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A night on the town flashing

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I'm your Venus
We meet, in an easy to find location late at night, I am already parked and waiting for you to arrive. You pull up next to me and see me sitting there through my car window, smoking, and secretly waiting to rock your world. I get out of my car, grab my purse and get in your vehicle. I’m wearing either a very short skirt with a tight t-shirt, a tight pair of booty shorts, or a one piece mini dress/chemise that really is only appropriate for pajamas or club wear, but I always dress skimpy! I have on either boots, heels, sexy lace up platform sandals, or sneakers…and either fishnet thigh highs or exposed bare legs. You Choose!

I sit down next to you as we drive around and chat. At first small talk but soon we start talking naughty details. You know I’m an exhibitionist and you know I LOVE sucking dick, but you need to test me somehow. You pull out your cock; you tell me to stroke you until it’s hard. In the meantime you are on the lookout for a trucker on the road. Once you spot one you make it a point to pull up next to him at a red light. I give you some quick road head for the dirty old trucker to see. Now you know that I am not all talk. You take me all over town; back alleys, dark streets, parks, playgrounds, vacant parking lots, etc. You tell me to get out, and stand in front of the vehicle. You make several stops all over town. Making me flash a little at first and each place you make me flash just a little more, eventually you have me do a striptease in a discrete but DARING place. No cops or critical people of course, but public and naughty nonetheless. This continuous flashing and teasing all over town eventually gets you hot and turned on to the point where you can’t stand it. Finally, after a night “on the town” you take me to a final destination of your choosing, as long as it’s safe, somewhere we can be for a longer period of time than before.

You tell me “get on your knees bitch” and you whip out your nice hard cock for me and start to jerk it, as you get closer to me you slap my face a few times with your cock, teasing me and making me beg for it. I beg you, “please daddy let me suck your cock” and you finally comply. You tell me to lick it, by this time I have some tasty flavored lube in my left hand ready to get you going and more lube in my right hand, as I stroke my Venus under my skimpy little outfit. I rub the lube on you, giving you a quick hand job to get you even harder than b4. Then once you’re wet and rock hard I lick the tip, tasting the precum, and then I proceed to suck. A nice gentle suck at first, slow but wet and I don’t stop until my mouth is so wet that it’s dripping out as I continue to suck. I continue to stroke myself as I suck you off. My mouth erupts with precum and lube and saliva from my hot tongue. At that point you grab onto my pig tails, you ask me “how deep can you go, slut?” and I respond by going as deep as I can. You gently force me into your crotch until you hear me gag and gasp for air. Now you know how far you can go and you remember that deepness as you continue to fuck my mouth as hard and fast as you want, without making me gag too much. You like it sloppy and messy and so do I! You continue to fuck my hot little mouth until you feel your hot cum starting to travel up your cock. Before you explode you pull out, slap my face gently but crudely, and tell me “assume the position you fucking whore!”

I lean back and stick out my tongue; I stroke myself even harder and faster getting closer to cumming as well. Your cock is still wet and hard from my mouth and that lubrication helps you finish the job as you jerk yourself and blow your big load all over my face. You cum all over my face, some gets on my tongue but most is spread all over from my nose, lips, chin, and so on. After you’re done cumming, I switch from the position on my knees to flat on my ass, spreading my legs and pumping the last juices out of myself with one hand and rub your cum all over my face with the other. You watch me cum and get kinky with great delight as you get dressed and cleaned up. I rub my cum all over my face to, the more cum on me the better! You tell me to get up and I ask for a towel, but you deny me. You tell me “a good whore keeps the cum on her face, to everyone can see just how slutty she really is.” I act in denial, knowing how embarrassed and humiliated I would be if anyone saw me like that, but then I remember that YOU have been humiliating me and forcing me to flash and suck in public all night long. I go with it, secretly turned on by the idea of someone pulling up next to us on the drive back to my car and looking over and seeing my cum covered face.

Just to make sure I don’t try to wipe it off, you tie up my hands behind my back then run the excess rope down the crack of my ass and then wrap the rest of it around my legs, as you tie up my legs you “accidentally” rub up against my thighs and then you tie the final knot around my upper inner thigh. You either make me walk back with you or throw me over your shoulder, all tied up; spanking my ass once I’m hoisted. You choose what you want, whatever turns you on the most. We get back in your vehicle, I position my legs to keep my venus tucked in, and you hike up my skirt as high as you want to show off my legs as we drive back to my car. You can rub them all you want, or you leave them exposed for your enjoyment…and perhaps mine too! We get back to the place we first met, you ask me if I want to do it again sometime and I say yes please! You untie me and tell me to get out, as my job is done. Before I can go for the night though, you make me stand in front of your vehicle and bend over slowly as I spread my legs, flashing my sweet ass just one last time. I come over to your window and ask if you’re satisfied. You say yes and you tell me “You did a good job, and if you’re a good girl I will fuck that tight ass next time we meet.” I secretly blush with anticipation and the next time we meet, the adventures of hot anal pounding begins. But until then I get in my car, blow you a kiss, and we each go our separate ways.
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