by her candy apple red
Lingerie strip tease
Quietly he sat all by his lonesome
In a booth greeting the runway stage

Music blaring from the speaker system overhead

She climbed
In a manner serpentine
Grinding the shimmering metallic pole
Much like an unrequited lover

While the many others were mentally masturbating
Her Mystery Man
Perhaps a secret agent undercover?
Was not

Rather than lazily dipping a toe
Into the shallow cesspool about them
Currently teeming with tits and asses

She felt his unseen eyes seeking out hers
Peering from behind darkly tinted glasses

Wading deeper
Deeper into her soul
Going down on her
Until he was is in way over his head

In merely a matter of seconds

An eternity passes

The latest song suddenly began
Seemingly faster than the last one ended
Shapely rearended, bending over
Pussy brielfy beckoning no one in particular
She slipped back into her evening attire
Soon back in the dressing room
Stuffing her bulging purse
Time to retire for the night

In the soft neon glowlight of the girlie show
Tight waisted waitresses and tipsy patrons
Stumbling through aisles, navigating
The blacklit carnival maze

Where she almost made it to the door
Stride coming to a halt right along side
That man
Meeting his gaze
Penetrating the waftings of cigar smoke

Haze dispersing about two weathered fingers
Clenching a solitary bill
Deftly retrieved from his palm

An amount greater than a single night's work
Certainly worth giving out one last thrill
Even if he was a jerk
Though she suspected he was far from such

Accepting his unspoken proposal
She led him through a beaded curtain
By the hand into a more private area
Motioned for him to be seated
In the calm eye of the storm
Surrounded by decadent hysteria
Explaining he could look all he wanted
He just wasn't allowed to touch
And there was something unsettling about
The way he sat in the chair
As if .....

Another tune began to jam
To which she started swaying her luscious hips
Caressed her hands along sheer fabric covered breasts
Licking red painted lips
Ready to straddle his lap
She hesitated

Dumbfounded in genuine surprise

For behind the pair of shaded round windows
She could more clearly see now
His white glazed unblinking eyes

Shuddering, she began to withdraw
When he reached for her arm
Taking her firm, but gingerly at the wrist
Saying, Darling, I mean you no harm

Drawn gently into his lap
She did little to resist
Innocent, like a little kid
With childlike sincerity she blurted out,
How sad that you couldn't even see my show!

he replied,
My sight is not completely whole
Though your beauty is not the only thing
I came here to get to know

Drawing her closer
He raspingly whispered in her ear,
What I truly desire
Is to have you all to myself
Your entire body, mind and soul

With that being said, he reared back his head
Mouth opening into a gaping black abyss
Out lunged a leathery tongue
Long enough to snake in and out of her lung
And they embraced in a twisted French kiss

Moments later the couple departed
Disappearing through the lounge's back door
And to this very day
He remains the only one she privately dances for

No longer lonely anymore the Devil is
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