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A Hot Night Abroad

Jess and I cool off in the hottest way possible.
The fourth night in our resort hotel was a hot one. Jess and I kicked the covers off the bed, and opened the third floor windows as wide as we could. For over an hour we lay, tossing and turning, in the sweltering heat.

“I can’t get used to this climate.” I moaned to Jess, lying next to me stark naked and spread eagle.

She murmured her agreement. I glanced at the clock; it was 2am. Out of the open windows, the moon was full and bathing the room in an eerie glow. The night was still and calm, with not a breath of wind. I was gutted.

I walked to the window and looked out at the night; the moonlight was rippling on the swimming pool below. I walked over to the bed and picked up my shorts, while Jess half-opened one eye in puzzlement.

“Where are you going at this time?” She asked me, as I stepped into my shorts.

“We.” I corrected her.

Jess sat up in the bed, leaning on her elbows, and looked at me as I picked up her bikini from the floor.

We are going downstairs. We are going for a splash in the nice cool pool, out there.” I told her, throwing her bikini at her.

Jess gave me a confused look for a second, one eyebrow raised, without moving. I grabbed her ankles and pulled her down the bed towards me. She squeaked quietly, and opened her mouth to protest when I kissed her full on the lips. She stopped her protests and kissed me back without a word.

I broke the kiss and slapped her leg encouragingly, gesturing to her bikini. She seemed far more willing now, as she skipped into her bottoms. She picked up her top, white with red polka dots to match her bottoms, and murmured quietly.

I was about to ask her what was wrong when she shrugged and threw her top back on the bed, dismissively. She turned to me, beaming, and bounced on her heels. Her ample breasts rippled with the movement.

“I don’t need that, do I?” she asked, rhetorically, seizing my hand.

In that moment, I could have done so many things to her. Instead, I bit my lip and let her lead me out of our room, watching her fantastic arse sway ahead of me with each faultless step. I had to slap it, just once or twice. She giggled.

Jess walked me out of the building purposefully, never looking around, and within minutes we’d reached the pool, uneventfully. She kissed me on the edge of the pool, and our hands explored each other. Jess held my hands, pulling out of our kiss, and leaned back over the water. I held her, suspended as the moonlight kissed off her pale skin. Our eyes met. I released her.

Jess hit the water with a splash, gasping as she surfaced and shaking the hair out of her face. She stood up in the shallow water, and water droplets glittered all over her in the pale glow; they trailed down her body and over her bare breasts. I slid into the pool in front of her, taking a hold of her hips immediately and pulling her towards me. The water was refreshingly cool, but Jess had my skin on fire.

We kissed passionately, and her painted nails gripped my chest as her hips were pulled into mine. I spun us around, pressing Jess against the pool wall. Her foot stroked my leg under the water, her hands caressing my chest, while mine gripped her arse and our hips were meeting with small gyrations.

Jess pushed me away, swimming across the pool breast-stroke. The irony was not lost on me. She rolled over, her chest breaking the water and shining in the light. It was glorious. She motioned for me to follow and I gave chase. She continued on her back, smiling to see me ogling her breasts, as we swam out into the deeper water. I got closer and closer to her until I could almost reach her kicking feet.

I reached out quickly and seized her ankle. She squealed a little as I pulled her back to me, sitting up in the water to meet her. I realised quickly that the water was too deep, as Jess wrapped her legs around my waist and locked onto me. We were sinking.

Our tongues entwined and Jess’ hands gripped my back tightly, hugging her body to mine. We sunk into the pool, my feet searching for the bottom as the water came over our locked lips.I was amazed to find Jess was undeterred. We kissed deeply as the water came over our heads, Jess’ body still locked around mine tightly.

My feet finally made contact with the pool bottom, and I kicked so our heads were out of the water. My girl only left my lips to gasp for air quickly, before her tongue was searching mine again. Franticly, I began to tread water to keep us afloat. Leaning back, with Jess’ body locked around mine, I could just about keep us above the water, as her hands explored my body. I was glad she was so petite.

