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A Dream, A Dare, A Beach

What started as a dream, turned into a dare then developed beyond their dreams
My dream was coming true... actually what was happening was beyond my wildest dreams.

The sensation of her mouth enveloping my cock; a cock that was almost painfully hard. Watching my wife, Ann, sucking more and more hard flesh into her mouth as I lapped the musky taste of pussy milk and nibbled on the protruding nub of clitoris.

Ann's eyes were shut tight as she relished the texture, the heat, the hardness and the girth as she slid her head back and forth so that her mouth wanked the cock. Added to her ecstasy was the mouth that devoured her excited pussy. If the mouth rested a mere second too long she thrust her hips strongly back and forth fucking the lips that dared to stop. I had to fight hard against the urge to fill the mouth enveloping my cock, with hot cum, but I knew I had to hold back; it was the agreement.

Too soon I had to admit defeat; I needed to cum and now! I rolled Ann onto her side so that I could cum on her beautiful, firm tits. Pushing the head away, my cock spurted hot thick cum onto Ann's tits and it splashed back on to me. My wife smiled then closed her eyes and continued sucking on the cock that had never left her mouth.

It started out as a dream, which turned inevitably to a dare between Ann and I... go to the beach after dark, find a spot that wasn’t too secluded but not too overtly overseen, and there to make love. No, not make love, we had all the next few days in our hotel to do that; we would fuck, and oh boy, just the thought of a hard fuck in public had us both as horny as hell.

Although we were naturally both nervous, as we had never considered let alone attempted anything of the kind before, we chose a spot not too far from the busy beach bar. We threw down the blanket in a spot just out of the glare of the lights but not in the dark. I picked up some beers at the bar and nodded hi to people around me. The night was sultry and the ocean breeze felt as if it was caressing our bodies, seemingly seeking out those most intimate areas to cool.

Ann looked fantastic in a tiny black bikini which barely covered an all over light tan. She had convinced me not to wear my favourite speedos but to pull on a loose pair of garish burmudas. In the elevator from our room to the ground she had delighted in reaching up one leg of the shorts, pulling out my dick and having a quick suck on it until she was surprised by the door opening on the ground floor. To my relief she was able to make me decent before we were spotted. I could see the sense of the shorts as the speedos would not have had a chance of hiding the erection that I was sporting.

Looking up from her position on the blanket, Ann asked if she should remove the bra of the bikini. I nodded. Two magnificent nipples stood proud on her firm, tanned tits; I wanted to suck them, rub the head of my cock over them at that moment but I resisted, particularly as her hand ran up my leg from the ankle, under the leg of the shorts and once again grasped at my cock that was aching to penetrate her tight little pussy lips.

As my wife indulged herself stroking and rubbing my cock I looked around the people closest to us. There were the usual group of twenty-something girls drinking, laughing, enjoying the evening, and the matching group of young guys, drinking and making horse-play. Yet another group appeared to consist of couples perhaps in their mid thirties with one or two at around our age of the early forties. All seemed oblivious to a couple lying not too far away enjoying erotic thoughts and actions.

Even with her arm outstretched my wife is expert at giving me the maximum pleasure with her hand manipulating my erect penis, this was no exception. I had to reward her so I dropped to her side and latched my mouth on one of Ann's peaks, rolling an engorged nipple between my lips, sucking and licking, cupping the other tit with my hand. A soft moan told me that I was doing good. Our eyes met and she whispered for me to kiss her.

As my mouth brushed hers, her pink, wet tongue extended to meet mine so that the two interlaced; this time in her sweet, sweet oral cavity, then her tongue follows mine into my mouth. Our lips, tentative for an instant only, mashed together, her free arm swept around my neck pulling me so tight to her. My free hand was unable to resist a journey from its place on her warm firm breast, down her chest, appreciating the silkiness of female skin, dallying at the navel, but hurrying to the nylon covered prominence that is my wife's desirable and fuckable pussy.

Using finger tips, particularly the middle finger, I guided my hand to pinpoint the area at the top of the mound where Ann's reaction told me I had found her nub, her sweet, sensitive clitoris and with gentle but firm circular movements I began the actions that without doubt would soon have my partner writhing on the blanket. Already she bucked her hips upwards to indicate that not only did she approve but that she wanted more.

My fingers swept firmly down the length of her pussy and I delighted that the lips were already dilated with blood making them so sensitive to my manipulations. I returned the digits to Ann's nub; circle, rub, prod. I smiled as my wife swore at me through a mashing kiss; “Oh bastard, more, more, harder.” Her hand temporarily dumped my throbbing cock to feverishly tug at the bikini pants in an effort to lay bare her demanding pussy.

Her hand instantly returned to its expert work on my cock as she felt my middle digit sweep over the smooth bare flesh of her mound to slide effortlessly, lubricated by a voluminous quantity of her vaginal secretions towards the depths of a demanding pussy. A low, animal moan affirmed that she approved.

As I prepared to take the next step of getting between the slim thighs of my darling Ann to press my hard cock into her tight tunnel and to fulfill our dare, I felt a movement by my feet. Looking in that direction I saw that a small crowd had gathered and were not only interested in Ann and my antics but themselves were getting amorous. The nearer couple, at my feet smiled as I looked at them, the guy dropped to one knee and asked if we wanted a little company.

I was prepared to thank him but say that we were quite happy as we were as long as it didn’t offend anyone but Ann put a finger to my face and turned it to hers. “Dare you,” she whispered.

Jeez, now I was on the spot, my own wife wanted to involve another couple? “You mean fuck another couple?“ I whispered back.

“Couldn’t we just...” she hesitated, “play...?"
I looked back at the guy and up to his partner. He was younger than I, so too was his girl. Would I get jealous seeing him with my wife? Would Ann get jealous if I went with this beautiful young girl?

My wife pulled me closer, kissed me and whispered, “Tell them contact would only be oral, no cumming, at least not with the others partner.” That was easy for her to say as I almost shot a load straight into my pants at this new Ann. I looked into her eyes for any indication of doubt, there was none. The guy heard and, looking at his wife, nodded agreement.

We all kissed to break the ice although there was no ice at all with Ann, I could see that she wanted to get at the guy's cock and so to do, pulled him down beside her on the blanket. His hand grasped at the bikini bottom and had pulled it off my wife's butt before his wife was able to reach under my pants. With a wink to my adorable Ann I embraced the tiny frame of the young woman and god it felt good.

This couple were hot and very experienced. I knew so because the female proceeded to pull off her one-piece beach suit in record time. It was less than bright on the beach but her beauty was beyond doubt so much so that it scared me, wondering if I was going to be able to hold onto my seed long enough to satisfy this sexy girl. She wanted no barrier to my erection and tugged roughly at my shorts till they were off.

Already I could see that Ann was hauling the guy's cock to her open mouth while her hand rubbed frantically at her mound. He was trying desperately to hook his tongue around my wife's clitoris. I decided that my tool had had a head start from Ann's hand and so I rested it while I tasted this young, fresh pussy, hopefully extending the period when the girl was sucking hard on it.

Somewhere in the background to our activities I was aware of multiple murmurs of approval from those other people that had decided to watch. Other than that we were hell bent on pleasure and were soon unaware of anyone or anything than our sexual partners.

As I came on Ann's tits my female partner reached over to lick my wife's tits clean then kissed her husband; I am sure she transferred to him some of that which she hadn’t swallowed.

Finally four naked people raced into the surf to wash and cool the heat from their bodies.


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