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A Beach Meeting

Just an early morning tease

It was early, yet already the sun's rays were bathing my body in its warmth. With the prospect of a burning hot day ahead I had taken the opportunity to go to the white sands of the beach to relax and feel nature, in the guise of the sunlight, the air and the water, flow over me.

I wandered aimlessly at the water's edge pleasuring in the fluidity of the sand as the sea infiltrated it and tried to entice my feet to lead me into its cool depths.

Then I walked a few paces from the waters edge, stopped and surveyed the beach; it was almost empty apart from a guy, fifty meters or so away, with his back to the rocks and who was seemingly engrossed in a novel.

Turning my back towards the sun I stretched my arms above my head, arching my back feeling the warmth seeping into my skin.

Crossing one foot in front of the other I sank to the warm, white sand feeling its fineness searching out my nether regions, transferring its heat to my scantily covered butt cheeks and most intimate parts.

Reaching up I pulled the string tie of my bikini top until it released allowing the textile to slowly uncover my breasts. Nipples begin to engorge as the slight zephyr of a sea breeze caressed them and I did not resist pressing them with the palms of my hands and rubbing in a circular motion rasping them into full erection.

As I rested back on my elbows the sight of my firm boobs thrusting forward pleased me; the lack of men around me to ogle them disappointed me. Turning my head I observed the guy relaxing with a book; he was now staring in my direction. Slowly I put my head back so that my boobs were now thrust to the sky and in full view to him. I closed my eyes and a plan formulated in my mind.

Taking some sun-block from my bag I laid back on the sand and began to rub the cream over my boobs. My hands and fingers massaged and squeezed the the taut flesh of my firm 34” C cup breasts in an exaggerated manner. After a minute or two I replenished the cream and proceeded to apply it to the rest of the front of my upper body smoothing and pinching the flesh of my belly. I sneaked a look at my victim, for that is what the reader had become. He had discarded the novel which now lay on the sand and he was shading his eyes from the glare of the sun in order to see better what I was about.

Subjected to much attention from my hands my body began to glow, and much of the glow was sexual; I was arousing my libido with actions and thoughts.

Slowly I raised myself from the sand and stood up, brushing off the white silica where it had clung to my skin. Legs apart, butt pointing in the direction of the man, and with straight legs I bent from the waist to anoint my legs with the ultra-violet ray barrier. The cloth of my thin bikini bottoms pulled tightly over my pussy and a fold inserted itself between labia now moist from my rising libido.

Legs fully covered I stood erect and scanned the beach as if to ensure that nobody was in view; that I was alone and unobserved.

The string tie to one side of the bottoms was grasped between a finger and thumb and I pulled it slowly and deliberately until the knot released and the fabric began to slither down my hip. The other side remained tied and to shake it free I gyrated and wiggled my hips. As it started to fall free the crotch refused to be parted from between my slithery and engorged labia. I increased the gyrations of my hips, bending forward slightly so as to increase the view to the guy sat behind me.

Dropping to the sand, my half naked butt pointing directly at the guy, knees spread wide apart, my hand eased the cloth from out of it's hiding place and dropped it to the sand.

In that same position, with sun-block on my fingers I spread it over my pussy. The coolness of the cream felt so good. Fingers, long practiced at pleasuring that area, performed their magic, not only restricting to pussy but to the little star that men seem to find so irresistible.

For a time I was lost in a favourite past-time, acceding to the sexual demands of my overheating body, sliding a middle finger deep between wet labia, lingering at my anus, then back to my pubic bone and finally further exciting an already demanding clitoris.

With my eyes closed and lost in the deep pleasure of my actions I was suddenly aware of a shadow cast over part of my body and I opened my eyes. With the sun behind him I was not sure if this is my formally studious reader or another male who has suddenly appeared on the white beach; it mattered not to me.

From his silhouette this man appeared tall and slim. Shading my eyes from the sun's glare I could make out that although slim his body was muscular. My eyes scanned down from his head, admiring broad shoulders, then down to a sculptured chest. Although in dark shadow I could make out a steely tummy. It was then that I was aware that he had on no shorts or swimmers. Before I could inspect more closely the guy proffered a hand, I looked at it then up at his face, thinking to tease him by refusing but the realisation of my sexual needs persuaded my hand to reach for his.

As he pulled me lightly to my feet I stole a glance behind to where the man had been reading; he remained there, head once again buried in his novel, I felt a pang of regret and disappointment that I had not enticed him to make a move. He was possibly a voyeur and his novel that of sexual or even pornographic nature.

Without a word between us I was pulled by the hand until we both ran into the sea, the waters so cool on my hot and glowing body. We splashed around, grabbing at each others' body, pushing each other beneath the waves, laughing, yelling... until mother nature decided that enough was enough with the teasing and playing, it was time to get serious.

We stood for some seconds looking intently into each others eyes then scannering the other's body. My eyes appreciated for the first time what normally would have been covered by swim shorts... a member of good proportions, not fully erect but neither was it flaccid; whatever, I knew that I wanted it. To feel the firm flesh grow and harden in my hand or better still with my lips closed over it, encouraging it to excel in it's growth of length and girth. To experience its girth slowly easing open my tight tube, grating over and past labia made super sensitive by their engorgement of hot blood pumped to them by a heart beating strongly in my chest. Blood strong with oxygen fed by lungs filled and emptied as I was forced to breath fast from my exertions

We closed the gap between us and our arms swept around the other clasping tightly as mouths mashed in unabashed passion. Tongues wound and writhed as we tasted the salt from the sea which was soon replaced by the incredible sensation of tasting the other's saliva.

My wet breasts squashed against his lower chest which heaved from the previous exertions and erect nipples grew further from the heat of his strong body. The guy's arms held my body tightly to him.

Beneath the cool water my crotch was invaded by his manhood that had grown longer, harder and which seemed by instinct to know just where it had, and where I wanted it, to go.

My buoyancy in the water made it easy to raise my legs and to wrap them around the guy and in doing positioned my begging vagina at the tip of his penis. Heels digging at the guy's buttocks hauled forward my body and in an instant I was impaled on that thick meat, devouring it as if it was the first meat to a starving person; it sunk to my depths opening me and causing a wave of intense pleasure to rip through my entire body.

Cleverly the guy turned my back to the waves and as they beat under my butt I was borne up and forward then down onto that beautiful thickness. Combined with thrusts from his strong hips this action helped us in what was now intense love making.

Even with his mouth on mine my moans would not be silenced but raised in frequency and volume as orgasm followed orgasm until I was unable to resist throwing back my head to yell for him to pierce me harder and faster.

Grunts that became louder and faster signaled that my lover was ready and in an instant I felt his hot seed fill my depths causing yet another of my own intense instants of complete and utter pleasure.

Eyes staring into eyes we stood bathed in that purple moment of bliss then falling back into the salt waters we bathed and relaxed before, hand in hand, we returned to our hotel honeymoon suite, thoroughly satiated... for now!

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