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A London Train

A story that results from the lady exposing herself on a London train. Read exposing myself to see
It was my first time visiting London and I wasn't sure what to expect but luckily I had a couple of female friends who had been there before and said they would love to go again. We had only been there two days and of course the girls had begun planning all the things we should be seeing or places we should visit. I was up for that but the first thing they wanted to do was go shopping! So that was the plan for the day, shuffling through the busy stores crowded with other tourists buying souvenirs and such. Not my idea of fun but I knew it couldn’t be only about what I wanted to do so I quietly went along.

I will never forget it, Marble Arch, that’s where we boarded the train. We shuffled aboard as the trains passengers were busily getting on and off, going about their daily routines. We sat down and the girls were immediately pouring over the brochures of best shopping places in the area. I tried to look interested but it was hard, then my eyes were drawn to a woman sitting directly across from us. She was wearing an extremely short skirt that was riding quite high and her blouse seemed to be undone. She had the sexiest pair of legs you have ever seen and I was trying hard not to stare, but it was useless, she had me captivated. I kept shifting to get a better angle without letting on what I was doing, after all the last thing I needed was to be arrested in a foreign country for being a peeping tom. It also helped relieve the pressure beginning to bulge in my jeans.

Then suddenly she shifted her position, uncrossing her legs allowing an almost uninterrupted view of her most precious parts. I thought I had been caught so I quickly shifted my gaze, but my eyes could not stop looking. God! She was the hottest thing I had seen in years! Then before I knew it she had shifted again exposing the prettiest site in all of London!

I could clearly see the cleanly shaven pussy with its sweet lips hiding just beneath the small piece of fabric. It was breath taking and it was almost glistening as if it was getting as turned on as I was. Now I was struggling to keep my composure, my hard on was raging so much so that I had to shift my hands down to cover it up. Fuck! Does this girl realize what she is doing to me? Or just maybe she is doing it on purpose, either way it was driving me insane.

She was reading her book and she seemed to be squirming a little. Was it because it was such a good book or was it because she knew she was driving my cock crazy in my pants! She lifted her arms to cough and exposed her open blouse just enough for me to see her hard nipples pressing against the tight fabric. Damn, they were as hard as I was, she was doing this on purpose!

My cock was about to explode and I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to hide it! If her hands fall down anywhere close to her pussy it was going to get very messy on that train. I was sure her pussy was starting to glisten more and more as we went along, just as my pants were getting wetter. The train slowed down as it was nearing the next stop and all I could do was think please don’t let this be her stop!

But alas it was! She quickly hopped to her feet and slipped out of the train giving me a sly smile as she passed through the doors. Then she was gone. The trained moved away from the stop and I was left covering my aching hard on so no one would notice. I told the girls we need to get off at the next stop because I have to relieve myself. They agreed and at the next stop we quickly got off and went into the first shop we came to. I rushed over to the sales lady grabbing a pair of pants and a shirt to try on asking for a room. She smiled and said certainly noticing my attempt to cover up my bulge. She gave me one in the far corner and smiled again as she unlocked the door. I quickly said thanks and entered closing the door behind me, immediately ripping off my jeans to allow my cock to spring free. Within seconds I was pumping my shaft furiously all the while imagining she was right there with me. I turned to face the full length mirror as cum explodes from the tip of my swollen cock, spraying thick jets of cum all over it. All I could do was imagine her lying on the other side with her legs spread wide, her blouse wide open, tits exposed and my jets of cum spraying her shaven pussy. All the while her fingers are fucking her pussy as she cums in unison with me, pussy juice dripping from her sweet lips. The passengers on the train able to do nothing be stare in amazement.

Not knowing what to do next I quickly got dressed and left the dressing room where the sales lady met me immediately and asked how they fit. Looking a little flustered I just said I’d take them. She smiled once again and led me to the register so I could pay. Two hundred and fifty dollars later I was done! As she put my clothes in a bag she leaned over the counter winked and whispered.

“Don’t worry I’ll clean it up, but next time don’t be in such a hurry, after all I might like to make sure they length is right!”

She had been watching me through a slit in the door; I guessed my grunting gave me away!

I rode that train everyday for the next two weeks hoping to see her one more time before I left London but she never showed. Of all the beautiful things I had seen during my trip that was by far the prettiest site in London!

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