A Hole in One

By SensualDesires83

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Claire slipped her hand between her legs and felt her pussy, running her index finger through. . .
The sun started to peek over the eastern horizon in the distance. It would be rising soon. The birds began to wake and sing their morning calls. The sound of the green’s sprinklers sashayed over the plush lushness as their music gave it its color. The air was nice and crisp and there was a scent wafting gingerly that smelled of cloves. It was just the right temperature; mild enough to thoroughly enjoy naked.

Just the way Claire wanted it.

This was the day for which Claire had longed. She had vowed on her twentieth birthday, she was going to do it. Now, she was sitting on a bench in Vasher’s Fairway waiting for the golfers or even just one. Naked.

Claire had prepared for this moment last night. Everything on her body was now perfect. She had shampooed and conditioned her hair so it was silky soft and fell in waves along her shoulders. She had shaved her long tanned legs and applied lotion to them so they were now just as soft. As were her small perky breasts with their pink centers. Moreover, her pussy was now smooth as glass and velvety to the touch. And she was displaying it proudly.

Claire sat, her bare ass feeling the wooden seat of the bench underneath her, patiently waiting. She looked up to the horizon in the distance again and saw the sunrise start to replace it. There would be a golfer before long. Then there would be another. And yet another. The anticipation of knowing more than one man would see her young naked tender body got her instantly wet. She could feel her natural goodness slowly form and drip to the bench underneath her. Claire slipped her hand between her legs and felt her pussy, running her index finger through her hot crease so that her inner core coated it evenly and heavily. She felt her inner labia even begin to pucker and lengthen as she ran her finger through her sensual wet perforation.

Claire closed her eyes as she felt her tender spot. The combined sound of the birds with the sprinklers clink, clink, clink, and sputter, soothed the erotic moment Claire was having with herself. As her fingers stroked over her perfect vertical smile, her free hand found her small A-cups and began massaging over them, one at a time, until her nipples resembled pink erasers. They highlighted the small roundness of her upper body, actually giving her a slight voluptuous appearance. Claire did like it when her body was very sexually stimulated. Everything seemed to perk and look obviously bigger.

Little did she know, she already had an audience. Well, if one could call one man an audience. An early golfer had walked over the hill onto the fairway and through the green’s irrigation, he watched Claire enjoy herself from the distance where he was standing. As he looked through the water spray, the sight of her touching her velvet entryway mesmerized him, making him stop in his tracks. He could literally see her pussy glisten with her natural wetness as she gently massaged, making her erotic sexual lips move up and down almost in slow motion.

As Claire stopped every so often to let the desirable feelings slowly envelop her, he saw the engorged tender ruffles of her inner flaps slap together naturally so they would have to be pulled apart to get to what was hiding inside them. Which was exactly what he was going to do. He thought, why else would she be naked on a golf course bench?

The golf course’s sprinklers slowly shut off, bringing Claire to open her eyes. As she did, she saw him standing there in the distance watching, almost ogling. She gave him a little sexual smile, but never wavered from feeling her hot pink crevice. A little tingle traveled through her body as she watched him watch her. She even felt a little more of her inner core flow out of her now hot opening. Claire had gotten what she wanted for her birthday. It paid off to finally be the exhibitionist she had always wanted to be. She was glad that she had chosen the golf course to do so.

Slowly, Claire brought her feet up and propped her bare heels on the edge of the bench so she could spread her legs wide to give her viewer a better view of her perfectly smooth barely legal slit. Claire felt her inner stimulate flow out onto the bench seat as she widened her thin thighs, giving a view that all men dreamed of seeing. She let him take in the moment while she contemplated her next move. Even from the distance they were apart, Claire could see the outline of the bulge form inside his pants. He was rather large. Claire moaned just at the sight.

Having let him have his moment staring at her with her legs spread wide, Claire reached down with both hands and slowly spread her pink pussy lips open, revealing the dark crimson color inside. A breeze began to blow slightly and Claire felt the briskness of it cool her wet spot. The hotness that had evaded it, mixed with the cool breeze that blew over it, sent tingles through her that reached places on her whole body often left untouched. If her nipples had not already been hard, she would have felt them lengthen from full body stimulation.

