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A Weekend in the Mountains - Day 2

The next morning, as my wife, Kerri, and I dressed, I noted that she wore shorts similar to what she wore as we drove up here yesterday. They were very short indeed, but what was even more surprising to me was that she wore them without any panties! Next was her cutoff t-shirt, worn sans bra. I wouldn't even mention this except for the fact that she never dresses this sexy at home. It seemed completely out of character, though not unwelcome by any stretch.

"Let's go for a walk" Kerri suggested.

"Are you sure you won't be too cold?" I asked. The temperature outside was only 69, and she usually likes it warmer than that before wearing shorts.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine" she said. We stepped outside the back door, and glanced across the field toward the cabin across from ours. Even in the early morning light, we could see enough details of their back porch to know that the occupants probably got a good eyeful if they were looking in our direction last night.

As I looked back at Kerri, I noted the cool mountain air had caused her nipples to stand out firm, poking against her shirt. I looked around, noting that nobody else was outside at the moment, then reached around her and stuck a hand underneath her shirt. Her soft boob was so soft, yet still firm, and her nipple only got a little stiffer with the touch of my hand.

"Behave yourself!" she whispered, knocking my hand away. "...or I'll have to rape you right here and now."

"Promises, promises" I retorted. I pulled my hand from her, settling for holding her hand as we continued our walk. The rest of the day was spent hiking, sunbathing, and reading as we enjoyed a weekend away from responsibility. I offered to take her into town so that she could purchase a bathing suit, but she surprised me by declining my offer.

When the sun began to set that evening, Kerri said "Will you start up the hot tub again, Nathan?" I went out to the porch to turn it on, and stopped when I noticed what appeared to be the couple in the cabin across from us walking onto their back porch in what appeared to be bathrobes. They apparently didn't notice me standing on my porch, as they both dropped their robes, revealing that they were wearing nothing underneath. She was apparently fairly tall, with long legs and medium-sized breasts. Her husband was just about her height, with an average-sized cock that was already sticking straight out.

Kerri joined me then, asking "What's so interesting...Ohhh" as she caught a glimpse of the nude couple across the yard. We both watched as they climbed into their hot tub. As they slipped into the water, the lady noticed us standing on the porch, staring their way. She whispered something to her husband, giggled for a second, then stood up and waved to us. When we waved back, she motioned with her hand as she shouted out "Come on over!"

Kerri and I looked at each other for a second, but there wasn't any real question. We turned off our hot tub, slipped on some shorts and t-shirts, and walked on the path to their cabin. When we arrived, they both stood up as we introduced ourselves. Her name was Leslie, his was Chris. Leslie was the less reserved of the two. She had auburn hair, shaved pussy lips, and beautiful boobs slightly larger than Kerri's, with darker areolas than Kerri's. Chris was a blonde, with a 6" cock completely shaven of any hair.

Leslie started out by saying "We have only one rule here: if you come on to this property, you must shed your clothes first. But since we saw your show last night, I don't think that will be much of a problem."

"We didn't know we were being that obvious" I started, in a vain attempt to apologize.

"Don't worry, we weren't offended" interjected Chris. "It led to some hot sex for us last night." We all had a laugh at that. Then Leslie stepped out of the tub and walked to us.

"So c'mon, guys--off with the clothes." Leslie was obviously a bold one, and quickly began pulling my shirt off. As soon as she disposed of my shirt, my shorts were next. Having worn no underwear, my cock was immediately hanging out for all to see. Leslie reached down and began stroking my 7-incher, coaxing it to its full length.

In the meantime, Chris had climbed out of the hot tub and started pulling Kerri's shirt off. Her long nipples were already at attention, revealing her excitement. He bent down and licked her nipples, and Kerri moaned in pleasure. While Chris continued suckling her nipples, he stuck his hands under the waistband of her shorts and massaged her ass for a couple of minutes. Kerri was about to melt into his hands when he finally pushed her shorts down her sexy legs. She stepped out of them, and it was obvious to all that her inner lips had already poked from between her outer lips. Even with limited light, her lubrication was obvious. She reached out and stroked Chris' cock, and quickly his pre-cum was evident at the end of his stiff dick.

