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A special night

Tags: toys, anal, public, oral
A night out and return home, full of teasing and pleasure
You know tonight is going to be a special night. I have told you to set aside the evening but have given you no details other than to come over to my house at 6pm. When you arrive I invite you in and we start kissing and making out. You’re excited and turned on by me, as always, but at the same time, you’re a little disappointed thinking that tonight was going to be a little more than the usual light foreplay leading to sex. I sense this as I start leading you upstairs to the shower, leaving articles of clothing along the way from both of us. We get into the shower together and as the warm water falls over us you can feel me start to grind against you. At this point you’re just feeling a strong need for me inside of you forgetting any of the disappointment.

Leaning in, I nibble your neck then whisper, "Wash up I need to finish preparing for the evening, come out once you finish." I then slip out of the shower drying off and heading into the bed room.
When you come out, you see a new outfit laid out for you on the bed: a long tight black dress (one shoulder bare, with a small diamond shape cut out just under the breasts showing off a little bit of underboob, and a slit almost all the way up the leg to your thigh), a new pair of high heels, a little sheer black thong, and a tight choker style necklace with a big jewel stone hanging from the center of it.

You see me getting dressed in a suit and I call over, "Hurry and get dressed, we are running late for dinner already." We finish getting dressed quickly and head out to the car. I open the door for you and we take off. As we approach a stop light I hand you a small bag telling you to open it up. Opening the bag you find a small remote controlled vibrator. "Slide it in baby,” I whisper. Shocked that you are considering doing this when it is not even fully dark yet, you reach into the slit of the dress and pushing the thong aside, you slide the small toy inside of you. Immediately after you feel it buzz as I test the remote making sure it works letting out a small moan. "Good it’s working,” I say to you with a wink. I turn it back off as we pull into the parking lot of the restaurant.

Once we are seated, every time our waitress comes by I turn the vibrator on, it buzzing to life inside you. You fight to remain in control, not letting moans out, covering it up with little giggles. Once our food arrives, I leave the vibrator off for a while as we focus on eating. As we start finishing up our food, the waitress comes over to top off our water. I set the vibrator on the max setting. A little moan escapes your lips and you try to cover it up by clearing your throat. You can feel the waves of pleasure pulsing through you, wanting more but feeling embarrassed being in public. After the waitress leaves, I turn the vibrator down and hand you your purse saying, “Honey I think you should go freshen up,” as I nod towards the bathroom.

As you head to the bathroom you realize there is a new small bag inside your purse. Once there, you take a look inside this new bag to find 3 items: a small tube of lube, a shiny new butt plug with a jewel matching the necklace you put on earlier, and a note. The note reads: “Remove your panties and put them in the purse. We have discussed trying anal for the first time and this might be a fun way to try something new and lead up to it. Put the plug in and come back out to me."

Feeling incredibly nervous but still worked up from the full evening of teasing, you figure, why not. Stepping into a bathroom stall you slide your panties down and off, placing them in your purse. At this point they are soaked through with all your juices. You then open up the lube applying it to the small butt plug and a little to your ass while thinking to yourself, “what are you doing?” You are so turned on, however, that you decide that you don't really care. Starting to wiggle the plug into place, your heart skips a beat. Then you hear the bathroom door open and someone comes in to wash their hands. You let out a little moan as the plug has already stretched your ass slightly. You can sense that what you are doing is wrong and is slightly painful, but it is pleasurable in a strange way as well. The other person leaves the bathroom and you think of me out there waiting for you, so as quickly as you can you wiggle the rest of the plug into your ass.

Taking a deep breath steadying yourself after the invasion, you straighten your skirt and step out to walk back to the table. Each step feels awkward with the plug in your ass, like you can't even walk properly. As you near the table you start to feel the vibrator slipping out now that it is no longer supported by the little thong. A little panicked feeling flows through you as you clench your legs and muscles with all your strength, to prevent it from slipping out onto the floor. Finally, you get to the table and sit down, your face flushed from the effort and stimulation of walking across the restaurant.

I smile across the table from you. “You alright honey you look a little flushed?" A blush spreading across your face you just nod as the waitress comes by asking about desert for the evening. I look at you directly in the eyes as the vibrator starts buzzing in you again as I ask, “would you like desert honey or shall we head home?"

The waitress looks at you and you can see a little knowing twinkle in her eye as she looks at you as you softly mumble between the waves of pleasure, “home sounds good."

