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A day at the beach

A day at the beach with Caroline
Caroline and I are laying in a hammock, strung between a couple of palm trees down on the beach. Its a private beach, although there are people strolling along the shore line, about 25 yards away from us. 

We are just lazing about on a hot day watching the people. Most of the women are topless, displaying their charms, of all shapes and sizes, for all to see. Despite the fact that I cannot see her eyes through the sunglasses, I know that she is enjoying the site as much as I am. It amazes me that she is such a prude, insisting on wearing a top.

 My arm is around her shoulder with my hand hanging just above her breast. I let my fingers tickle around her globe, lightly touching her tit through her top. I feel her nipple stiffening. I concentrate on her nipple, stroking it and lightly pinching it. She gently brushes my hand away, but, I quickly place my hand back onto her tit, this time cupping the whole breast, squeezing and kneading her flesh. She rest her hand on mine, not to brush mine away, but to lightly caress my skin under her nails.

 I pull Caroline to me and start kissing her deeply. I let my tongue dance around on her lips and tangle with her tongue. I reach up with my other hand and pull the cups down under the breasts, exposing them to the warm air. 

One hand grabs her tit and squeezes it, pinching, twisting, and tugging on the hard nipple. My other hand roams about her body, rubbing down her stomach towards her pubic area, it travels down her legs and back up the inside of her thighs. I touch her all over her without touching her pussy.

 I start to work my hand into the waist band of her bottoms, but meet resistance as she pulls my hand away. I move my lips from hers and work around to her ears, nibbling on the lobes. I hear her breathing getting heavier with each passing moment. I continue to travel with my lips down her neck, sucking on the skin with gentle bites.

 My hand again makes its way into her bottoms, this time, although she grabs my hand, she doesn't pull it away. I slowly walk my fingers down through her the small landing strip. My hand reaches her core, but again, there is resistance as she has closed her thighs to my advance.

 I reposition myself so that I am partially laying on top of her, still kissing her neck, but now I have access to all of her neck and now can include her shoulders with my kisses and nibbling. 

Caroline asks me if we can go back to the room so that we may have privacy. Her plea falls on deaf ears as I kiss my way down to her chest. The bikini top has pushed her tits up, offering the soft flesh to my eyes and lips. I kiss and suck on the skin, working from one side to the other. I resist as long as possible avoiding her nipples.

 Finally I suck her left nipple into my mouth, capturing it with my teeth, flicking it with my tongue. Caroline lets out a deep sigh, wrapping her arms around me, pulling me tighter to her, as I suck and bite on her tit. I move from one tit to the other, kissing and biting the flesh and nipples.

 Her resistance is gone now. Her thighs open to me, allowing my hand to reach her heated core. Her pussy is soaked. I trace my finger around her lips and clit, spreading the wetness around. I take a chance and start to work the bottoms down her hips. She lifts her hips and allows me to bare her pussy to the world.

 I work a finger into her, dipping deep into her with little resistance. Her pussy is tight, but the wetness allows easy access. I pump my finger into her, pulling it out and rub her clit, before, pushing it back into her. I then work a second finger into her and proceed to finger fuck her hole, her hips moving to meet my thrust.

 I move my lips back to her ear and whisper to her that people are watching her as they pass by. I tell her that I want her to cum for them. Show them that she is not a prude, but, actually a slut. That despite being a prude, deep down she is a slut that not only loves being a voyeur, but also gets off on being an exhibitionist.

 My fingers continue to plunge into her deeply. I am fucking her pussy harder and roughly. I tell her to rub her clit while I finger fuck her. With one hand she reaches down and starts to rub herself. Her other hand reaches for me, slipping inside my shorts to grab my hard cock. She is squeezing me, using short strokes. Her concentration is totally on making herself cum.

 Carolines body starts to tremble, muscles tensing up as she nears her release. I fuck her pussy harder while her clit rubbing quickens. She moans loudly as she achieves her orgasm, her hips humping my fingers as her pussy tightens, grabbing them and holding them in place. Her juices flow freely from her. Her chest is rising quickly.

 Before she has time to recover and return to her prudish ways, I tell her I am going to fuck her here on the beach. She starts to protest as I help her change position, laying across the hammock with her ass facing up, knees in the sand. She grabs the edge of the hammock and pushes her face down, trying to hide from the gazes of others.

 Stripping off my shorts, I kneel behind her. I grab my cock and rub it up and down her slit. Her pussy lips are swollen and flared open, like the petals of a flower opening to the sun. I line the head up with her pussy and push in, making us both gasp. I grab her hips and pull myself the rest of the way into her.

 I hear her moaning as I start to move my hips back and forth, driving my shaft into her. I can see people up and down the beach watching us. They keep their distance, respecting our privacy, ironically, which is on full display for them to see.

 I grab Caroline by the hair and pull her head up telling her to watch them watching her be a slut. I slap her ass, making her yelp loud enough for them to hear. I feel her reach a hand between her legs, rubbing her clit once again. I keep one hand on her hip and the other in her hair, as I fuck her deep and hard.

 She tells me that she is going to cum again, begging me to fuck her harder. My thighs are slapping against hers as our pace quickens. She stiffens once again and cums, squeezing my cock tightly as her pussy constricts through another orgasm. I hold still as she rides out her cum.

 Its more than I can take, I fuck her pussy hard and fast, pulling her hips to me roughly. I growl out loud as I push myself deep into her one last time, pumping my cum into her depths. I make little jabs into her, squeezing my cream into her. She is squeezing me as well, milking my seed from me into her.

 I pull out of her and roll over, laying beside her, both of us gasping for breath. She sits back onto her heels, smiles at me, then takes me into her mouth, licking and sucking the fuck juices from me. Once she feels I am properly cleaned, she lays atop me, kissing me deeply, allowing me to taste the sweet and sour combination of our passion.

 I ask if she would like to walk down to the water and take a dip to cool off. She agrees, but not before, pulling her bathing suit on and adjusting her top so that she is once again covered. She is such the prude!
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