I swam backwards, towards the shallow water. Jess hugged me tightly, teasing me with kisses and nibbles around my neck. Her fingers dug into my back and her crotch ground against me. She teased me the whole way, giggling in my ear as her body tormented mine. I couldn’t wait to get the use of my limbs back.

At last, the water was shallow enough to walk, and I paddled us back towards the pool edge. My hands were now free and I held her to me with one hand, while the other snaked under her arse. My fingers found her labia, puffy and clinging to her bottoms. I teased along their length.

“There’s someone up there.” Jess whispered in my ear, looking behind me. “They’re watching us.”

She finally looked down at me, her body still and unsure, with worried look in her eyes.

“So let’s give ‘em something to watch.” I teased.

Jess’ eyes lit up at my words, a new look crossed her face and her bottom lip disappeared between her teeth. She stroked my shaft again, more urgently now, and kissed me aggressively. Her hand gripped my manhood, rubbing the head between her thumb and her palm.

A single toe of Jess’ right food hooked into my shorts, deliberately. With a deft movement I could hardly believe, she slid my shorts down my body and to the bottom of the pool. Her crotch instantly found my shaft, her bikini bottoms grinding against it earnestly. She hugged me tightly, with arms and legs, and our lips met in frenzy. As our tongues collided, she started to slide herself up and down my shaft. She pushed into me, my manhood parted her outer labia, and her whole body rose and fell with the effort of grinding against me.

My back bumped into the side of the pool and at last I stood up, leaning back against the wall. My hand immediately gripped Jess’ hair, which trailed down her back, and pulled her lips from mine. The other held her arse and pressed her harder against me as I could finally rock back against her.

I spun her around and pulled the string at her hip. Her bottoms fell away as I sat her down on the side of the pool. Her puffy pink lips were at last exposed to me, though Jess had other plans. She sat forward and grabbed my hair, pulling me into a kiss.

My hands found her breasts and groped them roughly, to Jess’ contented murmurings. I massaged and kneaded them both until I forced my lips away from her mouth and latched onto her breasts. Jess kept her grip on my hair. She moaned happily, her head falling back, as my tongue met her nipple rapidly.

My hands pushed her flat on her back and grasped her breasts on the way down. Jess didn’t resist. She stroked my head and murmured softly, though I noticed her glance back towards the hotel. I followed her gaze. Above us, silhouetted on the balcony, was the unmistakable shape of our voyeur.

I dived into Jess’s slit. My face was buried in her lips, as my tongue gently probed her entrance. She hissed through her teeth and her chest rose off the concrete floor. Her hands released my hair, urgently squeezing her heavy breasts. I licked her swollen lips along their length, parting them with the pressure, until I settled at her clit. My tongue flicked it repeatedly, strumming her little button to make her hips lurch up towards me. My mouth sealed around her, sucking her clit hard. A short, loud moan escaped her lips before I could gag her.

Licking her softly, I stroked her lips with my left hand. She only cooed at the slight touch. I brushed her clit, worked back down her lips and pressed inside her gently. She tightened around me and her body stiffened, as I tickled her entrance. I removed my fingers and my tongue returned to its place, licking her moistened lips.

I pushed my fingers into her mouth and she sucked them greedily. I gagged her with my left hand while my right went to her entrance, circling it teasingly. Her hips squirmed under my touch and my tongue teased her clit, flicking it only once and returning to her lips. Jess whimpered and moaned with frustration, gripping my hair again and trying to force my mouth around her button.

I relinquished and allowed her to push me into her folds; her love juice smeared over my face as I was ground against her, until I finally reached her clit. My lips locked around her and I attacked her clit with my tongue, simultaneously pushing my fingers into her to the knuckle.

“Yes! GOD!” echoed from the hotel walls, as she shouted out around my hand, inhaling deeply before I could silence her again.

I refused to stop, adding a third finger inside her and increasing the assault on her clit. Jess’ body came alive and began to thrash against me while she moaned into my hand. She leaked cum around my hand as I frigged her, coating her thighs and my face with her excitement. Her breathing was deep and heavy, her hands were forcing me into her hot slit and I was loving every second, knowing she was so close to her orgasm.

