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Kate, Free

Kate’s routine night turns into a steamy adventure.

It was kind of a routine Friday night. Kate was bored. Out with her friends, she’d had a few drinks and felt like dancing, but the rest of the group was being lame. She knocked down the last of her drink, got up, and walked to the dance floor alone. She didn’t need anyone else. She was strong, independent, and saucy. She’d make her own fun.

For several moments, Kate closed her eyes, lost herself in the music, and let her body move and flow along with it. It felt good. The blood was flowing. The music was flowing. Kate was flowing. With a sixth sense, she felt eyes upon her and turned.

There was a guy in a booth, watching her. She felt it in her stomach. She felt invaded in a sense, but also intrigued. She liked it. He was definitely into her. She felt... sexy.

After the song ended, Kate walked over to the guy in the booth, and he asked if he could buy her a drink. She agreed and told him to bring it down the table in the corner, where she sat and waited. She thought of Matt, at home. He had encouraged her to be independent and adventurous. Not that she necessarily needed his encouragement or approval, but it felt good that he supported her independence. 

The guy arrived with the drink, and they talked. His name was Jack. The conversation was easy enough. Kate was enjoying herself. He wasn’t bad looking, he was definitely into her, and the way he looked at her sent goosebumps over her flesh. She felt damned sexy.

As they finished their drinks, Jack asked, “You don’t have any plans after this, do you?”

Kate eyed him for a moment, and said, “No.”

“Come home with me,” he said. It sounded almost as if he was telling her rather than asking her. And something deep down inside Kate liked that. It tugged at her.

“Give me your phone,” she said. When he did, she sent a text message to herself, to her friends, and to Matt, and turned on Find Friends so Matt and her friends would know where she was.

Kate couldn’t believe she was doing it when she texted Matt, “I’ll be late, babe.”

“Are you...?” Matt texted in response.

“You’ll find out when I get home,” Kate answered, smiling at herself as she teased him. She had a pretty good idea of what was about to happen, but she was not yet certain.

Jack ordered an Uber, and they rode to his place. Kate was a little hesitant when she entered and found it decorated with knight-heavy medieval decor. But Jack made it fun when he offered her a mesh helmet to try on, and she did. Kate was shocked at how heavy it was, and she nearly stumbled while wearing it. They laughed, and Kate told Jack she needed to use the restroom.

He pointed her through his bedroom, and she moved that way. She stopped in her tracks when she saw there was no door to the toilet room, which contained only a toilet, and one that looked like a throne, at that. “This guy...” she thought to herself.

As she pulled down her jeans to sit down, she turned to find Jack sitting right there on the bed.

“I’m going to watch you,” he said. Again, he didn’t ask. And again, it was weird, but it tugged at something inside Kate. She was complying. He was almost molding her, even if only for the evening.

As Kate finished peeing, Jack stood and approached, walking right to her. He undressed her. Right then and there. She was naked, bare, and vulnerable. As he kissed her, and her naked body sunk against him, his shirt came off, and then his pants, and Kate gasped. He was hung. What a cock. And it was going to be inside her. It was only a matter of time.

Suddenly, he lifted her and carried her to the bed. He kissed her hard, and turned her body, and kissed her and turned her again. His hands moved over his flesh and there was no question he was going to have his way with her. And Kate yearned for it.

Before she could complete that thought, Jack turned her over and thrust his rigid cock immediately into her. Deep. The sensation turned Kate inside out as she grunted and gasped for breath. He knew she wanted it. It seemed he had known even before she did, when he watched her dance.

And now his cock was driving repeatedly into her, and all Kate could do was hang on for dear life and absorb all of his powerful heat. Her naughty little pussy was gripping that thrusting dick greedily, squeezed tight around him, the friction sending racing waves of heat to the back of her skull and down to her pretty nude-painted toes. 

Abruptly, he pulled out of her, his fingers slid to the back of Kate’s neck, and he pulled her mouth to his cock.

“Suck it,” he said. Kate greedily complied, wanting to please him. 

What was this guy doing to her? 

Kate was outwardly independent, and yet he expertly found the slut inside her and coaxed it right to the surface. She licked the full length of his huge dick, tasting herself on him. 

She leaned over and grabbed her phone from the nightstand, took a picture of her lips wrapped around Jack’s cock, and texted it to Matt. While one part of her absolutely could not believe she was doing this, a larger part was deeply aroused by it. She sucked harder, thinking of how Matt would be stroking himself and leaking, waiting for her.

As her fingers cradled Jack’s balls, and her tongue stroked the veins of his shaft as her lips encircled the head of his cock, he simply said, “Headboard.”

Damned if he did not pull the strings on her inner slut. Kate immediately responded, kneeling, her hands on the headboard, strawberry blonde hair down her back, ass pointed back at him, open, vulnerable, slick and aching for his big dick to own her pussy. 

She didn’t have to wait long. He was upon her with immediacy, his hands on her hips, fucking her powerfully. Kate’s pussy throbbed as he thrust, and she could feel her orgasm rising. Her fingers gripped the headboard tighter as he thrust deeper. Faster. His body was a powerful blur as Kate moaned and grunted and absorbed his power.

She handed him the phone to take a picture of his cock thrusting into her, as she knelt before him, spread open and holding on the headboard. When she clicked “send” on a text to Matt, her pussy throbbed. 

