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A New Hunger - The Night Before

Showing off in the dark.
The party had gone on all night. It was past three in the morning and we were all finally asleep. Asleep, or lying down quietly in the dark at least. One of the homeowners had work the next day, and we all decided that three was probably a reasonable time to stop raging. The cold, white light of the moon and stars rained in through the large open windows. Still, all I could see was the soft outlines of horizontal figures covered in textiles, miscellaneous. Sleeping bags, blankets, one drunk girl was wrapped up in a big scrap of wool carpeting.

In the dark, my hand stretched out from where I lay, nestled between the couch and the next warm body. Only hours before, I had been, at least by comparison, innocent. In the heat of it, I couldn't keep my hand from moving, from gliding toward him. More than a dozen other people lay quietly in the room, shifting or turning occasionally, but that only stoked the fire inside me. It seemed that at least most of them were asleep by then anyway.

Feeling that we could be caught was amazing. No... It wasn't that, exactly. It was the idea that they might notice us and not say anything at all. They could pretend they were still asleep. Better yet, they might think its hot. What if someone started masturbating? I knew that would make me so hot. I bit my lip thinking about it, hoping for it. As it extended, my hand found its quarry quickly and subdued it. His body went rigid as I sank my hand into his underwear wrist deep and wrapped my delicate fingers around his stiff pole and curled myself toward him.

“Can I?” I whispered.

His lips parted enough for him to speak, but a strained, breathy “Uh-huh,” was all he could manage.

My thoughts and body electrified at the sensation of his wrinkled, veiny skin. He gasped sharply. I stifled my own reaction, but silently drank in some of the cool air. His long organ was halfway hard now, and getting bigger. He was a little wet from his precum, and it was sticking to his shorts. This wasn't all that surprising though, since I had been teasing him pretty mercilessly all night. I hoped he was as excited as me, by having so much company in the room.

Jim had asked me to go to this party with him, and that was a big deal for me. Back then at least, because he was off on his second year at university, and I was still a senior in high school. I wasn't popular or unpopular and I didn't want to be either, but I did like to be noticed. Loved it, in fact. Couldn't get enough of guys who wanted me. I'd been getting free drinks for a couple of years, but I hadn't ever needed to go past second base. It hadn't been until recently that I had really decided that I needed to get myself some actual cock. It was a pretty abrupt decision actually. An irresistible impulse, really.

At that moment though, my pulse was pounding. My heart was in my throat. The thrill of a body next to me rolling over and moaning softly in her sleep was almost too much for me, and I had to bite my lip to silence myself. My left hand glided slowly away from my wet panties and took my breast into its palm. A very hard nipple poked between my middle and ring fingers.

I squeezed tenderly and let out a soft “Aahhh...”

My thumb rolled over the wet head of his dick and smeared precum over the side. Jim, who was panting under my gentle grasp, was only back in town for Christmas break. As an aside, he's also my friend Fiona's older brother.

I didn't know if he had been intending for this to happen or not, though I'm sure it wasn't exactly like either of us had anticipated. It was spontaneous, but inevitable. Fiery, but wet. I was soaking between my legs, and I pushed my panties aside to rub myself a little.

The slick length of his throbbing cock was now fully engorged and pulsing rapidly in time with his heart. I knew that it wasn't going to be a lengthy encounter. Would have known by how he jumped in my hand even if I hadn't heard it through the grapevine that he's got a bit of a sensitive trigger. I didn't hold it against him. In fact, it was fine. The adrenaline was killing me.

Without any warning I kissed him, and then, with my left hand, I reached out to touch his balls. The softness of his skin surprised me, and the heft of testicles in my hands felt good. This was it. I was ready, and it honestly didn't matter much if he was. He could stop me, but short of that I wasn't stopping.

Erotically, and slowly I slithered downward to face it head on, even though the darkness obscured most of what I was seeing. The shape of it silhouetted against the brighter light that was now pouring in through one window. A cloud had moved on, revealing the moon's direct gaze to us. Long and wide, it was an excellent specimen, as I'd find out in the light another day. With the tip of my tongue, I approached the drop of pre-cum glistening at the point of his shaft.

Someone else rolled over this time, and I moaned softly when an ankle hung its foot over the smooth bare skin of my calf. Somebody was touching me. Her feminine voice rumbled as she almost muttered, in her half-sleep. A girl. My foot couldn't help but curl around hers, just a little. She whimpered again. Jim was right in front of me, looking toward me, but unable to see into the darkness. He had no idea what I was doing.

My heart was racing and so was his. I could feel his pulse through the veins of his slippery rod. I could feel my own in every part of my body. I was so excited. As my tongue made contact, I heard his moan through a clenched jaw but just barely. He jerked around in my hand as I held on to him.