We all headed for the hot tub, each of us with a new partner, all of us ready for a good fucking. Leslie got herself started by leaning over and directing one jet of water directly at her clit. As she reached up to the stiff nipples at the end of her B-cups, she leaned back close to the jet and let the water spray against her pussy. "Nathan, I'm ready now. Come and fuck me. Make me cum like never before."

I didn't need any more convincing. Leslie sat on the edge of the tub, spread her long legs wide apart, and invited me to her. I waded to her, stepped on the step, and she guided my cock straight into her pussy. It sank in completely to the hilt in one shove, and she locked her ankles behind my ass, matching my movements perfectly. Quickly, she moved closer to orgasm, finally wrapping her arms around my shoulders as I pounded my cock against her wet pussy.

"Oh, oh, oh, ooohhhh, I'm cumming!" Leslie moaned, and I could feel her cum trying to drown my cock. She grabbed me even tighter and tried to keep her pussy tight against my groin as she came a second time. I picked her up by her ass and pounded her even harder. At last, my own orgasm arrived, and I shot my cum deep into her cavern, six, seven, eight times before stopping. My cock remained deep in her pussy, softening only a little. When we had caught our breath, she pulled me out and fed my cock into her mouth, relishing our mixed juices as she slurped to her heart's content.

Moans and groans on the other side of the tub attracted our attention, and we concentrated on Chris and Kerri's adventure. Chris now had Kerri's mouth on her pussy, licking her copious juices. We could tell that Kerri was approaching orgasm, as her hands were clenched tightly, and her breathing was coming fast and hard. When Kerri's ass began to lift off the deck, Chris changed positions with her, and she quickly sat down on his cock, burying his member fully inside her cunt. Chris leaned back and watched Kerri's little boobs bounce freely right in front of his face. He stuck his tongue out and licked her long nipples back and forth, adding to her excitement. Suddenly, Kerri began moaning.

"Mmmm," we could hear, then "MMMMMMM" longer and louder, as her movements on Chris' cock became faster with time. Finally, Kerri expelled what seemed like all of her breath at once, then said "OH GAAAWWWD!" as her cum began dripping down Chris' cock. After only seconds, Chris' movements increased in speed, his face contorted, and he began shooting his semen into Kerri's channel. This inspired another cum from her, and their mixed cum covered his cock. Chris fell onto his back, with Kerri atop him, as his cock softened and pulled out of her cunt.

After we had all recovered, Leslie suggested "Let's go for a walk." But when we started to put our clothes on, she stopped us. "No, I meant a walk without clothes. After all, it's dark, warm, and we're the only ones on the mountain top. Just slip on your shoes and let's go!"

Kerri said "Yes, let's go!", and she took Leslie's hand and started down the path. Immediately, we men were right behind them. I loved the light cast by the full moon, as it illuminated their asses without being in direct sunlight. We walked to a rock outcropping that overlooked a wide valley, and all four sat down and admired the view, both nature's view, and the view of our naked bodies.

Both ladies began kissing each other, and both cocks began growing again as we had all had enough rest. We all stood up, with the ladies still lip-locked, and Chris and I took our cue. I got behind Leslie, and Chris behind Kerri, and we both stuck our cocks into their pussies standing up. Kerri and Leslie continued their kissing, and both reached out to fondle each other's boobs and nipples while Chris and I began sliding our cocks in and out of their cunts, holding onto their hips all the while.

I watched Chris' ass, jiggling each time my body made contact with her ass, and I knew Kerri's was doing just the same with Chris' pounding. "OH LORD, Kerri, I'm cumming again!!" shouted Leslie, and I could feel her hot juices leaking out of her cunt and down my shaft. This inspired Kerri's orgasm, and she said "ME, TOO, LESLIE! GOD, that's good!" And with that, Kerri's cum also coated Chris' cock. This inspired the both of us, and instantly, we both shot our cum into each other's wife's pussy. The ladies fell against each other, boobs pressing together.

Finally, we were finished, and headed back to their cabin. Our mixed cum drained from the ladies' cunts and covered their inner thighs, but neither seemed to care. Then Chris suddenly had a suggestion.

"Why don't we change partners? Not forever, just for overnight. What happens between us stays that way. Any takers?"

All four of just looked at each other for a moment, then suddenly, we were all for it. I kissed Kerri's naked body as Chris did the same for Leslie. We parted company, and were off for our adventures.

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