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Woodland Dream

An old man realizes his dream of being stripped by mischievous spirits
In his mind's dream, in his favorite fantasy,
Victor was a young lad once again.
In truth, he was young in an old man's body.
But lingering dreams he would retain.

A woods-walkabout on a cool spring day,
A perfect setting for a C.F.N.M. game,
Found fertile ground for naughty role-play.
So Vic undressed without shame.

There was no one about, or so he thought.
He took off his shoes and socks.
Being bare footed was not all he sought,
So his shirt he left on some rocks.

So silent these woods he did find.
And so, he took a chance.
Leaving all sense and caution behind,
Victor now removed his pants.

Victor in only his green Jockey shorts
Walked away from his clothes.
Into deep woods he blithely cavorts
With adventure among the shadows.

In the woods Victor walked on unaware
Of nymphs, the mischievous kind,
And dryads who could simply lay bare
Minds and bodies of anyone they find.

So it was, on this May morning,
Victor was enchanted
And was caught with no warning
As his dearest wish was granted.

Terror and excitement abounded
As six female spirits appeared.
Victor found himself surrounded
By all he desired and feared.

Clothed in gossamer lace,
Six magic, impish girls
Move silently apace
As a charming game unfurls.

Caught wearing only underpants,
Victor felt an icy chill.
This ethereal circumstance
Left him bereft of will.

Fingers at his green shorts tore.
The fabric was ripped away.
Only loincloth now he wore.
In shreds on the ground cloth lay.

These woodland nymphs, like Pan,
Always have great fun
Playing with some foolish man
As an old man's mind's undone.

He wore a strip of cloth over groin
And no covering behind.
His other clothes they did purloin.
But Victor did not mind.

The cloth in front began to tent
As Vic was stimulated
He thought these nymphs meant
To leave him humiliated.

The pixies then asked to see
What made the cloth to rise.
"It's tented like some teepee"
"Show us!" one elf cries.

When made to pull his loincloth up,
Victor's cock did wiggle.
As best it could, it stood straight up.
Six grinning nymphs did giggle.

"We see the cloth is stained with dew",
One laughing elf did venture.
"Play with your cock, won't you?
Is this not your dream adventure?"

Shamelessly, he did not hesitate.
Victor gladly obeyed.
Into the cloth he did masturbate
And into their game he played.

Victor came in a great climax.
His loincloth, it was drenched
As his muscles did relax,
The cloth from him was wrenched.

The spirits then held his last shred
Of clothing. Then one did ask
Old Victor to raise his head
And perform just one more task.

"Into your mouth, the fabric shove
Please take your time to chew.
Savor that taste you surely love.
After all, it doth suit you."

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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