I ask the waitress for the check then pay cash so we can get out of there quicker. Standing up I take your hand leading you towards the front door, the vibrator still buzzing inside you as we walk out. As we are about to leave the restaurant, the waitress runs up to you and hands you a business card with a note written on the back, "You are so hot especially in the bathroom. Text me your number" along with a cell number. You flush realizing it was her who was washing her hands and had an idea of what was going on in there.

She runs off back to keep waiting other tables as I look at you then the card. "I think you made a new friend. Going to text her?" I get nothing but a little mumble in response.

You're too focused on walking to answer as the vibrator, still on the low buzzing, has started slipping again. As you clench together to prevent it from sliding out you feel more pressure on the butt plug and keep imagining that if someone looked at your ass they would notice the little bulge of it sticking out there. We approach the car together and I open the door for you letting you sit down and breathe a sigh of relief.

As I walk around to my side of the car the vibrating inside you stops. Frustrated that after all the teasing in public and walking you were finally in semi private and feeling as if you were getting close and could get release. You look over lustfully at me as I get into the car murmuring softly as sexy as you can, "you better fuck me when we get home I’m so ready. I'm going to leak onto the car seat." I respond leaning over and kissing you passionately before turning and starting to drive home.

"So you didn't answer me earlier, going to text our waitress?" You feel like this is some sort of challenge or test going along with the exhibitionist side of the evening. Normally you would never imagine doing it, letting someone besides me have a sense of the real sexual you and part of your every day life consisting of your phone number.

But you're so turned on and not really thinking so you decide to text her, "Hi it’s me from table 14 earlier."

After sending the message I pull up to a stop light and whisper, "Slide the dress up, I want to see how everything looks. Enjoying the little gift inside your ass baby?" Blushing you respond how at first it hurt and felt weird but also incredibly hot and pleasurable as you slide your dress up turning and showing your ass to me with the jeweled end twinkling in the dim light inside the car. We both get startled by a honk as I realize the light has changed to green and we weren't moving, then you notice the truck next to us wasn't moving either as the driver is looking at you. I press on the gas hauling out of there as you feel your cheeks flush again.

We continue driving, my hand reaching over caressing your thigh as you reach over running fingers across my bulge. I turn the vibrator inside you back to medium as you start getting worked up more. Deciding it’s time to give a little payback for all the teasing you unbutton my pants and take my hard cock out. Slowly starting to stroke it within your hand you can feel how turned I am from the nights events as well. Undoing your seatbelt you lean over and start licking the tip of my cock. I let out a small moan as you start sliding your lips down my shaft slowly. Coming back up you run your tongue along the length of it before sliding all the way down, feeling the head against the back of your throat unable to take the rest in.

Then a loud noise goes off at first startling you then you remember that you had changed the ring tones on your phone. Keeping one hand on me you sit up grabbing your phone and find a text message waiting from the waitress. Opening it up you are greeted with a picture taken in a bathroom under a skirt with panties push to the side of a wet pussy along with a quote, "Look what you and your boyfriend did to me, so hot." You feel a mixture of emotions at that excited knowing your effect on someone else yet completely embarrassed especially now that she has your phone number as well.

Momentarily distracted thinking about that you realize my hand has circled around your hand on my dick. You stop thinking about the embarrassment focusing on how turned on you are and lean back down taking my dick in your mouth. Starting to bob your head up and down you hear the garage door opener realizing we are home already.

I pull my pants back up rezipping them before stepping out of the car. You get out not wanting to wait any longer, knowing I will be mildly annoyed you didn't let me open the door for you. We head into the house and as you take the step up the stairs into the kitchen feel the vibrator inside you start buzzing at full speed losing your step and leaning against the wall. I step over catching and supporting you before lifting you up and into my arms as I carry you into the house laying you on the couch.

In your mind you know what is coming next. You have been waiting all night for this and let out a deep moan glad to finally be in a private place to express yourself. Then let out a slight gasp as I cover your eyes with a blindfold. You reach up towards it out of instinct and I take your wrists in mine holding them there as I lean in giving you a kiss whispering, "shhh, relax babe and stand up." As you stand I unzip your dress and slide it down and off of you. As the dress lowers it reveals your perky breasts, nipples at full attention standing up like little pencil erasers begging to be licked. Then revealing your smooth stomach; leading down to your pussy which is drenched with the faint buzzing from the vibrator seemingly growing louder. Finally your shapely legs are revealed, a trail of juices from your pussy are almost down to your knees and I leave the dress on the floor around your feet still clad in the high heels.

