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A surprise for Tony...

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Tony gets a surprise at the movies.
This is my first story ever. Some detail is left out so you can imagine what you like... I hope it inspires you to... ummm - expand your horizons...

I am so excited! Today is my date with Tony and we were going to the movies. I picked my outfit carefully, knowing what I wanted to do once the lights went down.

I chose a flirty sun dress with spaghetti straps... the bust seductively covering my ample breasts, and the full skirt flowing outwards from my small waist; if I were to spin around it would fly up showing everything underneath.

I was ready with just minutes to spare. I got downstairs just as he rang the bell. I grabbed my clutch and answered the door. He look sexy as hell in a t-shirt that showed off his well-defined chest and six-pack, and a pair of loose fitting jeans.

“Hey beautiful.” he said, causing butterflies to flutter in my stomach.

“Hey handsome.” I cooed back, giving him a seductive smile.

“You ready to go?” he asked.

I responded “Absolutely.”

He opened the car door for me and closed it once I got in. He got in the drivers seat and we headed to the theater. We had already decided on a movie that had been out for a while, but that neither of us had seen due to our busy schedules. There was one other couple in the theater near the front; I led him up to the back, which was necessary for my plan.

We were a bit early, so we sat chatting about nothing until the lights went down. Once the movie started, I got nervous about my plan, but he put his arm around me and gently kissed my neck. I got all tingly between my legs and knew I wanted to do this.

I adjusted myself to face him slightly and snuggled into his side, putting my far left leg over his left. He put his right hand on my thigh and squeezed gently. I moaned lowly and put my left arm around his waist and moved closer to him and kissed his neck, his ears, his jawline. He started rubbing my thigh... He turned his head and we kissed; gently at first, then more passionately. He licked my bottom lip and I gladly opened my mouth so our tongues could intertwine.

My plan was working perfectly; I had him right where I wanted him. He slid his hand under my dress and continued to stroke my thigh, while rubbing my back with his left hand. I slid my left hand under his shirt and traced his muscles... he moaned into my mouth and his kiss became more urgent.

I lowered my hand to his waistline, then lower to feel his fully erect member throbbing at my touch. His breathing sped up as I gently rubbed and squeezed him. His right hand left my thigh and caressed my left breast. It was my turn to moan. By now I was so wet I was sure it was leaking past my dress and onto the seat.

I raised my hand and unsnapped his pants. He stopped kissing me and asked me what I was doing, while quickly scanning the theater.

“Shh. Just enjoy.” I said and kissed him some more as I unzipped his pants.

His rock hard dick was straining against his boxers... who was I to not let it out? I fished it through the hole in front and stroked it with butterfly touches. He started squirming and moaning... he pulled away slightly and started kissing my jawline and neck.

He pulled down my left spaghetti strap and slid the part of my dress down, exposing my breast. He palmed it while kissing me again, and rolled my nipple between his fingers. I was breathing hard and trying to hump his leg by now – he drives me crazy!! I grabbed his dick firmly and started pumping it. He moved his pelvis in tune with my pumping. He was breathing faster and moaning into my mouth. Then, it was as if he realized what I was doing and grabbed my hand to stop me. He pulled back and looked frantically around the theater.

“Why are you doing this here? I thought you didn't like to do this type of thing in public?” he whispered, out of breath.

“Shh” I said as I kissed him again.

He groaned into my mouth and I sat on his lap, straddling him, being sure to fan my dress around us. He kissed me hard and pulled my other strap down, exposing my other breast. He palmed them both, twisting and rubbing my nipples – causing me to moan and slide my soaked cunt up to his steel rod. He slid his hands under my dress and up to my ass. He pulled back quickly from the kiss and looked at me with his mouth open.

“Surprise!” I whispered.

“No underwear! Mmmm...” he whispered in a husky voice.

He pulled me closer to him, and I slid up to his dick, my juices lubricating him so I could slide up and down it. He squeezed my butt cheeks and guided my up and down. He pulled me back and reached under and put a finger into me. I inhaled sharply as he slid the slick finger out of my cunt and into my ass, slowly moving it in and out. I slid back up to his rod and continued sliding up and down it, as he guided me up and down and fingered my ass.

The feel of his rock hard member gliding between my silky folds and rubbing against my engorged clit and his finger in my ass was causing me to get closer and closer to my first orgasm. He heard the change in my breathing and pulled me away from him slightly, removing his finger. I whimpered at the loss of the feeling, but he hushed me and kissed me some more, fondling my tits again.

