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A Day at the Lake

My wife and I try our first public sex act!
The weather was perfect for sun and fun at the lake. My wife and I were headed to a nearby lake for some relaxation time. The cooler was full of adult beverages and we both knew where that might lead. It was a risk that we were both willing to take. We arrived at the lake at about noon and there were swimmers and sun bathers everywhere. We carefully found a spot for our chairs and towels. Once everything was set up my wife asked me to rub some tanning lotion on her. I, of course, agree and she drops her cover-up. Man does she look good in a bikini! Huge tits, great legs and a beautiful ass!

I begin to apply lotion to her shoulders and back. I have to stop just above her ass and admire it for just a second! I have to think of something else, because my cock is becoming hard! I move south of her ass and rub it on her legs. Then, she turns around and I apply it to her face and neck. I proceed to rub it on her ample cleavage and again my cock stiffens! So, I rub it over her smooth belly and down the front of her legs.

We both lie on our chairs and take turns reading hot stories to each other from Lush from our phones. We are a few drinks into the day and she decides to head for the water. I stare as her ass sways when she walks toward the lake. She stops and beckons me like nobody else can. She pulls down her glasses and bats her eyelashes at me and I can’t get there fast enough! I catch up to her in the water and we both enjoy the cool water on the hot day. Then, I ask her how hot it would be to have sex right here in the lake. She looks at me just like she normally does when she is about to shoot my idea down and surprises me by saying, “That would be hot as hell!”

This caught me completely off guard and I looked at her and she smiled, so I took this as an invitation. So, I went under the water and slipped between her legs. She spread her legs slightly and I used my index finger to move aside her bikini bottoms and I slid my middle finger into her slit! I was feverishly exploring her pussy with my finger! I was holding my breath as long as possible, but I couldn’t hold it anymore. I arose out of the water and she was grinning. She said to me, “That felt really good! Now it is my turn.”

She submerges beneath the water level and I feel my Velcro fly on my trunks ripped open and she slams her mouth around my cock! I begin to glance around to see if anyone is watching and they aren’t, so I continue to enjoy this amazing feeling! She is deep throating me and rubbing my balls! She pops her head out of water and I wink at her and say, “That was some great head!”

Then, she raises her finger out of the water and her bikini bottoms are dangling from that finger. I quickly approach her and she grabs my cock and begins stroking it. I let out a moan and she kisses my neck. Then, she wraps her legs around me and her arms around my neck. This plunges my cock into her pussy! We both grunt and moan a little. I begin thrusting into her and she is pushing her pelvis against me. She is grinding on my dick hard! She bites my earlobe and whispers, “I am cumming and I would love for you to join me!”

I tell her, “I thought that you would never ask!” I can feel my cock swelling as she begins to spasm and twitch! When I feel this I begin to release my load into her pussy! We are both breathing heavy and she dips under to slide her bottoms back on and slides my cock in her mouth again to suck it dry! She resurfaces dressed and I fasten my fly and we begin our walk back to the shore.

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