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2 at first and then we were 3

This was the first time that Jessica joined Lilly and me.

I was in my backyard in my g-string (my fave) and topless taking the sun. I knew I wouldn’t be bothered since I would be alone all day long. Lilly was shopping and she takes forever so I wanted to get a good tan. When I hear hey sexy what are doing all alone.

I get up to see who said that and it was Lilly. Wow letting the girls get some sun. yeah I said. Why don’t you take some sun. No I have a better idea. Why don’t we add to our last experience???

We could do that we have all day to ourselves. You know I love your body. I told her come over here. I took her to the area next to the pool under the shade. In the outside cabana. This is one of my favorite places from the house.

I started to kiss her and take her shirt off. She said let he help you with that and she took her bra off exposing her gorgeous boobs. She started rubbing her boobs against me. While I undid her zipper from her skirt. The skirt was now off we were both in g-strings.

She looked so hot I started to suck her breasts. She got my legs one to the right and the other to the left. While I was sucking her breast she was massaging my ass. She gave me a light spank. I liked it.

She put my back to the bed and she put her pussy in my face and started to rock her hips and said suck my pussy slut. So I kept sucking her clit. I could hear her moan and grabbing her breast.

We heard a noise coming from near by. It was my neighbor Jessica. We looked at each other and Lilly said Jess you can’t tell anyone.

No I’m not going to tell anything to anyone. I was just wondering if you two had space for one more ??? I’ve been watching you and wanted to know if I could join in. I was surprised Jessica was a beautiful girl. Petite with a great ass I have to admit.

Jess tells me she wants me to kiss me. So we started to make out. She was quick to grab my breast. I always wondered if they were real or fake but, now I know they are real. Yeah I get that a lot. Lilly was taking Jessica’s jeans off. She stood up to take off her jeans completely.

Jessica got on her knees and dove right into my pussy. You are very wet. Lilly was sucking on my breasts. I was I heaven. Having two girls with me wow I couldn’t believe it. Alexa can I put my fingers in you. Yeah you can finger me but only my clit but not penetrate cuz I’ve never done that.

Sure I understand. Jessica took out a dildo from her purse and told Lilly to put it in her. For me this was new watching my friends naked and hearing the moans from pleasure.

Jessica wanted Lilly to finish her off quick cuz she wanted too see us go at it she said.

So she laid on her back and said while she fucks me with the dildo I want you to suck my tits. If you want you can bite them lightly. Jessica was in heaven from the look and sound of it. Lilly fuck mee ohhhhh stick it all in me. You like this right you naughty little slut. Oh yeah harder harder Lilly and faster. You could hear the her moans. I’m gonna cum faster. And then you hear her let out a load ahhhhh that was good. Keep it in there.

Jessica gets the dildo out of her pussy that looked so tasty with her cum all over it. Alexa come over here she stuck her dildo in my mouth taste good right ??? She was right it tasted good. Now I want you to put two fingers in my pussy get them alll wet and have Lilly taste your fingers.

I did and Lilly sucked my fingers. She told me she wanted my pussy in her face. So I did and I started to move mi hips back and forth. Oh my god Lilly this is so good. I don’t want you to stop do me all day long.

Jessica said oh you two look sexy as fucking together.

Oh god having Jessica watch us made me even more excited. So we moved to 69 me on top of Lilly and Jessica slapping my ass. Lilly started to suck my clit more and more ohhhh god it felt good Lilly turns me to so that she’s on top of me and she kisses my mouth and oh she starts paying close attention to my breast. I hear Jessica moaning in the back what a view she was right behind me.

Lilly is working herself to my pussy she opens my lips and exposes my clit she moves my hood down and sucks away. Oh she puts two fingers in my ass and it felt great with her other hand she’s rubbing my clit and as she does this Jessica stars to suck my breast I loooove it when anyone sucks my breast it’s suck a turn on.

Oh I’m cuuuming oh oh Lilly keeps rubbing me I feel that I’m was very sensitive but it felt so good. She gets her fingers and puts them to Jessica’s mouth. Watching Jessica suck Lilly fingers was a turn on for me.

So I lay there looking Jessica and Lilly go at it. Jessica put’s the dildo into Lilly’s pussy oh the moans that she was giving out was arousing me once again. Jessica was giving it to her and Lilly wanted me to play with her tits. Oh yeah Jess right there oh oh right there that’s the spot ooo. We continue for a bit longer and Lilly screams oh yes oh yeah oh oh I want you to suck the dildo and then kiss Jess. So we did.

Then I was like I need to go and shower.

Why don’t we go together all 3 of us said Lilly.

Jess was like why not round 2 in the shower.

So we left to clean each other in the shower.

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