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a quick fuck on the beach

inspired by a friend who has unfortunately left lush

"I want to fuck you now ", he whispered in her ear as he pressed her into the wall with his body.

"Here?" she giggled as she ran her nails up the sides of his stomach.

Instead of answering her he spun her around and pressed her up against the wall, holding both her hands above her head with one of his. He pressed his straining bulge against her ass cheeks, which were covered with a thin silky skirt.

They were on the beach, it was dusk and not as crowded as usual but every couple minutes people passed them on their evening stroll.

"What if we get caught?" she breathed as he rubbed his bulge against her.

"So?" he grunted, "you know it would only make you wetter".

She knew he was right, she could feel how wet she was already. A couple passed a few feet away from them and lingered for a few seconds watching them, she moaned audibly and pressed back into him, the couple quickly moved away and she just knew where they were headed.

The hand that was not holding hers snaked around her and dipped in between her thighs, under her skirt. Even through her panties his fingers were immediately soaked.

"Oh fuck", he grunted as he felt her juices covering his fingers

He gripped the crotch of her panties and literally ripped them off.

"I am going to fuck you like the slut you are", he grunted.

They heard a group of boys in their late teens approaching, laughing and joking among themselves. The boys came into sight just as he was unzipping his pants and letting them drop. She saw one of the boys noticing what he was doing to her and nudging his friends, just as he was lifting her skirt up the boys turned to look. She could see they were all boys and guessed, while they were older, they were probably all virgins.

"Fuck me", she moaned so loud this time the boys heard her.

"Oh you are such a whore", he laughed as he positioned his cock at the entrance of her wet bare pussy.

The boys watched as he entered her, she saw that they were spell bound. Again she moaned loudly with pleasure, his cock was so big and she felt it filling her and pushing her pussy open. He didn’t notice anything around them, he didn’t even care, all he could think of was how tight and wet her slit was, to him it felt like second skin.

"Damn man, this is better than porn", she heard one of the boys say to his friend.

The thought of herself as a porn star turned her on even more than before and he felt her incredibly tight pussy clench and then release more juices that flowed down his balls and thighs. She loved what he was doing to her and she realized she also loved being watched. She was looking straight at the watching boys, moaning loudly and pushing back against the cock that was causing her so much pleasure. She felt her clit throbbing and craved to touch it but couldn’t because he was holding her hands tight.

"Please touch my clit", she moaned.

In response to her request his fingers found her clit in the folds of her pussy and pinched it. She screamed, a long, loud, lusty scream that seemed to echo all over the beach and her eyes closed with pleasure. He kept gently pinching her clit and she felt she was so close to cumming. Her eyes fluttered open and she saw one of the boys reaching for his fly, she bit her lip as she watched him release his hard cock and start stroking it. The sight of her influence on the boy drove her over the edge- she half moaned half screamed and her body started shaking as she came.

The clenching of her pussy as she came made him loose all control- he started thrusting with a crazy speed, his goal to release his pressure deep in her. After a few more thrusts he couldn’t take it any longer and with a loud grunt released load after load of sticky cum deep into her. As he came he collapsed onto her, his hands wrapping around her and holding her as they both caught their breath.

She kept watching the boy who was masturbating- from his motions she could see he would cum any second. He was looking directly at her face, his own distorted with lust and pleasure. She smiled and winked at the boy and he came with a shudder that seemed to pass through his whole body.

"Let's go baby", she whispered to her lover, and with a giggle and a kiss she blew to the boys they turned, arranged themselves and walked away.

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