Soon only one hand held my hair, as another was moved to her chest. Looking up, I could just see her head thrown back and her wild hair past her mauled breasts. She began to quiver against me and her body bucked in waves. Our eyes met again as I nibbled her clit, hers wide with a burning hunger.

Jess’ climax came violently, with a desperate attempt to throw me off. Her torso threw itself into the air, followed by her hips, and I felt her legs kick out of the water to point to the sky. Her thighs clamped around my head, holding me and my dancing tongue in place, as I frigged her through her orgasm. I barely managed to keep her mouth clamped shut as she thrashed against me, shouting into my hand and biting my fingers.

I lapped at her lips, swollen and sensitive, while she wound down from her high. I stroked her thighs and let her body recover while her breathing returned to normal. She sat up on the pool’s edge, pulling me up to meet her, and we kissed feverishly.

My hands stroked her body and found every inch of her hot and sweaty; her legs squeezed my hand tightly and she jumped a little as I stroked her sensitive clit. We broke our kiss and I climbed out of the pool, pulling Jess to her feet. We left her bottoms where they lay, wet and abandoned.

“They’re gone.” She murmured, with a slightly disappointed tone.

She was looking up for our voyeur, but the balcony was empty. I glanced around the pool area for a second, grabbing Jess’ hand and leading her towards the sun loungers. We kissed and our tongues wrestled again as Jess’s body was quickly ready again. Her hands found my chest and she scratched lightly, pressing her nails into my skin.

I spun her around, with an arm across her chest, and buried my face in her neck. She gasped happily as I kissed and bit her, her hair tickling my face. She pushed her arse back, into me, and rubbed against my manhood teasingly, giggling.

I turned her head by the chin and pointed her towards the main door to the pool area. There, cast in shadow, stood a figure watching us. Jess’ whole body stiffened at the sight, her breath catching in her throat.

“He’s back.” I told her.

She didn’t respond for a second, but I soon felt her arse begin to work back against me again. I went back to her neck and she moaned appreciatively.

“He?” she asked me, curious.

“Look closely.” I told her, kissing the nape of her neck.

“Oh.” Jess squeaked, a small yet telling noise.

The man’s shadow was cast across the floor, showing his cock in his hand. I guessed from her small noise and the way her hand wrapped around my manhood that Jess had noticed.

I pushed Jess down onto the lounger in front of us. She grunted, landing on her hands and knees, and looked back at me with that hungry look in her eyes. I positioned myself behind her and teased her slit, gliding along the inside of her thighs and pressing gently against her. Her arse wiggled appreciatively as she tried to take me. I avoided her searching entrance, sliding along her lips instead and slapping my shaft against her clit.

Jess’ eyes were locked forward, fixated on our guest, as her hands reached behind her, groping for a hold of me. She found my arse and pulled me closer, moaning quietly and encouraging me. I pushed my cockhead against her entrance, but I held myself in place there. She tutted impatiently while my hands stroked her arse and her back, finding her breasts. I squeezed them tightly together, just as Jess pulled my length inside her, impatiently.

She shuddered and gasped. She inhaled deeply and held the breath in as I instantly fucked her hard. We were both ready to go and Jess’s obvious excitement at our voyeur had my body burning. I was ready to give her what she wanted; oh, how we wanted it.

I started hard and fast, holding her breasts tightly and pushing into her to the last inch. She exhaled heavily after a few seconds, gasping for another breath, as I grabbed her hair in my right hand and yanked her head back. I leaned forward, inches from her ear, and whispered to her as I held her there.

“It’s all for you, Jess. He’s stroking it for you.” She gasped for another breath, as I bit her neck. “Are you gonna let him waste it?”

I leaned back, letting my words sink in, and focused on controlling my rhythm. Jess soon began to respond; her breathing became a little steadier, but ragged; her body met my thrusts vehemently; her hips ground into me each time I bottomed out; her right hand rubbed her clit furiously and her moans grew louder and louder.