He watched as her long fingers slowly splayed her pink delicacy, the deep crimson inside showing the way to erotic euphoria. And he wished that he was buried deep inside it. His cock was struggling to keep from fully lengthening inside his pants, throbbing against the enclosure that kept it hidden. He had not had a piece of freshness like the one he was staring at right now since he was younger. He was surely looking forward to it.

Claire opened her mouth and let a moan escape, her mouth now matching her widened lips that never spoke a single word. They spoke only sexual syllables instead. She felt the pulsing waves travel from deep inside her body and culminate in tiny orgasmic contractions as she displayed her wet orifice to him. As her vaginal muscle tightened in tiny spasms of pure pleasure, Claire felt it literally draw up inside her. With a long deep sigh, she let it out in one long breath, causing her hot hole to open, almost gape, from the exhilaration of exhibiting herself in a public surrounding. Claire was glad he was watching. And positively reacting.

He could plainly see Claire orgasm, even from the distance they stood apart. The way her crevice pulled inside then relaxed, showing exactly how it would pull on a hard cock sunk inside it, was more than enough for his cock to almost bust the seams of his trousers. He could not take it any longer. His manhood wanted out. He reached to the zipper that was caging his erection and pulled it down, releasing the long hardness hidden within. It felt good to him not to be confined anymore. His cock wanted to be confined in a totally different way.

Claire watched as his cock jutted out of its confinement, and stood at attention. Long and extremely hard, Claire watched as it bounced, throbbed, with each beat his heart took. It was not thick, but it was not thin either. It was somewhere in between. She knew it would fit perfectly inside her tight pinkness. She could almost feel it slide in her now more than ready sexual cavity. She had to have him inside her. She yearned for it. Her pussy wanted it even more than she did. So Claire stood, smiled sensually, and slowly moved her hands down her hot naked body, and then began walking towards him.

Claire’s nakedness was highlighted erotically by the morning sun now beaming down onto the green and delicately onto her. Her feet sunk into the sprinkler soaked green blades, a softness she felt under her soles like that of a fine plush carpet. The wetness on her toes sent tinges of tingles over her whole body that filled the one spot on her body she thought could not get any hotter. But it did.

As Claire slowly put one foot in front of the other, she could literally feel her tender fold slide back and forth in the slickness that slipped delicately out of it, to the point of dripping. As she walked over the all-natural carpet, Claire felt the hot stream of her inner core slide down the inside of her left thigh. The warm path it made as it slid tenderly down sent a rippling effect across her hot skin. Claire was sure he could see the slick trail of stickiness run down her long smooth leg as the sunlight made it glisten with each stride she made towards him.

He watched Claire move straight forward, making bare feet marks in the lush leafy damp ground. As if it was possible, her nakedness seemed to follow her as she strode gingerly over the fairway, evident of her shadow that chased her. He watched as her small perky mounds barely jiggled as she moved. He loved how perfect they were. They matched her perfectly smooth slit; a small top equal to such fresh tightness.

What was walking naked to him obviously did not care if anyone saw her, which got him thinking, she should not have been the only one naked. His erection was already protruding out the front of his pants, so what did it matter if he was naked also? Besides, he wanted to be ready for her arrival anyway. So, as Claire continued to walk leisurely towards him, he began to remove his clothes. One by one, he took each item of clothing off and tossed them on the golf course’s fairway until he bared his body.

Claire continued to stroll unhurriedly across the open fairway and watched as he was now standing nude, like her, waiting for her arrival. The closer she got to him, the more his features came out. He was quite tall, but not lanky, just the way she liked her men. Claire could tell that he was an older gentleman, probably in his middle forties, his full head of dark brown hair graying slightly around the edges. His body was full of life, even with many years on him. The years were obviously good to him and she could tell that he took good care of his middle-aged body. He was in perfect form and so was his aged cock. It excited her to see that a man so advanced could still have an erection that solid. She had often heard the rumors of how some older men needed help to get it up. Not this one. He was perfect. The thought of being with an older gentleman sent a stinging sensation through her young fresh body. It felt good to her that she was able to bring a man of his maturity to attention. It was exhilarating.

When Claire finally made her way to him, there was no small talk, no sounds from each other whatsoever. It was pure lust. They both wanted it so bad, they jumped each other. Claire jumped on him like a gymnast wrapping her legs around the balance beam and letting what was between her legs rock back and forth upon it. She felt her tiny mounds press into his hard chest as he wrapped his arms around her.

