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A couple's fantasy

A couple's journey to a sex club.
So we decided to go to a swingers club and live out our fantasy. You are wearing a shiny tube-top type shirt and a nice black short skirt no bra,no panties and a nice pair of high heels.

So we show up and they let us in and the place is hoping and we get some nice drinks and sit near the bar and take in some of the actions. There are a few couples making out in one corner and someone else is getting a lap dance and other folks are dancing and some are just relaxing. We are just people watching and are making comments about those folks in there. We are checking out the other couples and getting more turned on while we watch.

As we are sitting there I slide one of my hands up your thigh and you slowly part your legs and I start kissing your neck and ear and tell you how hot you are and can't wait to get you naked and fuck you on the couch.

So we get up and start dancing together and getting ourselves even more in the mood and the dance floor is a little crowded so there are bodies bumping up against us and you occasionally feel a guy pressed up against your ass and you can feel that they are hard and you whisper in my ear every time that happens and you reach down and grab my cock to make sure I am just as hard and it feels so good when you stroke me through my pants.

After awhile we decide to go sit on one of the big couches in the middle of the room and first you are sitting next to me and we are making out, kissing each other very deep and hard with our hands are roaming. I am touching your breasts and feeling your nipples getting hard through your shirt. You are rubbing my cock harder through my pants. Finally a sexy song comes on and you immediately straddle my lap and continue to kiss me nice and deep. I slide my hands back up your skirt to reveal your ass and I squeeze it while you grind your hips against my lap and that feels so good.

I start to kiss your neck and that spot on your shoulder that you love since it is nice and exposed. I then slowly pull down the front of your shirt to exposed your incredible breasts and hard nipples. In one move you pull your top completely off and throw next to us.I instantly bury my head in your breasts and kiss them all over and you are holding my head while I start to circle each nipple with my tongue and give each an occasional nibble just to keep them hard. So now your top is off and your skirt is hiked up your waist so I can see your really smooth pussy as it grinds against me, wow you look so sexy.

Now it is my turn and you pull my shirt off and unbuckle my pants. You get up a little bit and you pull my pants just about completely off. At this point we notice that we have kind of a crowd watching us and we have one couple that is sitting right next to us just watching us. We go back to kissing each other nice and deep and you reach down and stroke my already hard cock up and down..feels so good. Occasionally you rub my head against your clit and pussy lips to show me how wet you really are. We keep going at it like for a little while and finally we hear a voice to our left that says, "so are you two going to fuck or what?" We both giggle and say HELL YEAH!!!

So come in and kiss me a nice slow kiss as your run your hand down my chest, onto to my stomach and then eventually you grab my throbbing cock and you lift your hips up a little bit and push my cock down till I can feel my head spreading your wet lips apart. I moan a little bit as my cock disappears into that fantastic pussy. You slide back down till your hips are pressed against me and I am DEEP inside you. GOD you feel so good.

You start to ride me up and down really good while I try to suck on each one of your nipples, occasionally you will turn your head from side to side to see how everyone is watching us. There are a few couples that are touching one another either exposed or through their clothes. The couple next to us is naked too and they are touching each other..she has his cock in her hand and his hand is
between her thighs stroking her pussy.

We are caught up in the moment and don't notice that they couple has got up and the guy is now behind you and the woman is right next to me. You start to feel hands on your shoulders, rubbing you slowly, then you feel the hands slide down your arms, with the finger tips touching the outside of your breasts. Youthes feel some hot breath on your neck as you feel small kisses on your shoulder.You are so in the mood that you don't care and just let it happen. The hands grab your wrist and pull your arms above your and around the guys neck. You lean back and feel his hands start to caress your breasts. He is rolling your nipples through his fingers while he continues to kiss your shoulder and neck. You have tilted your head back and seem to be really enjoying this. I start to rock my hips a little harder to so I start to fuck you more than you are fucking me. I can almost feel you getting wetter.

As you lean back further you feel his cock pressed against your lower back, you can feel how hard he is while still caressing your rock hard nipples. You tilt your head back towards me and stare deep into my eyes and give me a wink. you then slide one of your hands down your body and behind you. He sees what you do and positions himself so you can grab that hard cock that has been poking your back. You grab a hold of his cock and feel how hard he is in your hand. I give you a nice smirk and wink back letting you know it is OK.

I then grab your hips and arch my back a little bit so I can really hit your clit. We start to fuck a little harder and a little faster. All of a sudden you feel a warm mouth on your right nipple and it is the woman. You are so crazy that you let her continue. So you are being fucked by me and your breasts are being sucked and caressed and you are stroking another hard cock.

All of this is making your wetter and making you want to cum, you can feel it building up in your body and I can feel your body tensing up. You start to stroke that cock a little faster and you can feel that he is tensing up too and the woman pulls away and tells you to lean forward back towards me but keeping your hand on the cock. As you get closer and closer, you are stroking him harder and harder. I start to fuck you faster and faster cause I am getting ready to explode too. You start to press yourself against me and you are really jerking the cock off, just as you are about to feel that cock tense and you feel his warm cum shooting on your back. You let go to let him finish and wrap your arms hard around my neck and start to cum really hard on my cock. Taking that cue, I start to pump really hard and explode deep inside of you, god we are cumming together and it feels so incredible. We cum for a good 20-30 seconds until you slowly stop humping me. I look behind you and that woman is now licking all that cum off your lower is so nice to watch that I keep shooting more cum in your wet fucked pussy and she cleans you off nice and slowly.

You are still fired up so after she is done, you jump off of me and get on your knees and take my cock in your mouth and start to lick and suck me clean...god your mouth feels so incredible..each down stroke makes me jerk a little more. I can feel your tongue running all over my cock.

Then I tell you to get back on the couch and straddle my face. I want to taste the both of us and this really gets the crowd going. You lower your pussy down and you are dripping with my cum and I stick my tongue up and touch your lips and get that cum that is dripping. You rest your pussy on my face and I just go to town licking you and lapping you up. Your body shutters occasionally when I hit your clit. You taste so incredible.

After I am done you turn around and sit on my lap with my limp cock resting between your ass cheeks. You lay back and I rest my chin on your shoulder and we start watching the rest of the room trying to catch our breath.

I whisper in your ear, "I love you baby..thank you so much". You turn an give me a nice kiss and tell me you love me too and that you really loved that.
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