I guide you back to the couch lying back against it. I give you a deep kiss, my hands roaming up and down your bare skin, “Wait for me I will be right back." You hear some steps as I walk away then come back. I sit on the couch next to you and kiss your right nipple. A moan escapes your lips, followed by a quick gasp as you feel an icy sensation over your left nipple. I then alternate the cold ice cube from your left nipple over to your right as my hot lips enclose around your left nipple. Alternating a few times between the hot and cold sensation, I guide the small sliver of ice down your stomach and over your pussy, brushing it down your slit as it melts to cool water joining your juices. My hand stays there starting to stroke your slit already buzzing with pleasure from the vibrator's assault.

I trail kisses down your body along the trail of cold water left by the ice cube as you sense me moving down between your legs. Still blindfolded, you moan knowing where I am headed and so close that you will finally get the release you have wanted all night. Kneeling there I start to lick your pussy still filled with the little remote vibrator. I pull it out as I lean in licking your pussy, my tongue wiggling between your lips. As I expose your clit I start focusing on it, my tongue licking rapidly before I take your clit into my mouth. Your hips buck up enjoying the focused human touch after hours of the toys. I look up at your body as I start nibbling your clit, trapping it between my teeth as I flick my tongue over the tip of it. My hands sliding up under you to your ass squeezing it and putting more pressure on the butt plug as I lift you up to my mouth, encouraging you to hump my face as I eat you out.

"Cum for me baby," I whisper. With the mix of all the teasing and stimulation my words hit you almost like an involuntary command. Your body tenses up as you scream out in pleasure, hips bucking as your hands clutch the couch. I keep licking you as you burst into orgasm your cum oozing out of your already wet slit covering my goatee. I slide the blindfold off of you looking into your eyes, my face glistening with your juices.

I slide onto the couch next to you giving you a deep passionate kiss as I slip my pants and boxers off in one smooth motion. As my tongue probes your mouth you realize I am guiding your hand to my fully erect dick. As you wrap your fingers around my shaft you realize how hard I am and that all the teasing towards you has had an equal effect on me. Coming out of your post orgasmic glow you kneel down in front of the couch and start licking the tip of my cock. I close my eyes leaning my head back letting out a low moan as I involuntarily lift my hips up towards you. Thinking its time to give a little payback from the evening of teasing you decide not to take me into your mouth and instead lightly flick your tongue along the underside where you know I am extra sensitive. My hands move up along your arms gliding through your long soft hair caressing the back of your head, fighting the urge to force my way into your mouth, as I so badly want.

Sensing my real desire you let up not touching me until I open my eyes looking into yours. Softly you blow a little kiss to me before taking the head of my cock in your mouth, swirling your tongue around it. Bobbing your head up and down on just the tip you slowly fondle my balls, while maintaining the eye contact. With a wink you drop your head down taking my whole shaft into your mouth smoothly letting the tip into the back of your throat to take it all in. I let out a loud groan loving it. You repeat this a few times before sliding up and squeezing your breasts around the shaft while flicking your tongue over the tip. Starting to fuck my cock with your breasts occasionally licking the tip or sucking it into your mouth you feel the pressure building up inside me. Moans escape my lips loudly. Between a tongue swirl around the tip you echo my words from earlier, "cum for me baby." Looking down at your sexy form, kneeling there titty fucking me as I can see your still wearing the heels and the jeweled end of the butt plug poking out, I am unable to resist your command as I start to explode. Spurts of jizz shoot out of me and cover your face and breasts as you smile at me.

Catching my breath you slide up next to me cuddling into my arm on the couch. Both of us momentarily content after our orgasms, but know we will want more after our bodies recover as we drift off to a light sleep. Our bodies cuddled up to each other as skin presses against naked skin. Waking up a little while later I gaze across your naked form enjoying your beauty. I decide to get up picking you up and carrying you back to the bedroom. I lay you down on the bed as you start drifting out of sleep obviously having a good dream. I unclasp your high heels sliding them off your cute little feet. I then roll you over onto your stomach and sit next to you giving you a light back massage. I keep glancing at the little jewel in your ass and smiling.