She felt the tip of his erection touch her tender engorged labia that could not wait to be wrapped around its stiffness as their mouths found and pressed hard upon each other. He stuck his tongue inside her mouth and immediately, he felt moaning vibrations against his as their tongues intertwined with each other. He felt her tiny breasts, their pink centers, press into his chest as he gripped her ass, spreading her ass cheeks apart slightly, and held her up.

His hand slipped inside her ass crack the least little bit, and he felt the heat of her ass hole and he could not keep his finger from playing with it. His finger circled the ridges of her anus, making her moan deeply as it puckered. Slowly, he stuck his finger inside. Her ass was tight and warm. As he played with her body's exit chute, the hard head of his cock toyed with her dripping sexual lips, her hot pussy juice coating his tender round head, readying it for entry. She was more than ready; he was more than willing; there was no better time than the present.

Claire moaned deeply as his hardness pierced her hot wet entryway. She felt her fiery pink walls consume him as he slowly let his throbbing sexual apparatus sink into her unit until it was buried all the way inside. It felt good to her to have something fill her emptiness. Something other than the toy inside her bedside table drawer that she had begun to get used to. Suddenly, Claire felt whole again. She had always lived for the day when her pussy once again felt full.

He could have cum instantly inside her fresh sexual lips the second he entered them. He held back the urge though as the tightness of her wet hole spread evenly over his firm roundness, wrapping its supple walls around him in a fashion that pleased not only him, but her also. The gripping waves inside her personal chasm pulled on him like she was feeding on him. It felt wonderfully arousing. He felt like he was eighteen again. To have his middle-aged hard cock inside something so young and fresh again excited him in more ways than just one. He remembered feeling the first pussy he had ever felt as his member plunged the depths of Claire's darkness. She felt very much the same as that of his first conquest.

Claire felt his hands on her ass for support as he began to arch his hips to thrust his hard cock into her. From that first movement she felt him make, it made her vaginal muscle wrench around his firm ridges as he thrust hard and deep into her. She let out a little whimper as the pressure of his hardness filled her, making the sound escape against her will. She never could have held it inside even if she had wanted; the way he plunged his hard penis inside her made her whelp naturally.

He loved the little sound Claire made as his feet dug into the soft green grass of the course's fairway as another way of support, coupled with his hands spreading her ass crack. With her legs wrapped tightly around him, he bounced her heavily upon his erection. Up and down, he felt his hard cock slide in and out of her wet pink crevice. He loved how her sexual lips rolled over his firmness, massaging every ripple on his long shaft. Her natural moisture coated him evenly with each insertion he made. There was certainly something to be said for fresh young pussy. It was always nice, warm, and inviting.

Claire felt the dampness of her hot box fall over him as her inner divide took him balls deep. She felt his large round sexual rocks slap against her pussy as he pushed hard into her. She started to dig the heels of her feet into the small of his back and she pulled harder on his neck in an effort to support herself. He was pounding into her harder and harder now and she found herself slipping with each movement. It was just making it harder for her to hold on.

Suddenly, Claire felt herself being lowered to the grass. She felt the coolness of the fairways wet damp blades on her hot back as she sank slowly into its lushness. Instantly, she spread her legs wide, felt her back slide in the moist softness of the fairway from the friction of his heavy body on top of her, and felt him plunge his cock deeper into her. As he drew it out of her in a long gliding motion, her body jolted as she felt the tip of his erection drag across a spot inside her that had never been touched. In surprise, Claire let out another whelp of sexual satisfaction. It did not stop though. Every time he jammed his hard rod into her, and proceeded to back it out, she felt it. And every time, the same jolting feeling enveloped her and began to make her sweat.

He felt the change inside her pliable pink walls as well every time he pulled outward. He felt her body cringe under him as his hard cock whisked over the soft spongy spot inside her blazing glory. It gave willingly more each time he slid over it and the sound she made with each pass let him know she was enjoying it. It made him even harder inside her. He loved that feeling.

Claire began to get wetter as she felt his cock stiffen even more. She was amazed a man of his age could be so hard. Some of the young guys she had let in never got as hard as what she was receiving right now. For once in her life, Claire finally felt what it was like to truly get fucked. His advanced years certainly did speak experience and he was giving her something she never had. He was giving her the real thing, not just another hard cock. Oh no, she was getting much more than that from him. And he had found a spot inside her no young penis had ever found. It was safe to say that he was special.

