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A day in the park

a day out playing and showing off in a public park.


A Day at the Park

It was a nice sunny, summer day, sometimes rare here in Puget Sound. I decided to go out to Meadowdale Park, one of my favorite places. I put on my bright blue bikini, followed by a loose fitting, oversized tank top and a short denim skirt. I grabbed my daypack and loaded it with some sunscreen, a bottle of water, a big beach towel, and a few of my favorite toys, just in case!

I drove out to the entrance to the park. The parking lot was full, so I had to go back out and park on the street. The park would be crowded today, but I hoped I could find a little privacy somewhere, though I’ve learned that I like being seen too. I parked my car, grabbed my pack and started walking toward the trail. The trail is about a mile and a quarter long and runs along a stream out to the beach. It is all forest until near the end where it opens up to a big grassy field for picnics and stuff. Just past the field is a little tunnel that passes under some railroad tracks to get to the beach.

The trail was fairly crowded with people walking in and out of the park. As I walked I noticed most of the guys I passed checking me out, which always turned me on. I’m sure my boobs were jiggling around quite a bit as I walked on the uneven ground. I smiled innocently at every one of them. I finally reached the beach and stopped at the first picnic table. There were a lot of people around, and even a dog or two. I took off my pack, followed by my tank top and skirt. I figured I was at the beach so a bikini is normal attire. I put my clothes in the pack and began walking North along the water. I’m sure I attracted plenty of looks.

As you go north from the beach tunnel the shore bends around to the right, and the sand is replaced by large rocks. Usually not many people go that far. This was the case today. There were a couple of people far in the distance walking on the railroad tracks, but I doubted they would notice me.

I found a spot on the rocks under a little tree and laid out my towel. I was really turned on thinking about what I was about to do. I could hear people around the bend and was a little nervous, but that was part of the thrill. I lay down on the towel and got comfortable. I waited for a few minutes to see if anyone came my way. In the shade as I was I doubted I would be noticed unless someone got really close.

I started out just caressing my breasts over my top until my nipples grew hard. At that point I untied my top, removed it, and put it in my pack. I went back to rubbing my boobs and pinching my nipples. I slid one hand down my body and started rubbing my crotch. My pussy was getting wet, so it was time to loose the bikini bottoms. I pulled them off and threw them in my pack with the rest. I also pulled out my toys. I returned both hands between my legs, working two fingers into my pussy, and rubbing my clit with the other. I felt so turned on and naughty masturbating out in the open like this.

I had brought a sort of large, realistic looking cock, complete with balls, the kind with a suction cup on the bottom of the base, and a good sized butt plug. I started out with the dildo, sliding it back and forth against my wet outer lips and clit. I got it nice and juiced up before pressing it up against my tight asshole. I pressed harder until the head started going in. Once the head was in my ass, I kept a steady pressure until the entire shaft was inside me. Then I began sliding it out until just the head was still in, and then push it all the way back in. I did this for a few minutes while I rubbed my clit with my other hand. Once I felt I was loosened up, I pulled the dildo out, and went for the butt plug. I licked it really good to get it nice and wet and began forcing it into my asshole. It was tight, but in a good way. After a minute or two I had it firmly planted inside my ass.

I was about to start on my pussy when I was startled by someone’s dog walking right up to me and sniffed my wet pussy. I knew the owner’s must be close behind, so I grabbed my tank top out of my bag and slipped it on. My dildo was still lying on my towel, but it was already to late to hide it. Just as I got the tank top over my head two middle aged guys came around the bend from the right. I pulled the tank top down quickly and stood up with the butt plug still firmly planted between my cheeks. They both had big grins on their faces, but didn’t say anything as they walked past me. I packed my stuff into my pack and headed back toward the beach. I needed to find a better spot.

