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The Whisper Of Erato

Tags: erotic, poem, erato
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Desire is the one true language that my ravenous tongue speaks upon your bare skin with...

Breathes in the scent, your need perfuming us, 
my tongue silent, yet circling and speaking.

Circling swollen nipples slowly, 
a soft moan as my mouth envelopes one, 
the vibration straight to your quickening heartbeat.

I perceive the presence beyond the carnal contact….

I sense the soul sparkling, 
melting like lava on my 
goosebump covered skin.

Drooling like wax, 
forming words and images 
only we can describe and understand…

There shall be no barriers here,
soul to soul, skin to skin ablaze.

My fingertips follow the fire 
coursing between your parted thighs, 
sliding deep within as we devour a kiss.

There is another language there, 
our moans becoming singular, 
one word, one note enjoined.

Rolling into each other in 
the most passionate travel
around the curves of our bodies, 
perfectly embedded, like puzzle pieces...

Blood filling our veins in perfect unison, 
following a primal rhythm made 
of drums and heart beats.

The beat thunders as we lock together, 
our hands clenched tight, 
tongues swirl in a battle 
we can't surrender,
thick throbbing flesh
piercing the tight slick core….

We listen so closely now.

The whisper of sensuality, 
the breath of pleasure 
refreshing our sizzling skins
our voices singing in perfect unison, 
chanting for the deeper core of lust.

Eyes in eyes, lost in the colorful rainbows 
of our inner, finally free spirits…

I want to remain there always, 
you forever impaled with me, 
sensing the endless throbs in each thrust, 
my voice only able to cry out your name, 
a speech so ancient, deeper than what 
we thought was possible.

This is where souls finally meet, 
the presence beyond contact 
that we always need, 
beg for with each motion and clench.

The universe starts spinning wildly around us, 
as we lay still into each other…

Flavors resting on our lips, 
while the words unite with them, 
screaming for more…

Exploding in our souls, together... 

It never felt so perfect... 
made by the stars….

Constellations searing into our collapsing bodies.

And even though we have erupted,
have claimed one another in ways
only we can understand, 
trembling in our afterglow,
there is still so much more to discover. 

So much in this one true language to learn.


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