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A Weekend in the Mountains

My wife and I decided to get away for a weekend in the mountains not long ago. We were only going for a long weekend, not an extended vacation. Kerrie is generally fairly conservative in both dress and actions, since she is a school teacher and believes that there will always be a student of hers lurking around the next corner.

On this particular trip, we were far enough removed from our home that she felt a little less reserved. The first indication of this was the fact that she didn't wear a bra on the trip, and the nipples on her boobs were clearly evident in the air conditioned car, causing me to have trouble concentrating on the road. And her shorts were very short, but loose-fitting around her legs, giving me another nice view almost to her pussy. I was a little surprised that I couldn't see any pussy hairs poking out. Even in the cabin we rented, her nipples continued to stand at attention, making my cock begin to do the same.

Kerrie is a wonderful piece of femininity to behold. Though her tits are fairly small at 34A, they show no signs of sagging, despite her 41 years. Her areolas are a light brown color, and her nipples, when excited, stick out farther than most. There are just a few tiny wrinkles around her eyes, but neither of us is concerned about that, especially since I have my share of wrinkles myself. Her midsection is only 25 inches around, but her ass is her finest feature. Kerrie works out frequently, accounting for her narrow waist and her firm 35-inch ass. Her eyes are a blue-grey color, and the most expressive I've ever seen.

I, on the other hand, have gotten a bit of a belly over my 45 years, and my hair long ago deserted my head. I keep asking my barber to cut it longer on top, but he has pronounced that a lost cause. She still enjoys my 7" cock, which has not shown any effects of age. I guess she must really love me to have stayed with me all this time.

We got an A-frame cabin that overlooked a deep valley. From the rear, we had complete privacy, except for the rear of another A-frame very similar to ours. But with the porch lights off, nothing could be seen from the other cabin. This was convenient since there was a hot tub on the back deck. The lower floor contained the living area and the kitchen; the upper floor housed the bedroom.

When we arrived and unpacked, Kerri headed straight for the back deck. She turned the hot tub on and began to warm the water. I pulled a couple of wine coolers out of the refrigerator, and went to the back with her. We sat in the lounge together, just enjoying the view. She had had an unusually rough week at work, and couldn't wait to get in the warm, churning water for a little relaxation. The sun was setting behind the cabin across from us, and as we started our second coolers, Kerri decided that the water was warm enough. She went inside to change into her swimming suit, but quickly I heard her say "Oh, no!"

"What's wrong, honey?" I asked.

"I forgot to pack a swim suit. Now I can't even get into the hot tub!"

"Why don't you just go in nude?" I asked. "You do the same thing in the bath tub, don't you?"

"Yes, but this tub's outdoors. I could get arrested."

Feeling a little exasperated, I said "I'll go au naturel too, if that would make you feel better. The sun has gone down, and I'll turn the lights off. No one will see a thing."

Kerri considered this for a moment, then finally said "Oh, all right. What could it hurt?"

I turned the lights off, putting the deck in shadows, then we both took all our clothes off and headed to the back porch. I did notice that Kerri had shaved most of her cunt hair off. Her pussy lips were completely bald, and just a small tuft of hair remained on her mons. Since we were in the mountains, with clear skies above, the temperature had already begun to drop. Of course, this made her nipples stand out even more, which made my cock begin to grow again. As we walked onto the deck, I could only stare at her wonderful buns, soft but firm, jiggling slightly as she strode toward the hot tub.

We climbed into the hot water, and sank down slowly. Kerri spoke first. "Nathan, this is heaven, pure heaven. The warm water, the mountains...I could get used to this."

"No arguments here" I replied. The setting was truly idyllic. The mountains, clear, cool air, and my wife and I naked in the hot tub. I reached out and pulled Kerri toward me. She slid next to me and we quickly engaged in a French kiss. I reached out and began massaging her boobs, gently pulling on her nipples. Kerri moaned, melting into my arms.

"MMMMM, you have exactly one week to stop that" she joked. I continued pulling on her nipples with my left hand, while my right hand moved down to her pussy. I stroked her outer lips, and shortly her lips parted as her inner lips began to protrude from their hiding place. I felt her clit briefly, and noted that it was hardening. At last, I stuck first one, then two fingers deep into her cunt hole.

"Ohhhh, lordy, that feels sooo good!" Kerri purred, and she snuggled her head against my chest. Her right hand reached under the water, grabbed my hardening cock, and began stroking its head. Her fingers encircled my shaft as she began rubbing up and down its entire length. Every now and then, she would concentrate on the purple end, applying pressure to its underside, and I could feel my cum begin to rise.