He was making me so hot! I slid closer to him again and started grinding against him. This time he slid down slightly in his seat and raised me up so that he was angled at my pussy. I inhaled sharply as he pressed against my opening – he was so hard! He looked up at me mischievously and just held me above him, torturing me... I tried to push down but he held me up. He took my left breast into his mouth, sucking gently, rolling his tongue over my left nipple – then the right. I was squirming now, trying to have him impale me; my cunt was dripping wet and aching for him to fill me up.

He finally trailed kisses up my chest as he lowered me onto his dick slowly, painfully slow. All I could do was hold onto his shoulders with my mouth open and try to breath. He felt amazing! So hard, touching inside me, making me pant with pleasure.

By the time he was fully inside me I thought I would pass out from the feelings. He held me still on him, and kissed me deeply. Then he started rocking me back and forth slowly. It was fantastic. I was close to coming again and he could tell. He sped up the rocking, sucking one breast and fondling the other. I was panting frantically by now and rocking as fast as I could. He was panting and his dick swelled and became unbelievably hard. He was close! Then he grabbed my waist and pulled me up then back down slowly. That did it – I leaned forward and screamed into his shoulder as I came explosively. He pulled me up again and lowered me down slowly as I shook with my orgasm, and he exploded inside of me, making it all the more intense.

When we finally came down, I was breathing raggedly into his chest, he panting into my shoulder. He twitched inside me and another wave of pleasure flooded through me. I sat up and we kissed, then I got up off his still rock hard member. He looked at me questioningly. I smiled deviously and turned around. I pulled up the back of my dress, and leaning over, resting on the chair in front of us. He groaned and massaged my ass. I pushed my bottom back towards him and he slowly slid back into me.

I ground myself on him for a bit, then started sliding up and down on his member. He was so hard and it felt so good. He held up my dress and watched himself slide in and out of me. He always said it was such a turn on to watch that. I felt him get harder – if that was even possible – as he watched. He grabbed my hips and moved me faster. He was hitting my spot and I was getting close again. He was grunting, but I knew he wasn't too close yet.

I felt tingles coming from his dick and he pulled me down on him hard. The tingles and him pounding me hard pushed me over the edge and I came again. I let out a silent scream as my body was racked by spasms; my pussy twitching on his incredibly hard cock.

When I returned to earth, he pulled me back to lean against his chest, with his cock still in me; the product of our coupling dribbling down to his pants. He grabbed my breasts and massaged them, tweaking my nipples while kissing my neck.

“That was amazing.” he said breathlessly. “What possessed you to do that here?”

“I don't know; you just turn me on so much I just wanted to try it – especially since it was something you wanted to do.” I replied.

“Thank you” he said. I smiled broadly, still out of breath.

He gently pushed me forward and pumped in and out of me a few times. Then he pulled out of my slippery snatch and angled himself toward my asshole. He pushed firmly against my puckered hole until his head popped in. I gave a breathy moan just as he did at the amazing feeling. I pushed back as he pushed forward until he was all the way in.

“Oh my God...” I breathed, basking in the intense feeling of his cock moving slowly in and out of my ass. He was breathing long and hard out of his mouth, like he was running a marathon. He pulled me back towards him, and with one hand reached down and gently rubbed my clit, the other tweaking my nipples. I was moaning and thrusting down against him as he pushed up.

He started breathing faster against my neck and leaned forward against me, pushing me back towards the chair in front of us. He continued to rub my clit, more furiously now, as I took over rubbing my nipples. He stood up and continued to grind in and out of me slowly, pushing and pulling my hips in a slow rhythm. I tweaked my nipples and rubbed my clit as he slid in and out, in and out, in and out of me; him watching his dick disappear into me. His cock rubbing against the sensitive flesh of my ass and me rubbing my clit and nipples was getting me close again – he can make me come all night long! Him watching all of this got him ridiculously harder; he sped up a bit and I whispered “Holy shit!” as he made me come yet again. My whole body tensed up and my ass started twitching. Tony yelled into my back as he came again, pushed over the edge by the spasms of my rectum.

Once we caught our breath, he removed his softening jewel from my cum drenched hole. I turned around and straddled him; his hot spunk slowly leaking from my stretched ass, and we kissed as he caressed my breasts.

“How about we get out of here?” he asked.

“Sure.” I whispered back.

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