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“Stay still now,” he whispers with a cheeky smile.
She quivers slightly, but nods,
Trying to follow his wish.
Slowly he runs his hands down her body,
Over her thighs, firmly part them wide.
Blushingly she tries to close them,
Feeling too exposed in the lit room.
“I said stay still,” he says, holding her back.
She whimpers softly, but does as told,
Embarrassed to feel her juices slowly drip,
Knowing her desire is on open display,
There is nowhere for her to hide.

He watches her intently,
Growling in the back of his throat as he sees her wetness.
Letting a finger trace her slit,
Her juices coat it and he brings it to her lips.
“The sweetest of nectars, my love,” he whispers
His cock aching as she licks the offered finger.
Using his thumbs, he parts her pussy,
Mesmerized by the pink beauty hiding within.
Slowly teasing, exploring, her clit starts to show,
Peaking out from its hiding place.
He can’t hold back any longer,
Leaning down, greedily starting to lick his treasure.

She sees the dark hunger in his eyes,
Moaning softly, struggling to stay still,
The sensual attack making it almost impossible.
Her feelings of embarrassment long lost,
She can do nothing but accept his attention,
It clouds any other senses,
He is all that exist in her world right now,
His tongue exquisitely taking her higher and higher.
As he adds a finger in her core,
Her vision goes blank, there is nothing but ecstasy.
Waves and waves shooting through her,
She trembles, spasms, flooding him with her sweetness.

He drinks every drop her body offers,
Watching her overcome by her orgasm,
Her flushed checks, light film of moistness on her skin,
Trembling, gasping, fisting the sheets,
He can think of nothing more breath-taking,
His animal lusts taking control.
With a throbbing cock, he plunges in.
Her warm tightness welcoming him.
Taking her mouth with his,
He starts with long, deep strokes,
Her hips falling into his rhythm,
Their bodies starting an erotic dance.

She gasps as his cock fills her,
Clinging to him, digging her nails into his back.
He strokes her still quivering walls,
Throwing her back into a desperate need.
Arching, pressing into him,
She wants to pull him in,
Have his seed fill her deep.
Their movements grow in urgency,
He holds back nothing, his hunger driving him wild.
She spins out of control into orgasm
And he falls along with her, exploding,
Marking her core with his essence of life.

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