A Day in South Beach

By CapoGauhd

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A husband realizes a fantasy
It was a perfect day in South Beach Miami and it was nearing the end of our week long vacation in this winter paradise. We were finishing breakfast when we decided to spend our last day on the beach. I was always up for this activity because I loved to go see all the topless girls from Europe who vacation here. There is a fine line to walk when faced with beautiful topless women while sunning on the beach with your wife. I bought some very dark sunglasses just for this occasion.

My wife Lori is an attractive red head with 34 D breasts. One of the things I have always found sexy about my wife is her perfect breasts and round pink nipples. I joked on the plane ride here that she should sunbathe topless when we were on South Beach: she shot that idea down quickly and I have not brought it up since.

As we were lying on the beach the sun was warm and a perfect breeze off the ocean kept us cool. I needed an excuse to go look at the “scenery” so I suggested I get us a pitcher of Mojitos. I slowly walked observing all the topless women being careful to only move my eyes and keep my head forward so I did not look like a perv-ogling these beautiful topless girls.

I returned with a pitcher of Mojitos and two glasses and we quickly began to drink them down. There are few things better than dinking Mojitos on South Beach on a beautiful day. As the Mojitos and the sun started to mix, I found my wife looking at all the topless girls and she then remarked that she thought she looked as good as any of the other women on the beach. I quickly agreed with a feverish “Of course you do Hun. You are a very beautiful girl.” I did not know where this was going however I knew one thing for sure: more mojitos would help my cause along.

I got up from the beach lounge and announced I would return with more Mojitos and she looked at me and raised her glasses. With a temptress look in her eye and a soft voice she said “Hurry back”. At this point I was a little confused, but knew things were headed in the right direction. Again, I looked at all the other topless women on the beach thinking of my wife and How excited I would feel if she was topless as well. I quickly found myself getting an erection and had to think about something else before I ended up with a tent in my shorts.

I ordered another pitcher and headed back. As I saw her in the distance it dawned on me that she too was now topless and I almost dropped the pitcher when I stumbled due to the excitement and shock. As I neared, she pretended to ignore me. I too said nothing as I refilled our drinks and laid back down in my chair. The air was thick with sexual tension as I watched the other men looking at my wife’s ivory breasts and bright pink nipples.

She raised her glasses again and looked at me with those naughty eyes she gets and asked if I was enjoying the view. I was so wound up I could have exploded at any time. She then got up and stretched slowly giving everyone around a good look. She then straddled me on my chair and kissed me passionately. We made out for what seemed like forever. My penis was as hard as a rock as she slowly ground on me moving her hips back and forth.

I could take this punishment no longer. I stood straight up from my chair holding her tightly as her legs wrapped around my waist. I moved with purpose to the crystal green warm water and continued to kiss her. I got as far as I could into the water so only our heads were above water as we continued to kiss.

She soon found my cock with her hand and began rubbing it through my shorts. She asked me why my swimsuit was still on and I quickly removed it along with pulling the tied stings of the bottoms of her bikini. We kissed explored each other’s bodies while the waves moved us up and down and our hands glided on each other’s skin.

She softly bit my ear as she said “I want you inside me now!’ I quickly complied and turned her away from me and pulled her hips back to meet my throbbing erection. This was the most exciting thing we have ever done and I we seemed to be the only two people in the world as I moved in and out of her in unison with the waves. I continued slowly as I did not want this moment to end too quickly.

We continued to make love until I could no longer hold back. As I found myself realizing the moment I was in and a wave of excitement pulsed through me and into my wife. I had never felt better in my life than I did in this moment. We held each other and kissed softly as we regained our composer.

We soon realized that our swim suits were no were to be found. We looked at each other and giggled pondering our situation. I asked Lori “what are we going to do?” She replied “the only thing we can do” and she turned away and walked towards the beach. With every step, more and more of her beautiful body was being revealed as she was emerging from the ocean. I quickly looked around as the movement on the beach seemed to come to a standstill as my wife swayed out of the water and to her chair where she wrapped herself with her towel.

I was still in the water just above my waist as she proclaimed we had to get back to the room to pack. I asked her to bring me a towel and she again gave me that evil smile and turned and started walking to our room. By this point she had gained so much attention, everyone was looking at me to see what happened next.