I only held onto her, by hair and hip, and kept up my pace. Occasionally, I’d lean down to kiss and bite her neck and shoulder. I admired the view, my cock sheathing in and out of her with ease; the way her arse rippled with every thrust and the shock wave took her whole body; her pale skin glistening in the moonlight. As she got hotter and hotter, Jess became more vocal. She urged me on, calling for it harder and faster. The shadow by the door was jerking furiously and Jess was watching his every movement.

“Bring that cock over here! Don’t you dare hide it!” she called to the figure in the darkness, stumbling on her words, as I thrust into her a little harder than she was expecting.

The figure stopped moving suddenly, caught off guard.

“And don’t you dare stop stroking it!” she yelled, pushing back into me hard enough that I almost stumbled.

Our audience stepped out of the shadows, walking towards us. He was a bit older than us, though not by much. He was of average build and pretty non-descript. He looked terrified. But his cock was still in his hands.

Jess watched him approach and she fucked against me harder. I increased my own pace to match. She groaned heavily and her eyes closed for a second, as I pulled her head back to face me. We kissed quickly and I eased my grip again. Her eyes went back to the cock being stroked not 6 feet away from her. She licked her lips and moaned with a whimper. I knew what she wanted.

I grabbed Jess’ hips and rolled her over. She landed on her back, and I was immediately inside her again. Her arse hung over the edge of the lounger slightly and I pushed straight back into her, holding her legs over my shoulders and pulling her onto my cock with each thrust.

Jess hung her head over the side of the lounger, watching our guest jerk off upside down, moaning and swearing with each hard, heavy thrust. Her finger dancing on her clit and another in her mouth, she was riding the edge. It wouldn’t take much to throw her over it.

The guy ahead of us was close, he was about to cum I could tell. I nodded to him and scratched Jess’ thighs to get her attention.

“Tell him what to do, Jess. Quickly!” I told her.

Her legs gripped me and she took her finger out of her mouth, motioning him closer. He stumbled forward, and her tongue lolled out of her mouth, as her finger tapped it and stroked her face.

“I want it right here!” She moaned, her words stumbling a little. “Give it to me!”

She lay there in front of him, taking a hard fuck and madly strumming her clit while she licked her finger, demanding his cum. I don’t blame him for not lasting a whole lot longer.

As the first rope of his cum landed on her cheek, I felt Jess’ orgasm break. Her whole body shuddered again, lurching and thrashing, and she virtually shrieked out a long “yes”. The second streak hit her chest, which lurched again, and I felt her inner walls grip me tightly, massaging my cock to the edge too.

Jess’s whole body was beyond control and convulsing as the third streak finally found her open mouth. Her tongue quickly sought the fourth as it hit her lips, she was so desperate to taste it. Her sex was tighter than I’d known and pulsing violently. I pulled out of her before she took me over the edge, as our guest wrung the last droplets onto Jess’s chest.

I was too close to wait any longer. I reached forward, grabbed Jess’ hair and pulled her up to face me. I pushed myself into her mouth and her eyes widened suddenly. She convulsed even harder, her whole body rippling with her orgasm, as I came too.

She had two fingers buried inside her slit and she still rubbed her clit with the other hand. I pulled out of her mouth and let my load coat her. Her tongue lolled willingly out of her wide open mouth, as my cum landed all over her face. I seized her hair as my pulsating subsided and pushed myself into her mouth again. She accepted me willingly, sucking my cock to its finish and licking me clean.

Jess's own orgasm petered out and she released me with a smacking of the lips, sighing heavily. She fell back onto the lounger, exhausted, and saw that our guest had left already. I sat down too, collapsing onto the lounger behind me, and I watched my girl. My beautiful girl, the image now somewhat ruined by the cum plastered over her.

She sat up on her elbow and rubbed the residue from her labia gently. She tasted her hand and moaned happily.

“I know that flavour.” We both smiled.

She cleaned her face, licking what she could and wiping up the rest before licking her hand again.

“I recognise this one, too.” She said.

She wiped the cum from her chest next with one finger, sucking it clean.

“That one I don’t know.” She giggled, biting her finger.

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