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11.20 from Euston

A guy is surprised by a fellow traveller and then he surprises her.

Milton Keynes Railway station has little character, it lacks soul. Few got off the Virgin 11.20 Euston to Glasgow train, and even less got on. The carriage that Dan was sitting in was only quarter full, so he was surprised when a stunning girl sat directly opposite him.

He had watched her walk down the aisle with interest. He found all attractive females interesting. Some of the other male passengers turned to admire the sway of her hips as she passed them. She was long legged with a charcoal, mid-thigh length skirt. There was a matching jacket over a white blouse. Dark nylons covered her shapely legs and sensible shoes completed her attire. She look business like. Red-brown hair in a fly-away style framed a tanned face. He caught a glimpse of dangly ear rings.

She placed a monogrammed briefcase against the side under the window. Dan had to move his feet to make room for hers. He thought, with some annoyance, it was a little inconsiderate of her when there was plenty of room in other parts of the carriage. Nevertheless he exchanged smiles with her when they made eye contact. Her lips were juicy and kissable, an image of them being wrapped round his cock lingered in his mind. Her nose a little too long but her eyes were drowning brown. God she was deliciously fuckable!

She gazed out of the window as the Virgin train pulled smoothly out of the station, absentmindedly fiddling with a blouse button which she eventually unfastened. She repeated the manoeuvre with the next button; and then the next  His eyes were delighted. She wore no bra and a generous amount of titillating cleavage was displayed to him. She opened a magazine and then did a strange thing; she slid forward in her seat so she was in a slumped and uncomfortable looking position. Her skirt rode up exposing even more of her lovely legs. He was enjoying her presence and hope she didn't reach her destination too soon.

Dan estimated she was about half his age, young enough to be a daughter. She placed a foot on her briefcase, elevating one knee. He could see up her skirt. There was creamy tanned flesh between her stocking tops and dark coloured thong. He glanced at her face; she was looking at her magazine, but she wasn't scanning the pages; her eyes weren't moving. Dan looked up her skirt again and saw that her knees had parted slightly. He almost gasped; it wasn't a thong he was looking at but her pubic hair. Her knees continued to part slowly; so very slowly. A tent appeared in his slacks as his penis stiffened. He made no attempt to hide it; the slut had the right to know her teasing was having an effect.

Dan watched her labia lips, with its sprinkling of dark hair, slowly opening like a flower, exposing the dewy, pink inner lips. He admired her clitoris hood and then a glimpse of the dark, mysterious entrance to her moist vagina. 'Please God,' thought Dan, 'don't let her get off before Lancaster. Please don't let anyone sit were it might affect her modesty. Please, please let this vision tantalise my eyes for the rest of the trip.' Nobody was listening. A door behind him hissed open and a voice said, "Tickets from Milton Keynes please."

Her knees clamped together rapidly hiding her charismatic darling from Dan's hungry eyes. A ticket appeared in her hand which she handed to the man with a sweet smile; he glanced at it and moved on, he glanced back and raised an eyebrow when he caught Dan's eye. Dan returned his attention to his travelling companion and saw her eyes flick to his erection before returning to her magazine. She had a little smile twitching at the corners of her kissable lips. Once more her thighs parted opening her labia like a blossom; a dewy blossom.

Dan was flattered; she had to walk past a couple of younger and better looking men before she sat opposite him. He glanced up at her. She wasn't quick enough returning her own eyes to the magazine; she had been watching him enjoying the view of her pretty vulva. He returned his eyes to her glorious pink cleft. In his mind's eye, Dan was just squeezing his cock into paradise when she turned the magazine and held it up. It covered the bottom half of her face; her twinkling eyes peered over. She looked him in the eye steadily. The picture she was showing him was a two-page spread of food.

"See anything that takes your fancy?" Her voice was light and full of humour. And decidedly upper crust. No doubt the result of an expensive education at a private school, followed by finishing school, where she would be taught how to add a zero to daddy's generous allowance cheques, avoid getting pregnant and keep her lovers a secret from a well-heeled husband. He almost laughed out loud at her innuendo.

Dan decided to join in. He took a lingering look at her body before reconnecting with her eyes," It all looks very tasty." He was glad he missed his intended train by five minutes.

The corners of her eyes crinkled as she smiled behind the mag. "You're not averse to trying something fresh I take it?" Her face coloured a little. She was a little gem in Dan's book.

