A Normal Night Out at the Movies

By giggles420

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Can't take me anywhere
Once in a while I need to try to be a little "normal" and do some things for entertainment that don't involve sex or taking off my clothes. Simple enough, right? Not for me. I have been told that I am "always on" and I think that is true. A certain touch, an accidental brush against my leg, a suggestive look... and I get all tingly down there and my mind wanders. I don't lose control and demand satisfaction right then and there, but sometimes I feel like I want to. Not long ago we went to the movies. Not an "adult theater", but your every day mainstream cinema. It wasn't even a sexy movie, but a comedy I had been meaning to see. It was even a very good movie and I wasn't bored or anything like that. But I guess if I am sitting close to my guy, in the dark for that long, I just cant help it. I did all the "moves". I sat real close. I absentmindedly left my hand on his leg after getting some popcorn from the bag. I rubbed his thigh. And held his hand on my leg when it lingered there - and moved it up to a more comfortable spot.... and of course I threw all that slyness out the window and just rubbed his cock through his pants.

We both pretended to watch the movie as our hands fumbled with each others pants. It was not crowded, but there were enough people sitting close to us that we couldn't just go crazy right there. And that was part of the excitement. Trying to unbuckle a belt without it clanking and adjust my position to be able to reach down his pants without calling attention to ourselves is not always easy, but the feeling of my hand on his bare skin, and his hand slipping down my pants and his fingers working their way into my undies - pure excitement. I felt like a teenager again.

Speaking of teenagers, there were about five boys, about 16 or 17 years old right behind us. I wondered if they were into the movie enough to not notice as I slid down in my seat and put my knees against the seat in front of me, spreading my legs slightly, making it much easier for a hand to get to where it needed to be. And it did. My guy was able to get his hand down there and tease my throbbing clit. He leaned over and whispered "you are so wet. I want to make you cum right here". I am not one to disappoint, so I came. That instant. I gushed. I do that sometimes and I was soaked. And I didn't care. I think I may have even let out a little moan.

I was still so wound up! He kept teasing my clit and slipping his fingers inside of me, working extra hard at it when the movie would get loud. By now I also had my hand firmly wrapped around his rock hard cock. I had been gently and subtly stroking it for a while, but I was losing control and was really tugging on it. He had to put his hand on my arm to settle me down a bit but I was determined to make him cum - right there in the theater. I didn't want to be the only one with wet pants! I pulled my hand away, which made him look around as if he thought I saw someone looking at us. That gave me just enough time to lick my hand and get it good and wet and warm. I wrapped my hand around him again and gently stroked downward and could feel him throb. I cuddled up closer to try to be more discrete. He was breathing heavy and I thought I hear him say "I'd like a blow job". I thought it was a dare or a command so I bent over just a little more, gave the tip a very quick lick then took the whole thing down. You may have noticed in my videos that I can bend over pretty far in a sitting position when I want to suck cock. Flexibility is a very good thing. I could feel his pubic hairs tickling my chin and slowly pulled back, sucking hard. I couldn't see, but I could feel him looking around nervously. I could also hear his heavy breathing, and feel his cock throbbing in my mouth as I very slowly went down again. I didn't make it halfway back up this time before I felt him tense up and squirt quite a thick load in my mouth. He must have been feeling like a teenager too. I was very proud of my record time. I could feel it shoot down my throat and fill my mouth. He must have been as horny as I was because this was a lot of cum! Then as I was gently pulling away, his cock twitched again and even more came out, filling my mouth and dripping out the sides as I tried to suck it all in. I wiped the extra off my cheek with a finger and gave him a naughty look as I licked my finger clean.

By now the movie was almost over and it is a good thing we got ourselves cleaned up and put together when we did, because the movie switched to a much brighter and quieter scene and we would have never gotten away with it. I am still not sure we did get away with it. Maybe it is just paranoia, but those guys behind us who chattered most of the way through the movie got awfully quiet when we started fooling around. And we did get a few funny looks on the way out, but we probably had "just had sex" grins on our faces. Or cum.