It felt really strange walking with the butt plug still up my ass. I’m sure I was walking kind of funny too, not to mention I was only wearing a tank top. I walked as quickly as was possible with my asshole stuffed full. I got past the beach and headed into the tunnel toward the trail. A gust of wind came threw the tunnel and lifted my tank top a bit just as I reached the other side. I didn’t look back, but I’m sure someone had to see my bare ass. I hurried up the trail into the forest. I know most of my breasts were on display from both the front and sides of my loose tank top, with the low neckline and big arm holes, as well as all the swinging my boobs were doing. I don’t know if anyone could tell I didn’t have any bottoms on or not. Every guy I passed gave me a long stare.

About a half mile in I saw a spot across the stream that looked like it might work, just a little grassy spot inside some bushes, up the side of a hill. The stream was a little wider here, but only about a couple feet deep. I would have to take my shoes off to get across or walk back to the car in wet shoes. I walked down to the edge of the stream and bent down to untie my shoes. I heard people walking on the trail above so I turned my back to the stream to hide my bare backside. I didn’t even think about my boobs until someone whistled. I looked up to see a three younger guys grinning at me. I looked down to see my loose top hanging out and my boobs on full display. I could see all the way to my pussy. I just stood up, shrugged my shoulders and smiled back at them. I turned around, kicked off my shoes and bent over to pick them up. I purposely bent at the waste to give them a look at my bare ass, before standing up and heading into the water. I wonder if they could see the butt plug? I didn’t look back. I just walked out into the water, which was warmer then I expected. I bent down and splashed some over my face and chest. My nipples were instantly hard and now visible through the soaked shirt.

I decided I better keep moving before I drew an audience. I got across the stream and started up the hillside. I walked past the spot I wanted and into the trees until I was out of sight of the trail. I wanted to wait until the trail was empty to enter the patch of grass. After a few minutes I didn’t hear any voices and peaked out. The trail was clear, so I walked back down to the little grassy hill. The sun was starting to go down, so the area was entirely shaded. I figured nobody would notice me unless they were really looking.

I again laid out my towel and took off my tank top. I sat down and got out my dildo. I started working it into my wet pussy with one hand while pinching my nipples with my other. The butt plug was still firmly planted in my ass. I started pumping the dildo while rubbing my clit. From where I was I could see people walking on the trail and hoped they wouldn’t see me.

I got a steady rhythm going with the dildo in one hand and started pumping the butt plug with my other hand. I could feel my orgasm building. Just as I was about to cum I heard some rustling in the bushes behind me. I was to close to stop now and kept pumping the two toys. I started cumming just as the three young guys that I saw earlier walked up beside me. They had circled around to see where I went and what I was going to do. I soon as they saw what I was doing they all started rubbing their crotches. I told them to whip out their cocks since they had already seen all of me. They did as they were told and all three started stroking themselves.

I pulled out the butt plug and start pulling out the dildo. Once I got all but the tip out, I slid it slowly back into my pussy. I kept going like this, using long slow strokes. I wanted to give my audience a good show.

The boys circled around me, still stroking themselves. All of their cocks were between six and seven inches long, but the longest one had a piercing in the head of it, something I had never seen before. I told him to move closer to my face so I could see it. He came around and got down on his knees with his cock just above me. It looked painful to me, but to each his own.

I told them I wanted to see them cum and they could touch me, but nothing more. They all were ok with this and I soon had their hands all over me, especially my big boobs and my pussy. One even started stroking my dildo in and out while I continued rubbing my clit. I was close to climaxing again and told him to fuck my ass with it. I pulled my knees up and he slid it right in, all the way to the balls. That was it and I started moaning. I guess it was good for them too when the first guy started cumming, shooting it all over the back of my thighs. The next guy came soon after, landing on my belly and clit. The guy with the piercing was the last to cum. He aimed his cock right at my face. I couldn’t resist and opened my mouth wide. The first couple of spurts landed right on my tongue, before he shoved his cock in my mouth and finished. I sucked him until he was dry and limp.

It was dark now and the park is officially closed at sunset. I grabbed my tank top out of my pack and slipped it on. I put the toys and blanket back in my pack. I thanked the guys and started walking toward the trail. They asked if they could see me again and what was my name.

I said, “my name is Barb, and you never know. I come out here pretty often when the weather is nice,” and turned and walked away, all three still had their cocks hanging out.

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