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A Halloween Reunion

Reunion at the Haunted House.
Starting three years ago, how I would spend my evening on Halloween became the same. This year was no exception. I pulled out the same outfit I'd always used before - my nurse costume. It wasn't your typical slutty costume that you would find in the store. It was a simple white nurse outfit, fell right above the knees, and button down all the way in the front. With the costume, I wore flat white tennis shoes. Obviously, not the typical costume for a young woman to wear. But there was a purpose.

I got dress, leaving my hair down and placing simple makeup on. I also wore new white thigh highs that looked like regular panty hose underneath my dress. But no underwear. It wasn't necessary.

I arrived at the haunted house around 9pm. I placed myself around a group of young college students to blend in. They never let us go into the haunted house alone. Once they let the group I was with go in, I stayed behind them so when the time was right, I could separate. When we reached the third room in the house, I lingered a little longer to separate myself from everyone else. I stayed in the doorway, waiting for the screams and giggles to pass from the next room. Once things were silent, I waited a couple of minutes more to make sure the group of students left the room. Then I entered.

The room was the same as always. A doctors table sat at the side, cover with a large thin blue blanket with spots of blood. On top of it was a mannequin dressed as a nurse with knives going through its sides. Behind the table was the good doctor in bloodied scrubs and a lab coat. He also wore a mask over his mouth and a scrub cap. He was playing with the mannequin on the table, stabbing it, until he saw me walk in. I was smiling at him. Show time.

He pulled the mannequin off the table and threw it against the wall. Then he pointed to the wall next to me. On my right was a switch. I flicked it on and a strobe light on the other side of the room began to go off. He motioned me to hurry before anyone else came in. We had to make it look real. I quickly moved to the table in front of him. I flung myself on top of the table, my body facing up. I flared my arms around me, propped one leg on the table, the other hanging over the side. The first thing he did was reach under the table, come back up, and fling fake blood on me. He then pulled the same retractable knife that he used from last year from his pocket. I officially became a prop in the room.

He came towards me, placed the retractable knife to my side with his arm over my body. Then he forcefully shoved two of his fingers up my pussy. He began his normal assault that I had been longing for all day. Something that I had been longing for since last Halloween. With perfect memory, he immediately found my g-spot and rubbed furiously. He quickly began to stroke me, moving his fingers in and out, making sure rub my g-spot every time he shoved his fingers back in. he then kept his fingers there, moved his thumb to my clit, and roughly rubbed it. I had been so horny all day that I could already feel the first orgasm began to come over me. As my legs began to twitch, screams came from the other room. Perfect timing.

As the next group entered the room, my body began to writhe in pleasure. Violent shakes ran from my waist to my toes and everything began to vibrate. The good doctor never let his hand leave my pussy, still rubbing my clit vigorously as the orgasm took over my body. He threw his body slightly over so the group thought he was holding me down. He then started stabbing me in the stomach as my body jerked towards him. The girls who had entered the room freaked out when a scream left my mouth, not knowing its true nature. As the orgasm subsided and I stopped shaking, the group left, giving me the opportunity to breathe like a human instead of acting like a prop. But only a couple of seconds of breathing was all he would allow me.

He turned the table around so that my head was now facing him. He grabbed me underneath the shoulders and pulled me towards him enough that my head was hanging off the table. In my new position, I closed my legs so they were both hanging off the table, but no one could see up the dress. He quickly bent down, grabbed something from underneath the table, and threw it on top of my body. With the strobe light going off, I couldn't really tell what it was. Just that it was thick and wet. The good doctor shoved his hand down his pants and pulled his dick out between the flaps in his scrubs. He brought the tip of his head to my mouth and I opened wide. Since no one was in the room, he rocked his hips back and forth slowly, allowing me to work him in my mouth. Small moans escaped his covered mouth as he shoved his hand down my dress and squeezed roughly on my tits. I sucked him like a lollipop, letting my tongue follow the head of his dick whenever it left my mouth. I fought every urge to place my hand up my dress and into my aching pussy, already dying for more activity. I balled my hands into fist instead and sucked on his penis as much as I could.

Soon, I head more people enter the room next to us. He did to. As the next group started to enter the room, he pulled his hands out from under my dress and immediately shoved his hips forward, forcing his dick completely in my mouth and down my throat. My body jerked from the force and he began to play with the material he placed on my stomach. Obviously meant to represent guts. Though I gagged at first, I immediately adjusted to his dick being entirely in my mouth. I used my mouth as a suction cup, tightening my cheek and throat muscles around his dick. He groaned in pleasure and for a second I thought the current group would noticed. But they didn't, assuming it was something else or that the groan was a sadistic sound in conjunction with playing with my guts, and moved on.

I continued to suck, keeping my body as still as possible. But he pulled himself out of me in a grunt and started to move the table back around again. When my head was facing the walkway again, he grabbed me by the waist and flipped me around so that I was on my stomach and my head and arms were thrown over the table. He spread my legs apart and placed the head of his penis at the edge of my pussy. He grabbed my ass, squeezed really hard, and then pushed forward as fast as he could. My head popped up to let out a moan and he immediately pushed it back down. He began to thrust his dick into me, hard and fast, forcing my body to rub up against the table, never letting his hand leave my head. The way he had my legs spread out caused my clit to rub against the table, adding pleasure to his throbbing dick in my pussy. He took his other hand to my waist to hold me down as my body started to move forward.

When a new group began to walk into the room, he immediately thrusted forward, pulled my head up into the air, and brought his body down on top of me. He brought the knife up to my throat and started to pretend that he was going to cut it. I noticed one of the group members motion at my legs. I was sure they were in an awkward and conspicuous position. But the strobe light helped muffle the vision of what was really going on in the room. I took this opportune time to work the muscles in my pussy onto his dick, pulsating and tightening around him. Although the group could not see it because of his mask, I could hear him moan in my ear as I kept contracting the muscles in my vagina.

When the group left, he quickly got back up, pulled me closer to him, and continued to ravage my pussy with his dick. He pushed harder and harder into me, holding me down and near him with both his hands on my ass. I continued to contract my muscles in my pussy around his dick every time he thrust into me. I began to feel the fire in my pussy and my legs start to twitch as the second orgasm began to come over me. As I strained to hold onto the sheet on the table, he increased his speed in his thrust. My vagina immediately began to pulsate, milking his dick with my cum. As my muscles tightened harder around his dick in my orgasm, he shoved himself once more into me, holding on to my waist as he began to cum inside of me. He dropped his body down on top of mine and bit into my shoulder to muffle is groan. I was already biting into the sheet.

I felt his body jerk on top of me as we both started to try and catch our breath. A couple walked in while we laid there breathing. The good doctor never moved. They looked around at everything in the room and then slowly entered the next, slightly confused. When they left, the doctor lifted himself off me and pulled himself out. He placed his dick back inside his pants and began to help me off the table. Once standing, I pushed all the materials off my stomach and let it drop to the floor. He stood there, just staring at me in my disheveled mess. I leaned forward, gave him a peck on his masked covered lips and whispered the only thing I ever say to him.

"See you next year."

I turned around and proceeded to walk out of the haunted house, passing the couple who just saw me and straight through all the other rooms, never stopping. I never paid attention to all the people staring at me in my costume, covered in blood, or cared if they noticed the cum running down my legs. All I cared about was next Halloween.
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