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The Riding Crop

An older woman tries to use S&M to get back at a girl

She stood before me, eyes facing the floor
Legs crossed, I sat, and said, “My little whore...”
Submissive and demure, she nodded yes
Hands playing with the hem of her short dress

I sat back with my glass of Rosé wine
I grinned and sipped; this Minnie Minx was mine.
It tickled me the way she acquiesced,
When I told her to quickly get undressed.

One strap over her shoulder, down it slid
A bony shoulder blade no longer hid
Next strap over her left, I told her “Faster!”
The dress went wiggling down quick for her master.

Two perky nipples I was pleased to see
I signaled her to bring them straight to me
She stepped off from her sandals, so she’d come
Barefoot and naked to this horny mum.

I sat up on the sofa, now to test
How much I can humiliate my guest.
With one quick gesture, she got on her knees
And crawled to me to see how she can please.

I kicked my heels off hard to make a sound
She flinched a little when it hit the ground
I held my foot to her lips and she kissed,
My toes, the sole, no inch of it was missed

The kisses turned to licks from toe to heel
I didn’t show how good it made me feel
Her tongue went up my ankle to my knee
I put my foot down, told her “Undress me.”

She rolled my maxi dress up to my waist
She pulled my panties down with little haste
She pried back ope my thighs and kissed the skin
Just kissed around in spirals, homing in

O how this waitress girl was now my pet,
This little dove ensnared inside my net
“Now eat, my sweet,” I said and she complied,
I held her head between my legs with pride.

She breathed into my tunnel, Ooh, I sighed
She licked the outside, Unh! I could’ve cried
Her tongue snaked into me, I was so wet
She hadn’t even reached that sweet spot yet.

I lifted her sweet face from my wet box
And slapped her silly with her goldilocks!
She looked confused as I took two more sips
Then ordered her back to my pussy lips.

She quivered there, some tears rolled down her cheek
But my, her fingers worked me to a peak!
I closed my eyes, enjoyed her fingering
“You’ve got some talent,” I said, “Nasty thing…”

But while I warned her, “Don’t you fucking stop!”
She didn’t see me grab the riding crop.
She knew I would—we’d talked of this online,
When she’d agreed to be this slave of mine.

She thought I was some wealthy cougar whom
She chanced to meet and now was in her room.
She didn’t know I knew she was the bitch
Who had my husband spellbound like a witch.

I held her o’er my knee, fistful of hair
I held the riding crop up in the air
I lashed at her behind with evil glee
Hoping to make her ass red as can be.

Her hands were flailing ‘round just like her thighs
And I delighted, hearing all her cries
For mercy, mercy, ha! I’ll show her mercy
The kind you get from Hera or Queen Cersei.

“Ow, ow” she whimpered while I whipped away
I said, “Shut up and earn your fucking pay!”
She cried, “Yes, ma’am,” and I loved hearing that
And “Thank you” when I gave her one last pat.

But then she grabbed me when I tried to stand,
And pulled me back, I didn’t understand
I raised my hand to punish her for that,
She caught and licked my fingers like a cat.

Her doe eyes stared at me and then she purred
A pleading, moaning sound, but not a word
Into my arms, I squeezed this slut, this tart,
Who nearly tore my man and I apart.

So taken by her subjugation, I
Said, “Girl, kiss me right now” (don’t ask me why)
I straddled her, her hands firm on my hips
She nestled ‘tween my legs and kissed my lips.

A lick, a slurp, our tongues were in a fight
Quick flicks, a swirl, she won with one last bite
I stared down at her face and God, those eyes
I pulled away not sure of this surprise.

She plopped down on the sofa next to me
Her baby-soft leg slung over my knee
She grinned at me, some mischief in her smile
And sucker-me was taken by her guile.

I slid my way down to her thighs and gave
Her pussy all the love that it could crave
But while I licked her sweet pink lollipop
Her hand was now holding the riding crop—Fuck!

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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