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A Long Hard Look (part 5)

The eyes are more than windows to the soul.

I couldn't speak. I was proper shocked as he sat down next to me.
"Judy! Bloody hell, is Ross really your brother's friend like?"
"He is, they've been friends since college," I answered, not able to take my eyes off him. Mmm, he was the gorgeous stud that I face fucked 2 hours ago. Now we're in the same household together. I couldn't believe my luck. "Is Ross your brother?"
"Nar babe he's my cousin. Just visiting my auntie for Chrimbo, my dad's on vacation with my mum in Portugal, they left today. You still look amazing." He kissed me on the cheek and I felt a wave of pleasure rush up my back. I started to sweat a little bit. His hand went immediately to my soaked crotch and dipped inside.
"Wow Jude it doesnt take much to arouse you does it?" He smirked with that sexy cheeky grin. "Fuck me you're wet," he whispered, turned on. His left hand manouevered up my top and touched my breast. "Wow, babe mmm I'd love to stick my cock in those nice things again." He stroked my nipple and it hardened it immediately until it had the firmness and hardness of Tupperware. His tongue pressed up against the back of my throat. He kissed very aggressively and it got be all the more turned on. His moustache brushed against my upper lip and I loved the feeling. 
My chest was heaving at this point and I saw the same bulge in his jeans grow. I had no choice but to loosen his belt and feel the silky hard rod pulsate in my hand. He was huge.
I didn't know if I could suck him off, it wasn't worth the risk at this point. What would Tony say [or do??]. Hed probably tell my dad and then it would be a huge scandal. Plus I wanted to protect David and I wanted this sexy creature so much. So I just fondled him a bit as my breathing got heavier and steadier, and my pussy got all the more drenched till I had to hold in my moaning.
"Oh god David finger me deeper!" I moaned softly, nibbling his velvety earlobe. Mm, he tasted great and to cleanse my palate I wanted his creamy sauce coating my tongue. I felt his penis throb in my hand. He was about to spurt at any minute I know, because he came fast.
"Jude! Dad's ready to go now." shouted Tony from the landing.
Shit. "Hang on Tone, just saying bye to David!"
"Ohhh Jude" moaned Dave. Within seconds his cum saturated my little hand. I licked the saltwater from my hands and kissed him goodbye. "I'll see you soon Dave. Ta." He didn't respond he was still breathing hard. I'm sure I'd get a surprise visit from him very soon, probably tonight whilst I was getting into my dressing gown to change. Maybe he'd wank outside my window. There's something that turns me on!

Ross looked at me on the way out. "Erm, Judy I don't know how to say this but yer bra's sticking out of ya shirt." He looked slightly flustered but at the same time I saw a subtle grin play on those slim lips of his. He was right. One of my tits was completely pushed upwards and was even sticking out a wee bit. At least someone else notices my tits.
I felt proper embarrassed though. "Sorry.. I'll see you later yeah?" I made a hasty exit out the door. Tony looked at me all puzzled-like. "What was that all about?"
"My bra must have screwed up when I took off my coat." I couldn't believe I was telling my brother about my lingerie. "Okay then" he said, bemused. I don't know what he was thinking but I hoped he didn't suspect anything. We drove a while to Spinettis as my dad talked to Tony about the end of the term. Only one thing was on my mind, and that was David.
When we got to the restaurant it wasn't really busy. It was a very intimate atmosphere and it was perfect because we were running late anyroad. Dad had to be up early in the morning for work as I did. It was Thursday though and one more day till the weekend! Tony's girlfriend Cara was coming from Yorkshire to visit for the weekend. She was such a cute little thing. 36 B breasts, soft figure and she were short like I was. I had a crush on her. Her long curly dark hair was something I wanted to run my fingers through and just stare at her body for hours. She tanned all the time. Her dark brown eyes were sensuous and curious. Like I said, sometimes I caught her staring at my tits when I wore a low cut blouse. I made note to do it more often because it turned me on. One of these days I wanted to have a proper threesome with her and Dave and me, just sweating in our own juices and collapsed on my bed. I felt different parts of me get wet. My mouth was salivating as my pussy. I know I started getting the flush again. I took another drink of my rum and coke. The taste reverberated through me and send a little heat rush through my bloodstream. It tasted soo damn good, along with David's cum. Both sweet and salty, tastes that complement each other very nicely on my palate. I ate my spag bol and the tang of the meat sauce and pasta reminded me of other meat I'd been tasting. Bloody hell would you stop it, I scolded myself. You're an oversexed teenager.
Better than being undersexed, I replied. I can think whatever the hell I want. Leave me alone. Suddenly I had this image of Dave and Cara licking meatsauce off my chest and taking the flavor down to my pussy, making it richer and oilier. "Fuck," I muttered under my breath. "Sorry dad, I have to go to the bog. I'll be back in 10." Everyone in the restaurant seemed a blur as I raced past and sat down on the toilet. I pulled my skirt down and I needed to cool myself off. My index finger slipped in and out of my pussy, I thought all kinds of things

David and Cara watch me from my window and they see me naked, masturbating. My index finger is sliding in and out of my tight hole, longing for tongues to penetrate it. My tits are bouncing with every thrust I push in. It feels bloody amazing as I scream aloud, my pussy making suctioning sounds as even one finger can feel very tight. My window is left ajar and they climb through. It feels like a surreal experience... as I can feel when I'm having a listen to the Beatles. In fact I have an album of theirs playing. The moan of an indian sitar elevates with mine and pretty soon the other two are naked, climbing all over me. David's thrusting through my tits and Cara is fingering and licking my pussy. It sends me into depths of ecstasy as my body trembles and shakes for every movement, touch, lick and suck of David's lovely cock. Mmmmmmm the taste of sex is so sweet oh... oh.... oh...
"OH FUCK!" I scream. 'Ah yes, mmmmmmm give it to me." I know no one's around but as I'm reaching my third climax the door swings open. I hear the click and stop of high heels on the immaculate tiled floor and I look through the slats on the door to see who it is.
Cara! I know she's not leaving till she sees who the nymphomaniac is.

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