I can hear you breathing deeply as you’re in that dreamy state somewhere between being fully awake and asleep. Leaving you there for a moment I head to the bathroom and get some massage oil. Spreading a little of the cool oil across your back you open your eyes looking at me through the corner of them. I lean down giving you a soft kiss on your cheek starting to give you a deep back massage. My hands slide up and down your bare oiled skin searching for knots. Pushing your hair to the side, I go up to your neck finding the spot you always seem to develop knots, my hands gliding over it, rubbing firmly. At this point I straddle your ass getting into a better position to massage you, and putting a little pressure on the butt plug again. One hand on each side of you I glide them across your shoulder and down each arm softly rubbing and spreading oil.

As my hands get down to your hands I bring them up behind your back together giving you a nice hand massage. From here your hands occasionally brush against something which after a few times you realize is my cock, nice and hard again. Setting each hand back down I glide my fingers up your arm and down your back to your lower back. Massaging your muscles right next to the spine I start to slide my body down until I am kneeling between your legs. My hands glide over your ass and rub your thighs. Pouring a little more massage oil on your legs I give each leg focused attention from thigh down to your feet.

After finishing both legs I slide my hands up the inner calf then thighs, fingers brushing over your soft pussy lips. You let out a deep moan, going from the relaxed but sensual massage back to the highly turned on state you have been in most of the evening. Moving up onto all fours you wiggle your hips at me, taunting me. Rising up onto my knees I guide the tip of my cock along your wet slit. Sighs of pleasure and moans of desire escape both of our lips expressing our needs before I slip inside of your warm waiting vagina.

Starting off slow, I push in and out of you. My hands on your hips pulling you back into me. Building up speed I pump into you deeper and faster. Moans escape our lips as I can hear a wet squishy sound from how wet you have become. Our bodies are in need of each other as they meet over and over. Leaning into you I press my chest against your back, wrapping my arms around you hugging you and squeezing your perky breasts. My fingers circle your nipples before pinching them and using them as handles for each thrust into your wet hole. This motion also puts more pressure on the anal plug, sending you wildly screaming out in passion and a sudden climax. Your body tenses up and convulses as a small gush of juices spurt out of you around my cock.

Moaning out, "god your sexy baby," I slow down sliding out of you letting you recover from the intense orgasm. My hands sliding down to your ass still covered in oil I take hold of the butt plug and slowly wiggle it out of you. You let out a little moan of mostly pleasure with just a hint of pain in it. From all fours you’re looking back at me with a look of pleasure and lust but also with a hint of fear.

After the full night of teasing you know what is about to come. We had talked about it before and you agreed to try it despite a lot of hesitation. I had promised to make it special and lead up to it giving you lots of pleasure. Thinking to yourself that I had certainly delivered on that part you would fulfill your part of the agreement and look back at me whispering, “be gentle, but you can finally have my ass like you have wanted for ages."

Leaning over you I softly kiss your back, still covered in the massage oil and guide the tip of my dick against your ass. Having stretched a little from the evening with the butt plug and the ample lube from your juices and oil I massage your asshole with my tip. Slowly sliding it in I pause letting you adjust to the feeling, letting out a loud moan wanting to go all the way in but not wanting to hurt you or ruin the chance of trying this again. I wait until I feel you pushing your hips back onto me causing me to slide deeper. You let out a little yelp but are amazed at the pleasure you feel and start wanting more.

Once I am all the way in your amazingly tight asshole and not hearing any signs of pain or resistance from you, I start pumping slowly. You start moaning and panting deeply like I have never heard before tonight.

Moaning out I say, "Thats it baby, rub your clit and let me hear how much you like it." Pumping deeper and harder into you I feel the amazing sensations flooding around me. The mixture of watching you play with yourself as I take your ass for the first time, building up the pressure inside as I feel ready to burst. You’re feeling the same urge getting ready to climax again screaming out loudly. Suddenly you go over the edge, every muscle in your body tensing up including your ass around my cock. Already at the edge I burst shooting deep inside your ass, filling you up with spurt after spurt of warm cum.

Slowly sliding out of you I move to your side pulling you towards me to spoon. Softly kissing your cheek I whisper, "Thank you and I love you." While you’re thinking to yourself that it wasn't as bad as you were expecting and that it was an amazing night. Then thinking about how initially you were so disappointed, thinking it would just be another usual night, you let out a little giggle before drifting back to sleep in my arms.

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