He kept the pace inside her young pussy the same, even as he lowered his lips to one of her tiny nipples and began to suck on it. Her nipple was already hard from stimulation and he could literally taste the blood rushing to it as his tongue circled over it, flicking it slightly with its tip. As he flicked her hard nipple with what was inside his mouth that covered the center of her small firm mound, he could feel the counterpart between her legs come out of hiding as his body connected to hers. The hard pink nub poked him slightly on his abdomen’s skin as their bodies slapped together. He could feel the erectness of it as it rubbed slightly as they touched. He could tell it sent shivers through her body as her clit was stimulated by the hot touch of their erotic friction.

The moment his body touched her hard pink clit, Claire felt the tiny hairs, where there was some on her body, rise in perfect form. The bumps that formed underneath them became highly sensitive and as his body rubbed over them in places, the stinging sensation traveled through her, sending her into a heavenly filled euphoria that only she felt. That feeling, coupled with the newly found spot deep inside her hot pinkness that his hardness slowly trailed across, led to a new experience she had never felt her body perform. The feeling was an intense feeling that ran deeper inside her than when her body told her that she was on the verge of an orgasm. If Claire was now headed in that direction, her body was telling her something different.

The change in Claire’s body was evident as he continued his strong rhythmic propulsions into her hot orifice. He could feel the tender puckers on her skin as he slowly connected with her, pushing her hot body into the soft lavish green of the closely mown area where their sexually stimulated bodies pressed their impressions. He could feel the small bumps on one of her small mounds as his hand slowly massaged its perkiness. Again, he felt the shudder go through her as his hand pressed, the vibrations of it filling his hand as he felt her smallness up. He could tell that her body was reacting in a way that she was not accustomed. It was surprising her.

Claire lay there, feeling the cutting edge of the grass’s leaves dig into her back as he persistently pounded into her starting to spasm love muscle. She began to breathe quicker and deeper as she felt the pressure of her eminent orgasm forming. At least that is what she thought it was. The feeling was totally different than any orgasm she was used too. Of course, all of her orgasms were never the same, but she could always tell when she was going to have one.

This new feeling was beginning to build inside of her. It felt like a bubble deep inside her that started to grow at a snail’s pace. The heat inside her body began to slowly release. Claire could feel the beads of perspiration form on the outside of her skin. It was not cold outside, but she could feel the air of the outdoor surroundings cool her body as he pulverized her pink inlet with his hard cock, still hitting the same spongy spot that sent the compressing feeling inside her grow even bigger.

The feeling of her pussy, as he delved into it even more, began to pull on him harder and quicker. He could feel the change inside her soft walls. He could tell that her orgasm was building and that her body was preparing for a release she had never before felt. He had felt many a woman’s orgasm develop as he was concealed inside them, but Claire’s was different and he could tell by her body language that she was trying to get used to the one she was going to have.

He was almost certain that she did not know what to expect. In all honesty, he did not know what to expect himself. He had never hit a spongy spot inside a hot pussy before, but he was with her, and it was giving her a new invigorating feeling. Also, as he felt the tip of his erection creep over it, it made him extra hard and he could feel the spasm that sparked his eminent eruption.

Claire loved the feeling that her body was under, although it was all new to her. She knew now that she was on the verge of a new orgasm that excited her immensely. She started to wonder what it was going to feel like as the simmering vesicle inside her was now beginning to get bigger. She could feel it expand with the blood rushing through her veins in rapid succession. The moans began to exit her mouth in perfect harmony, forming syllables she had never heard herself make. It was because his cock inside her pussy was rock hard and the slight curve of it stroked over that giving area it found inside her warm indentation. Claire knew that her body had already entered the second stage of sexual bliss without warning. She longed for its release

Claire began to hear her inner thoughts echo in her head as the feeling consumed her. They began to jumble into one huge lump. The growing sensation had finally reached its full size and it needed to be released. Claire's pussy had never quivered like it was doing now. She felt the constrictions inside her now less than private place wrap hard around his long shaft; the walls of it pulsing against his roundness with rhythmic desire.

Claire dug her fingers into the soft grass and gripped the still wet blades until her knuckles turned white. She arched her back into it as well and turned her head, closing her eyes as the moment consumed her. With a deep breath and a loud moan, she broke the seam on the bubble that had filled her body. Immediately, shaking sensations traveled through her until they reach her inner sanctum. These sensations made her body cringe where the pulses culminated in an intense feeling causing her to grunt loudly in an orgasmic spasm that literally exploded, scaring her when her orgasm was unleashed in a hot gush.