Twitching and pulsing, I thought he might cum, but he whispered “Keep going,” and took me by the hair, then pulled me toward his dick.

I didn't say a word, instead I let him lead me and took his cock into my open mouth when it was time. For a week now, I had only been watching blowjob porn, and I had been practicing on my dildo every chance I got. I wanted this and I was ready. Maybe I wasn't ready to fuck him, but I had to at least start somewhere, and all my friends with boyfriends had been at it for months by then.

I felt both of our bodies tense up simultaneously as I first wrapped my lips around his thick head head, my tongue sliding over the underside of his shaft as I moved lower, sucking my very first cock into my wet, hot, hungry virgin mouth. Every second of it was bliss. Soon, I found my hands working on him as well. My left massaged his balls, my right gently twisting his shaft from side to side as I jerked it upward, toward my face.

At first I tried not to make too much noise going down on him, not taking him too deep so I wouldn't gag, not opening my mouth very often because despite my growing passion for the moment, I didn't really want the wet sucking sounds to make their way into our friends' ears. Still, the sound, the smell, the taste of the cock in my mouth were all making me so hot I couldn't contain myself any longer. My pussy was so wet I was worried I might start to form a puddle underneath me. It was too much for my young body to take, and I started to moan, even before my fingers reached my clit.

Once they actually collided, I stifled a scream by flattening my tongue against Jim's hard cock, licking the underside of his head, and pulsing my tongue against his cock as a sort of conductor, transducing my voice into wet, hot vibration. None of my research really made me think to do any of it intentionally, but he absolutely loved it.

As I started calming down, and returning to my rhythm, I realized something. Anybody who was going to wake up, was already awake. I remember the girl in the carpet unrolled it and moaned loudly in her stupor. When I looked over in her moonlit corner of the room, it was obvious she was drunkenly rubbing her clit. Her very wet clit, by the sound of it. She wasn't looking at us, but she was obviously getting into something, either us or her own fantasy.

For a few moments it was weird having her in the same room, but truthfully, by then, that just threw fuel on the fire between my legs. My mind was instinctively drawn to images of them awake under their blankets and sleeping bags, rubbing their pussies or stroking their hard cocks. I decided then, since nobody was bothered, I'd just had it. I was going to lose my virginity that night.

The looming question was when? Should I do it right then, or keep sucking him for a while? I was worried that he might cum soon, but I was also worried that he hadn't cum yet. All the girls had said that he had shot off right away. In fact, they said it happened almost as soon as their mouths touched him, so I started wondering what I was doing wrong.

Wanting to be sure he was ready, I started performing longer, deeper strokes, taking his cock as far into my throat as it would go, and playing with his balls. He was moaning again. Louder this time. The room was quiet aside from the sounds of us, and the other girl. Too quiet, as though some of them were straining to not make any noise. I was sure at least somebody was lying awake, titillated, wondering what I would do next.

There it was. The last straw. Damn it, I was going to do it. I was starting to arch my back to get up, straddle him, and then fuck him for all he was able, and a little more. He moaned again, his body jerked and twisted under my attention.

Just as I raised my hips though, my eyes opened wider than they had ever done in surprise. My mouth was filling with a hot, thick load of cum. It was huge like a geyser and just as hot. I took hold of his shaft and massaged his balls as I milked all the cum out of his big throbbing cock.

Several seconds and six pulses of cum went by before I even thought to swallow, so I almost lost some when I finally did. I loved it. I loved everything about it. Salty, creamy, a little sweet. Even the texture was smooth. I know now that not all guys are like that, so looking back I feel lucky. My hands and mouth made sure that I got all his cum. I sucked every drop of it out of his cock as it softened, and let him feel my mouth constrict around him in a total vacuum, driven by a burning sexual fury.

When I finished, he lay still, and didn't say anything. Using the corner of the blanket I dried off his still exposed cock and kissed it gently a couple of times. Our bodies relaxed, and I rested my head upon his warm, soft flesh, smiling.

Carpet-scrap girl was in the corner still, panting louder than ever. The breathy contractions of her diaphragm soon produced a slight vocal whistle, as her pleasure started peaking. I smiled as I listened to her, and rolled over again. I was still extremely wet, and I slid my panties down, but not off. Slowly, and as quietly as I could I massaged my clit directly.

With the sound of her voice and the taste of his cum still in my mouth it didn't take me long to get close. She came first, but not by much. As I shivered and contracted, I let my voice pierce the room, just once. My partner in self-pleasure cried out as well, and then, we rested. The room was quiet. Awkwardly quiet. The kind of awkward that makes me smile.

I thought then, as I was falling asleep that it was high time I develop a few tales of misspent youth. That night seemed like a good place to start, I guess. The evening honestly launched quite the weekend of debauchery. It would not be unreasonable to say that I became a bit of a party girl after that... To misspent youth!

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