“You like that big cock, don’t you?” Jack said.

Again, it wasn’t really a question, and Kate’s pussy contracted as she felt and heard herself moaning, “Yesss.”

“You like me fucking you, deep and hard?” 

Again, she gasped, “yes.”

“Making you a little slut for my cock?”

“I am,” she gasped. “Yes.”

“You want my cum?”

“Yes!” she panted. “Please!” And she did want it. So. Fucking. Bad.

“I’m going to fill you up!”

“YES!” Kate shouted, as her orgasm rushed to the surface. When she felt his cock explode, sperm gushing inside her, Kate let go, the orgasm thrashing over her body as she shuddered and shivered, absorbing his power and reflecting it back with the depth of her orgasm. She could feel the very real, thick, warm presence of his living sperm deep inside her.

“Fuck,” Kate gasped to herself as her body continued to quiver, aftershocks of the orgasm running through her, with that big, cummy dick now three-quarters hard inside her.

As they lay there, Kate realized that somehow, despite the intense orgasm, she was still hot. She wanted more. She wanted to cum again. She wanted to make him cum again. She wanted more of that incredible cock, and the way he fucked her with it. She wanted to be his slut some more.

Kate pulled off of him, gasping for a moment as his dick slipped out of her, a part of her not wanting it to leave just yet. His eyes flashed as he saw the look in Kate’s eyes and knew what she wanted.

“You want more of my cock?”

She just grabbed his shaft in her fist, licking up his cum mixed with hers in place of an audible answer. Fuck, this made her hot. She could feel her wet, messy pussy wanting more.

“Suck it all off,” he said, and Kate responded, taking his dick in her mouth, and cleaning it hungrily. His cock was such a cummy mess that some leaked from the corner of her mouth. She licked all the way down to his balls and behind to taste everything.

“You are a hot little slut, aren’t you?” The red in Kate’s brown eyes flashed as she simply nodded. He knew it. She was. Not always. But in the moment, yes, she absolutely was.

Drunk with lust, Kate sucked his cock until it was stretched, gleaming and rigid again, until she had him gasping with hunger and need. Then, and only then, she held him upright in her fist, crawled up his body, and sank down over his rigid shaft.

Kate groaned as he filled her, and she leaned forward to kiss him, hard, their mouths mashing together and tongues lashing against one another. Her hips were rising and lowering as her wanton pussy greedily sucked his thrusting cock.

Kate’s body and mind were overwhelmed with sensation. She was riding a high that she never wanted to end. He pulled his breast to his mouth, lashed his tongue against her nipple, and sucked it into his mouth. His hand cupped her ass, pulling her tight over him, as his fingertip crawled down and traced her little rosebud.

Kate grunted at the sensation — at the accumulation of sensations — and her body found another gear. Kate rode that hung man — his incredible cock — like her life depended upon it. The world went blank and all she felt was fire. His lips and teeth on her nipple. His fingertip pressing into her ass. His cock thundering inside her. 

Kate couldn’t tell what was up or down, as a cascade of sensations rushed over her body. When his fingertip pressed into her ass, and her pussy squeezed tight on his cock, her body catapulted into a series of orgasms and she lost track of time. She didn’t know if the orgasms lasted for one minute or five. She simply held onto him like he was a bucking bronco as her body convulsed and her pussy contracted on his pulsing dick, which finally erupted into her again, flooding her depths with his seed.

Kate collapsed against his chest, her strawberry blonde hair flowing against his skin as she held onto him, panting, trying to recover her breath. Once again, his cock went three-quarters hard inside her as it softened. Again, in that moment, she never wanted it to leave.

After recovering against him for a few moments, Kate slid off Jack’s big cock, leaned over, grabbed her phone from the nightstand, and texted Matt.

“I’m ready, babe,” she typed.

She slid her panties back on, knowing full well they were going to be coated with a thick load of cum. Some had already started to drip down her thigh. She felt naughty, sexy, adventurous, empowered, excited, respected and free. She thought to herself that Matt was good to her and for her.

Once she had replaced her panties, knowing she had a few minutes left, Kate crawled back onto the bed, took his half-hard, dangling cock in her fingers, lowered her mouth, and licked from the seam in his balls to his head. She wrapped her lips around it and drew his slick, juice-coated shaft, into her mouth.

He looked down at her knowingly.

“You can’t get enough,” he said.

Kate sucked.

“You’ll be back for more.”

Kate couldn’t tell if she nodded so that he could see, or only in her head. Regardless, he knew.

“Fuck,” he gasped, as he hardened in her mouth. “You can really suck cock.”

Kate grinned inwardly. Yes, she could.

Her head started bobbing, working in tandem with her fingers on the base of his shaft and his balls. She was in control now. He was at her mercy. And that really turned her on.

She sucked harder and faster. His hands found the back of her head, and he guided her down as his hips thrust.

“Suck it, slut.”

Now it was her turn to gasp. Who was at whose mercy now? What did this guy do to her?

As she sucked harder and her fist pumped faster, her mind raced. Her clit began to pulse again. 


If Matt wasn’t soon to be waiting downstairs, she’d fuck him again. She was tempted to do it anyway. Matt wouldn’t mind, would he? It would probably turn him on. Maybe she’d Skype him and make it worth his while.

Or maybe she’d make him cum with her mouth, hurry down to Matt, and unleash this hunger on him.

Decisions, decisions...



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