Claire had never felt her pussy come like a fountain. The feeling was so intense as her pussy pushed out every luscious drop of her inner goodness. The contractions of her inner muscle pulsing back and forth left her in an awesome state of ecstasy. The feeling that traveled through her whole being consumed her, making her tight fists pull upward, forming her own personal divots in the fairway. She bucked her body as the last remaining gooey globules trickled out of her God-given slit that his hard cock had slipped out of to let her personal river flow. As Claire felt her warm orgasmic liquid flow out of her hot engorged pink sexual lips, her arms floated over her upper torso, dropping the green blades and the dirt that mixed with them over her small mounds. As they fell upon her perspiring skin, the sting of them sent prickles over her now relaxing body.

It had been a long time since he had made a woman squirt, and he welcomed the sight, especially since she was so young and vibrant. He had no choice but to pull out of Claire’s palpitating pinkness as she discharged her sexually satisfying stimulate. The force behind its expulsion would not allow him to continue inside of her; he had to wait until she was through. He watched as the clear fluid jetted out in warm gushes and trailed off to an oozing path that coated her plump labia. Once he saw that, he knew he could enter her again and finally fill her hot canal with his full load.

Claire lied there reeling in her plateau and once again felt his hardness fill her satisfied, highly sensitive sexual lips. She could not wait to feel his hot core coat her flushed insides. She longed to feel the warm jets of him splash against the walls of her already climaxed interior. Claire could not remember the last time she let a guy cum inside her. It was going to be a welcome feeling when he did.

He could feel her internal muscle once again wrap around him as he jabbed his rigid manhood inside her. The feeling of Claire’s highly drenched trough still tight around him pulled in waves and he knew that he was going to explode with such force, it was going to feel like a never-ending geyser. He already felt the spasm start in his spine and his balls tighten and rise in his sack, preparing him for the moment. He felt his cock begin to throb even more, the blood rushing through it with each beat his heart made. He slowed his rhythm so he could feel his sexual solution fill the base of his shaft. He pumped into her still moist fleshly crater, once, twice, and finally a third time when he groaned, the muscles on his neck flexing, and erupted strong streams of his nucleus shooting deep into her.

Claire felt the hot spurts of his love liquid splatter her intimate divide deeply, glazing her pink interior with warmness. She loved the feeling of how each strong emission landed inside her and tickled a warm trail over her inner walls until his cum pooled in one spot. Claire could feel the pool of his inner core linger there at the base of her crevice. It felt good there, still warm and very inviting. The feeling of having his cum inside her invigorated her young freshness and gave her a sense of security in her sexuality.

Claire looked up and smiled at him as he straddled her body with is arms. She felt his cock slowly subside within in her deep crevice, the roundness of him slowly going down as the blood exited it. As she felt his now flaccid penis finally slip from her hot opening, a little of her leftover residue, mixed with his, slowly escaped. She felt it seep out and run down her perineum until it dripped on the soft grass beneath her. Her body now had a second reason to come down from a high, having now been filled with such sweetness. Her body had been enveloped by pure natural lust and it was a good feeling to her to know she could give a middle-aged man a thrill.

He slowly collapsed beside Claire lying in the soft plushness of the golf course’s fairway. He loved how her young naked stretched out body looked lying beside his advanced one. The smoothness of her tight glowing skin, her small breasts still perky and protruding into the morning sunlight, and the glistening of her still wet sexual crease all combined to show off a more than sexually satisfied body. It showed pure beauty.

Claire lay there, her eyes closed, thinking just how satisfied she was and how doing something so risky led to such awesome wonder. She had pulled off something she had wanted to do for a long time and it paid off. The bench sitting across from where she and he now lied had, indeed, been the start of something new for her. She was glad that she had chosen it. Furthermore, Claire was glad she had chosen the golf course.

Slowly, she opened her eyes and first glanced at him lying beside her. Then she saw what had gathered around, staring. Golfers. Many of them. Claire gave a shy sly smile, but she had received what she wanted. She did not have to have every golfer that was around looking to satisfy her exhibitionist behavior. The one she had lying beside her was enough. With him, she had celebrated her twentieth birthday. What better way to score a hole-in-one!