At the same time, I started sliding a finger along her pussy lips. When I stroked slowly from her perineum to her clit, I could feel her wetness quickly increase. As I stroked back down, my finger slipped into her cunt, and I stuck my middle finger in as far as it could go. Several strokes later and she was moaning again.

"Mmmmm, Nathan. Keep finger fucking me--it feels wonderful!" Kerri threw her head back as I continued my digital assault on her cunt. As she neared orgasm, she suddenly pulled my finger out of her pussy, swung her legs astride mine, and gripped my cock so that it would slip inside her cunt. The hot tub water was quite warm, but was no match for the heat I felt from her pussy as I slid in easily. She sat up, giving me a view of her little boobs, and I took the opportunity to squeeze her nipples with one hand, while stroking her ass with the other. The water around us churned with her movements on my dick, and quickly I could feel her cunt muscles tighten as she had her cum. Her breathing was rapid as her juices flowed from her cunt, cascading down my cock and spilling into the water.

"Nathan" she groaned "I want you to cum in me! Please hurry!"

I began moving my cock in and out of her cunt as she requested, and just as quickly, my own cum shot from my cock, eliciting a loud grunt from my lungs. "Kerri, here it is!" I said as I continued to pump in and out of her pussy. I felt her muscles tighten once more just before she groaned again, and her cunt drained more female cum (mixed with my own) down my shaft.

As we tried to catch our breath, Kerri whispered "Let's go inside and really have some fun!" She climbed off my shrinking cock and swayed her pussy right in front of my face. Her inner cunt lips were still protruding between her outer labia as I watched her exit the tub. I couldn't resist the urge to grab her ass, and she bent over as I massaged her cheeks with both hands before she walked inside.

Kerri opened her make-up bag, and retrieved her 6" vibrating dildo. "I know it will be a little while before you're ready for me again, so I brought my little friend." She turned the vibrator on and rubbed it against her cunt while she walked into the living room. Kerri walked to the overstuffed arm chair and sat down, spreading her knees over each arm. "Now sit in front of me" she directed. I grabbed a floor pillow and made myself comfortable. Her legs were spread so wide that her cunt was spread wide apart. "Are you ready for the show?" she teased.

"I can't wait" was all I could get out.

Kerri then slid her ass toward me, giving me an even better view of her pussy. She brought her buzzing dildo closer to her cunt, rubbing just the head of it back and forth along her pussy lips. At her cunt hole, she slid it in just an inch or so before running it back up to her clit. As she barely touched her dildo to her little button, she inhaled sharply and held her breath until she moved the vibrator back down to her waiting pussy hole. Finally she stuck it between her lips again, and slid it in and out, fucking herself.

"Will you help me out?" she asked. I was more than willing, and took over for her. She slid forward a little closer still, and I slowly moved the vibrator around in her pussy, then pulled it out once more. I could see it was completely coated with her juices as I took aim at her clit. Her entire body convulsed as I applied direct pressure onto her clit, and, with Kerri moaning loudly, her cum began flowing from her pussy, dripping onto the chair. I slid the dildo back into her cunt, and even more juices flowed from her. But I saw I was missing an opportunity here, and quickly removed the dildo and replaced it with my mouth. I allowed her cum to drip from her pussy onto my tongue before covering her fuck hole with my mouth and sucking her juices. This kept her excited so that, when I licked her clit with the end of my tongue, she burst with another shot of cum, and I was able to capture all of it this time.

"OH, GOD, I have to stop for a while!" she cried out. "My cunt is too sensitive to the touch." I pulled my mouth away, but not before licking her clit once more for good measure. This caused her to slap her legs together, preventing any access to her pussy.

As I laughed at her reaction, I noticed that my cock had risen to the occasion. I stood up and began masturbating to the sight of my sexy wife sitting naked in the chair. She moved so that she was facing me once more, legs spread for my viewing pleasure. I stroked my cock for only about one minute or so before I came, shooting jism on Kerri's belly and pussy. She reached down and smeared it all over herself, then stood up and gave me a bear hug, sharing my cum with me.

Then Kerri said "I wonder if the neighbors saw us." Noticing the puzzled expression on my face, she pointed to the window with wide open curtains.

"Maybe they did. We certainly gave them a show, didn't we?"

Kerri smiled and said "Yes we did. Now let's get a bath. I'm tired, and would like to get to bed."

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