What had she meant by 'fresh'? Young like her or had she spotted his wedding ring and wanted a break from his wife? "Fresh is my favourite," he replied, "I try to have fresh as often as possible. sweet and fresh." The train was running around a curve. Strong sunlight started to move up her leg inch by inch, like a spotlight. It shone in her crevice, glinting on moistness and stayed there as the train straightened out. The Gods were on his side.

"Tell me about your hunger for sweetness"

Dan studied her fabulous pussy as he replied, "Well, sometimes I like to dip my finger in and transfer the contents to my taste buds. If there's plenty of juice I will, eventually, get my tongue in there and lap up what's on offer." The magazine was lowered and put to one side, he could see her prettiness. Her lips were moist. He caught a glimpse of pearly teeth. "What about yourself, what tickles your taste buds?"

"I'm a traditional sort of girl myself," her posh voice announced. She looked at my erection, "I prefer something to suck for starters, with cream if possible, followed by meat and two veg...fairly frequently." Dan's piece of meat was straining at the material of his trousers. 

"Sounds like a healthy diet for a young girl. Personally I like something a bit warm and juicy that I can stick a decent sized fork into and give it a good forking" Her shoulders shook with suppressed laughter. Her breasts wobbled under the blouse, her nipples pushing against the thin cotton.

She saw him admiring her tits. "All clear behind?" she asked with a smile. He nodded, nobody was taking any notice of them. She unbutton the rest of her blouse and pulled the two halves apart. They were as luscious as the rest of her, just the right size for her build. The nipples proud and slightly up tilted and the same shade of virginal pink as her lips.

"Beautiful," he breathed. Some girls were blessed with everything good. He was hoping she would ask him to touch them.  He avoided showing any disappointment as she slowly re-buttoned her blouse, still leaving lovely cleavage on show.

She kept eye contact, looking at him from under her lashes with that small smile on her lips. She studied his erection. "Little unfair don't you think/" she said, "keeping that under wraps?" She leaned forward and gripped his knob and gave it a gentle squeeze. She slid down the zip. Dan's breathing was uneven. Her hand disappeared into his slacks and boxers. Cool fingers wrapped round the shaft feeling the throb. She pulled it out into the daylight. "Nice size" A hand went in and cupped the balls and drew them out. She sat back and they admired each others genitals.

"Why me?" Dan queried. She blinked at the unexpected question. "There's a couple of guys near your own age further up the carriage."

She smiled. "I've had enough fighting off randy young men and their immature fumbling. I've done the lesbian bit at boarding school and it's not really my scene. I just prefer more mature men." She hesitated. "The first time I really enjoyed great sex was from my daddy's younger brother. He'd be about your age. The younger men tend to be impatient and want to get to the fucking with the minimum of foreplay." To hear the term 'fucking' delivered in her cut-glass accent was a bit of a shock. "If you think I'm a prick teaser, well I couldn't very well deny it. All I can say is I love sex. You can see how wet I am, and you haven't touched me." Her hand went between her thighs and stroked her cleft. The dampness on her fingers was transferred to her mouth. She heard Dan groan.

"May I?" he asked. She smiled and nodded. His hand extended forward, his finger slipping along her pink lips. She give a little gasp as he touched her clit. He sucked on his fingers. "Nectar" Two fingers delved between her labia picking up more of her juices. She soon began to tremble.

She stayed his hand, "no more I beg you. I am a screamer when I boil, and I am very close. It's much too public."

Dan sat back licking every trace of her of his fingers. "When are you going to deprive me of your company?" he asked.

"I get off at Lancaster. I live there but I have a job interview this afternoon."

It was Dan's turn to blink in surprise. He glanced at her monogrammed briefcase, 'M.M' in gold letters. "My names Dan by the way."

"Melissa," she replied. They didn't shake hands, they were past that stage.

"It's been a pleasure to meet you Miss Mason."

Her jaw dropped open, a puzzled and startled look on her face. "How do you know my name?"

"Miss Melissa Mason, your next of kin are your parents who live in Milton Keynes. You are twenty years old and live in Preston Road, Lancaster. An impressive CV if a little inexperienced, but ideal for the job. I will be the one who is interviewing you this afternoon. If you are successful I will be your boss." Dan enjoyed the shock on her face. She blushed furiously and covered her mouth with her hand looking horrified. "Quite frankly nobody else has your credentials with regards to education. The job is yours if you want it. There may be other duties you may be willing to perform but that in no way alters the fact the job is yours."

Melissa composed herself quickly. "Changing the subject," she said, "You have tasted my juice but I haven't tasted yours, where is the justice in that?" She got down on her knees. Dan's hands stroked the hair of her bobbing head. The sunlight glinted off his wedding ring.




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