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A Photographer's View

A Photographer stumbles across a beautiful woman in a cove...A visual erotic performance ensues.
A Photographer’s View

It happened by chance. Most things that leave a mark on your life often do, especially when its related to a sexual nature.

As a photographer, I often wander through areas that are very difficult to get to. Overgrown trees, gorse bushes or brambles, even steep cliffs and rocks, all try to put me off, but as a true professional you always get to where you want to go in order to get that perfect landscape picture.

On one very sunny day, I happen to have scrambled down a steep cliff. There was no path to speak of just slippery grass, and rocks that would have put any normal person right off, but I wanted to get down onto the shore front of what looked to be a very promising cove from above.

I eventually descended to the bottom and started to make my way to the cove. Interesting pictures popped into my head as I walked along the shore, and my trusty camera complete with tripod snapped them up.

As I rounded the cove I noticed a small boat tied to some rocks. It provided me with foreground interest to some very steep and colourful cliffs and a deep blue sea.


I scrambled over the rocky shore...and then I noticed her.

Normally I would have continued on, being bold and ignoring people on the beach. I looked at her and then at the boat….It had to have been the way she got here and I could hear no-one else.

The reason I was hesitant was because she was completely naked. She was lying on her stomach, on the bare soft sand, some way in from the sea and her boat. There was a towel and bag beside her. She was very tanned and appeared to have long blond hair. Her legs were crossed at the ankles and her perfect bum was exposed to my gaze.

As a true professional…I immediately thought of a caption ‘Sunning myself…’ or even ‘Tanned curvature’. The captions were endless and the thought of sneakily taking a few picture of her perfect bum in the sand got the better of me. A few pictures and I would sneak away.

I was about one hundred metres away from her…so out came my biggest lens from my rucksack and I changed them over. I positioned myself for the best angle I could get while also being hidden from her view. The camera and lens, on its tripod, just clearing some rocks while I was mostly hidden from view.

I snapped my first picture. Through the lens at full zoom, I could see that her bum was covered in sand grains. At this magnification I would only get her lower waist, bum and upper thighs in the picture…but it was a perfect shot and very erotic looking. I snapped a few more at different magnifications.

Then she moved, her legs slightly parted. I went back to full zoom and focused on the gap in her thighs. I was rewarded by a momentary glimpse of her pussy as she opened her legs some more.

I must have watched her for about twenty minutes or so and decided that it was time I slipped away. She, unbeknown to her, stopped me dead in my tracks as I saw her hand move down to her side.

She turned on her side…and then on her back…Her breasts bounced elegantly as she changed her position. I could see they were large breasts but firm. They were completely out of proportion to the size of her waist…but she looked gorgeous from where I was hiding.

She then proceeded to stroke the outside of her right breast with her hand. Circling her hand around the soft flesh and brushing her hand over her nipple, down the front of her breast and then around the side again. She kept this motion up for some time.

It would have been unwise of me to make a move now that she was lying on her back…so I managed to get a few shots of her circling her breast with her hand and even caressing her waist.

Then, she parted her legs.

I quickly refocused on her pussy…it was silky smooth…not a hair in sight and it was also very tanned. I came to the conclusion that this must be the place she always frequented for some nude sunbathing.

I watched through my lens as she placed her hand on her pussy. Gently stroking it at first with three of her fingers all along the slit. She then stroked her thigh. She pulled her left leg upwards and lifted her bum off the sand as her fingers stretched downwards along her slit.

I fired off a few more frames, as I watched intently as to how this encounter was going.

After a few strokes of her pussy she pulled herself up against the rocks and leaned back on them. Her large and beautiful breasts were in full view to me and the sun. She sat there with both of her legs propping her up against the shiny rock wall.

I was by this time transfixed by the size of her breasts and the slim nature of her waist. Both complemented each other perfectly for me, but then I have always loved big breasted women.

For the first time I zoomed my lens out slightly and concentrated on her face. She had bright blue eyes and a very pretty face indeed.

She was looking at something that I could not make out through the lens. I popped my head up slightly to see what it was…it was her pussy. She was looking - no staring at her pussy between her legs. I went back to look through the lens. She had pushed her lips together in a mock kiss and then she opened them slightly. She was still staring at her pussy and then her eyes closed and her head leaned backwards against the rock. I popped my head up from the camera and saw her fingers stroke along her pussy once more. She lowered her right leg as she pushed her upper body forward with each downward stroke of her fingers along her pussy. Her back arching as he did the most erotic sexual moves that I have ever witnessed.

