A night on the town

By Xanthe

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Exhibitionists stir up a storm
On a Friday, two of my mates and I decided to head off down to the coast for a couple of days of R&R. We arrived at about 7.00 p.m. and we all cleaned up after the trip as we were intending to head out for a night on the town.

Just as we were about to leave the apartment, Richard called us to the window. A hotel was opposite the street and we could look into one of the rooms on the 3rd floor (we were on the 4th floor in the apartment block) where the curtain were not drawn. A couple were busy engaging in a good fuck. Either they had forgotten to draw the curtains or they were intending on a good show of Exhibitionism (the later was the more likely).

We watched the couple trying various positions from the ‘69’ to anal positions. As they progressed the comments in the room became less and less until there was total silence in the room. You could hardly see through the window at this stage as everyone was pressed against the window and their hot breathing had created a very large vapor patch. Phillip broke the silence by suggesting that it was time to hit the town. Everyone turned from the window and glanced at each others bulging pants.

I had to get a woman tonight and I think that was on everyone’s mind. We hit the streets and headed straight to the club. In cutting a long story short, I met a petite Indian girl in the club who invited me to her hotel room. This was the 1st time I had ever made out with a woman of a different race and I tell u, it was an experience I will never forget. It was as if there was something to prove on who were the better lovers.

We tried all positions we had seen or read in porn as well as new experimental ones. Whilst engaging in a ‘69’, she would be concentrating on sucking my cock and her hand would move to my backside and she would suddenly slip her finger up my anus. This drove me wild as I never thought that this simple act would arouse me so much.

She was very agile, I mean on occasions I would have her lying on her neck with her butt and cunt totally exposed above her and I would suck and fuck them both. Whilst I would be sucking and nibbling at her clitty, she would be giving me a hand job with her tiny hands. When we showered, she would hold onto the curtain railing and wrap her legs around me and lean back to expose her small breasts (she was very proud of them) whilst I was either fucking her gorgeous cunt or her tiny anal hole (that was so tight), and I could play with her nipples (1/to inch when erect).

On occasions, when we were exhausted, we would lie back on the bed and use the vibrators or dildos on each other to either keep the sensation alive and when the time was right, to arouse each other.

On Sunday at about noon, I decided that it was about time that I made contact with the guys as it was about time we headed back to camp so we exchanged addresses to meet up and continue where we left off (she also told me that she was expecting her friend from LA).

The guys were very pissed off as they had spent the weekend looking for me (but I think they knew that I could take care of myself and they were just pissed that they got no pussy). So we headed back to camp with the guys tanned but as morbid as hell and I still ‘lily white’ but smiling.