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A Little Outdoor Fun

I meet a teen whore
I scan the Craigslist ads for casual encounters. This being London, there are loads of them. Every so often I click on one. I respond to a couple, but most are just bullshit.

Then one catches my eye. It says “Schoolgirl for outdoor fun.” I click on it.

“6form schoolgirl wants to meet guy for outdoor fun. I’m offering outdoor blowjob. Compensation needed. Email me with a time and your location in the subject.”

I click respond. I send her my a little info about me as well as “8:00pm Kentish Town.” I attach a photo of my face to the email.

About five minutes later I get a response. The email has her phone number on it as well as a photo attached. I open the photo and the girl is a very pretty black girl with long hair that has different colors in it. I can tell this is going to be great. I get out my phone and dial the number.

A sweet voice answers, “Hello?”

“Hello. This is Chase. You just emailed me. I’m 8:00 at Kentish Town.”

“Okay, right. I’m Shana.”

“Nice to meet you. How are you getting here?”

“I’m coming on the Overground. I will get off at the Kentish Town West station. Can you meet me there?”


“Then we can find a place for a little fun.”

“Sounds great. Just one more thing, how much compensation?”

“I don’t know. How much do you want to give me?”

“Say twenty quid and you do what I ask. I won’t ask you to do anything too bad.”

“Okay, yeah, that sounds great to me. I can’t wait to see you, baby. Bye.”

“Bye.” I hang up and spend the next hour and a half feeling a bit jittery and trying to relax. I’m excited. I haven’t had my cock played with in a while and I can’t wait to have a pretty girl play with it. Finally the time gets close and I walk out of the house.

It takes me about ten minutes to walk to the Kentish Town West Overground station. As I walk, I take a twenty pound note out of my wallet and slip it into my pocket, making it easier to hand her the money. After getting to the station I stand across the road and watch the station’s exit.

After waiting about five minutes I see Shana step out of the station. She stands for a moment then gets out her cell phone. A moment later I feel my phone buzzing in my pocket. I quickly answer and tell her to just stay put for a minute, because I can see her.

I walk across the road and up to her. “Hello, I’m Chase.”

She turns and smiles at me. “Hi, I’m Shana.” She gives me a quick kiss on the lips.

I slide my arm around her waist and say, “Shall we find somewhere?”

“Yeah.” We turn and walk away in the direction of Chalk Farm. There is a park right next to the station, and she looks at it and says, “In there?”

“No there isn’t any cover, but let's stop at the corner in the dark there and I will get you to do something for me.”


“How old are you?”

“I’m 16 almost 17.”

“Oh, wow. Why are you doing this? Getting paid to suck cock?”

“Well a couple of my friends have done it, and they sort of talked me into it.”

“How many times have you done this before?”

“This is my first time.”

“Oh, well I hope it’s good.” I stop just up from the corner of the park, in the dark. She stands next to me and looks around a bit nervous.

“You want to do it here?” she asks.

“No, but I do want to you to take your top off.” She stares at me. “You can put your jacket on, but not zipped up. That way if we run into anyone you can easily cover up.”

“Oh, okay.” She unzips her jacket and hands it to me. Then she takes off her t-shirt and bra. She has great tits. They look like a 32C or so. She has cute little chocolate nipples. I reach out and feel them. Damn, they feel good. I hand her the jacket and as she starts to put it on I stop her. I take her shirt and bra from her and say, “Just keep it over your arm for now.”

I put my hand in my pocket, take out the money and slide it into one of the back pockets of her jeans. She smiles at me and says, “Thanks.”

I slide my hand around her waist again and we keep walking. She is starting to enjoy the idea of walking around topless. I look at her and say, “Enjoying being an exhibitionist?”

She laughs and says, “Yeah, that’s why I’m here. I like the idea of having sex in public.”

We walk and look at a few places, but see no one. We turn a corner, and we see some bushes near a wall. There is a space between the bushes and the wall. We slide into it. I push her up against the wall and kiss her. She pushes against me, kissing back.

I lean down and start to suck on her beautiful little nipples, my hand running over her crotch. I undo her belt and fly and slide my hand into her panties and feel her shaved pussy. She’s wet.

Then she turns us and I’m the one against the wall and she kneels in front of me. Then she stops, reaches into a jacket pocket and comes out with her phone. She hands it to me and says, “I need you to record this on video, so I can show all my friends.”

I grin and say, “Only if you send me a copy of it.”

“Of course.” Then she has my cock out and is sucking on me. I look down at her through the camera phone. She can really suck cock well. She is playing with the head of my dick. Sucking it in a little then licking the length of my cock. She licks my balls. Her mouth feels great.

“Look at the camera and tell me what you are doing?”

“I’m sucking your cock.”

“Why are you sucking my cock?”

“Because you paid me twenty quid.”

“Then that makes you a little whore doesn’t it?


“Say it.”

“I’m a little whore who sucks cock for money.”

“Good girl. Now stop using your hands.” She lowers her hands from my cock and starts to take more of me in her mouth. I slide my free hand to the back of her head and push down as far as I can on my cock. I slowly start to thrust it in and out of her mouth. She gags a little at first then she gets used to my cock going down her throat.

I groan and look up. I can see a group of people walking down the street. I pan the camera up and film them walking past not more then five feet from where I have a teenage whore sucking my cock. Then I pan back down to her sucking me.

Now I start really fucking her face. She reaches behind me and grabs my ass, as I thrust in and out of her amazing mouth. I can feel myself getting close, and I tell her. I’m fucking her face faster now.

Then it happens I start to cum hard. It feels like gallons of cum. She chokes and pulls off swallowing. The rest of my cum lands on her face.

“Holy shit that was a lot of cum.”

“Look in the camera and blow us a kiss.”

She looks up at me and blows the camera a kiss. Then she stands up. I expect her to try and clean up her face, but she doesn’t. “Why aren’t you cleaning up?”

“Well I’m going to leave it there to show my friends.”

I grin at that and we start to walk back to the station. I pause at a dumpster briefly and while she watches I throw her shirt and bra in. She asks me to take a few photos of her topless in public with cum on her face. I take the photos then we walk back towards the station. We pause a moment so she can put on her jacket. Then we walk the rest of the way to the station. She hugs me and walks in.

A few hours later when I’m back at my house I get an email from her with the video and the photos.

About two weeks later I read an article in one of the free papers on the tube. It is about a group of five girls who were expelled from school after they were caught whoring themselves out on Craigslist.

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