I peeped above my hideout for a while, and saw the most erotic scene unfold before my lucky eyes.

I was soon back in the camera and decided to focus on her face and facial expressions. She was really enjoying the fingering that she was giving herself. Her face was a picture of eroticism, pleasure and joy. As she fingered her pussy her mouth would form into an open kiss, her body would arch forwards, and her breasts would heave upwards. Then as she relaxed backwards, the broadest smile would cross her face as her hand would retract from her pussy.

I took several frames of her facial expressions as she smiled and experienced her orgasm building up and becoming more urgent.

She leaned forwards slightly as she lifted her left breast with her hand and pushed two fingers into her pussy. Her face was looking more urgent now and she was staring at her pussy with wanton abandonment.

If I had to put a caption to the pictures I took of her in this state they would read ‘Make me cum you fucker!’….’Come on….fuck my pussy…you gorgeous fingers’...

Nothing I could actually put in a competition, that was for certain.

She raised her breast to her mouth and sucked on her nipple.

I just watched…I couldn’t even re-focus to take the picture…I was in awe of what she was doing and how blatantly she enjoyed pleasuring herself.

She sucked on her nipple for ages as she plunged her fingers in and out of her pussy. Then, in an instance, she dropped her breast. Her left hand holding her up while two fingers on her other hand circled her clit.

I managed to focus the camera on her pussy and fired some shots with the remote control as I watched her over the rocks.

Her hand was moving very fast, I knew these pictures would be blurred and sharp at the same time…but I was enjoying the fuck she was giving herself far too much to look away.

She rocked her body forwards and backwards in unison with her fingers circling her clit…It was fantastic to watch. Her breasts were wobbling slightly with every move she made. They were themselves acting as erotic as she was and it was a glorious sight to behold.

Finally she came…I fired off several shots as her orgasm exploded. It was fairly obvious that it had. Her head fell backwards and her body juddered. Her bum was forcibly leaving the sand as she clamped down on her pussy with her full hand, pumping her pussy into the palm of her hand. She was breathing very heavily…but she looked sated.

I quickly focused on her face for the last time. I was about to take the photo when I noticed how serene and how satisfied she looked. Her bum fell back onto the sand and she slowly let her hand slide over her wet pussy for the last time before dipping her fingers into it.

She smiled the most wonderful and satisfied smile…click…click…click went the camera as I watched her recover.

She then matter of factly slipped her fingers into her mouth and sucked on them, licking her lips as she removed them….click…click…click went the camera again.

She rested for quite some time…long enough for her to dry her pussy out in the sun and recover from the wonderful finger fuck she had given herself.

I just had to wait until the time was right for me to move on, but I did think about getting my stiff cock out and doing exactly what she did in the warm sun. It was very late in the afternoon…when she finally got in her boat and headed off home….wherever that was.

It was about a week later that I had processed all the images from that day. The shots were ok…not the best photos that I had taken but the circumstances were unique. What I did have was a superb set of portraiture pictures of a wonderful and sexy woman experiencing an intense orgasm and I realised that I was lucky enough to glimpse a brief moment of time of a woman that epitomises eroticism. A woman that is so comfortable with her sexuality and expression of it that it becomes pure magic when she embarks on any sexual act even with herself.

I choose a few pictures, about seven, one of her bum, one of her stroking her clit with her hand which did some out blurred as it happens, and the rest of her face in stages of orgasmic bliss and post orgasmic pleasure. I did include the one of her sucking her nipple as well….it would have been wrong of me to exclude that one.

I went back to the cove with the pictures in a heavy duty plastic bag, and left them for her in the place that she frequented, hoping that it would be her that picked them up and not someone else….I left a note telling her how much she turned me on, how much she seemed to love the act of self pleasure and how erotic I thought she was. I did not leave any contact number for thoughts of any reprisal…but I was hoping that she would look on them with amusement knowing that she made someone very happy.

I kept wondering if she ever got the pictures and what she would have thought of them. A few months after, I was drawn to the same cove to find out if they were gone. They were and in their place was the same heavy duty plastic bag with a note inside…

“I knew you were there….I heard your camera….glad you enjoyed….

I so much loved being the slutty exhibitionist for you.

Thanks for the memories…”

There was no name and no way to contact her….what a shame that was!

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